For parents

We put safety and privacy on the Internet at the very top of the list of our priorities. This enables your child to be safe and secured while playing our games at all times. Therefore, DressUp121 invites only children who are at least 13 years old to play our games, although games are designed for kids of all ages.

We kindly ask all the parents to pay attention to the following points that concern your child’s safety online:
Your child has to know that they can ask you for help and report anything unusual that happens online to you.
Your child should, by no means, give your contact information (address, email, phone number or credit card number) to other people online.
Your child has to be honest about their age online.

What is DressUp121?
This is the internet site where you will find a great number of challenging and fun online games for children, especially girls, since the majority of our games are about cooking, make over and dressing up. However, boys will have their fair share of games as well! The game list is being refreshed each day, so your kid will be able to find a new game to play daily. That and the fact that some of the games are interactive and peer-to-peer ensure that your child will be entertained for a long time.

Who can play on DressUp121?
All boys and girls who have the permission of their parents can play at our site.

How do we keep this site safe?
In the majority of cases, any potential danger will be prevented by members of our staff who are online 24/7. However, because of the great number of players, we have additional safety features at our site:
Thorough and strict language filters are on all the time.
You can report foul language or any other inappropriate behavior at any time.

How much does it cost to become a member?
Membership is not required at our site is entirely free! It will cost you nothing to play at DressUp121, although the advertisements are present at our site.