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Zombie farm game


Sad Little ZombieSad Little Zombie

Zombies are the best when it comes to horror movies. They came back from the dead and look gruesome. In this game you will meet the saddest little zombie. You simply need to find the difference on each of the picture to win. Help little Tommy Tommy Tomby and maybe he can be happy.

Sad Little Zombie belongs to Girl Games
Pimp My ZombiePimp My Zombie

Zombies are very scary monsters, but these evil creatures can be funny, too. Pimp My Zombie is a fun game where you can create your own monsters and dress them up and make them look even scarier, or sometimes a little bit funny as well.

Pimp My Zombie belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Kids Games, Monsters Games, Undead Games, Zombies Games
Zombie NailsZombie Nails

Zombies are not so clean creatures. They reek with awful rotting smell and looks like a walking rotting corpse. In this game you are going to attend a halloween party and you choose to be a zombie princess but the problem is you need to get your nails done zombie style. Simply choose the right nail polish, hand tattoo and bracelet for the part.

Zombie Nails belongs to Fun Games, Game for girls Games, Nail styling Games
Zombie PirateZombie Pirate

Our zombie pirate friend is out on the sea. However, she is not there to scare or eat people away, but to find a nice outfit for her voyage. Since she has no idea about this, help her out as a good zombie loving citizen. The fate of our zombie friend is in you hands now.

Zombie Pirate belongs to Dress up Games
Zombie SlayerZombie Slayer

The last days of the doom are already here and the zombies are attacking! What the world needs is a real Zombie Slayer and you are it! Win this game and kill the zombies.

Zombie Slayer belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Beat em up Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Guns Games, Killing Games, Shoot em up Games, Side scrolling Games, Undead Games, Zombies Games
Zombie LandZombie Land

The zombie apocalypse has finally started and you need to run for your life, killing as many zombies as you can on your way. Run and fight and kill and enjoy it all you like!

Zombie Land belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, Flash Games, Shoot em up Games, Side scrolling Games, Undead Games, Zombies Games
Zombie WeddingZombie Wedding

Extreme Magazine is hosting a unique competition. To compete there, the contestants must come up with out-of-the-box wedding theme. The grand prize is $100,000! Noel and May have this idea of zombie wedding theme. Help them to choose interestingly freaky costumes for their zombie wedding.

Zombie Wedding belongs to Fantasy Games, Wedding Games, Dress up Games
Zombie PrincessZombie Princess

Being a zombie princess doesn´t mean you cannot dress yourself up and present yourself to others. Tonight´s Halloween party is gonna be a blast for you and your zombie friends. All you need to do is do a zombie princess facial makeover. You will simply apply the cleansers, scrubs, mask and moisturizer to the face. Then after the facial is done you will get to pick the zombie princess costume you would want to wear.

Zombie Princess belongs to Girl Games
Zombie GardenZombie Garden

Have you ever played the game plants vs zombies? well this has the same idea but you will not fight the zombies here. In this game your goal is to do a Zombie Garden decoration. You will simply click on the buttons on the left side then choose from 1 to 3 then drag the items to their places.

Zombie Garden belongs to Dress up Games
Zombie MartZombie Mart

Zombie Mart is a very special type of grocery shop. They cater to the 99.99% of people who got infected from the outbreak. In this game your goal is to satisfy the Zombies so they will not eat you. Simply undergo the whole tutorial for you to get updated and be the best server ever.

Zombie Mart belongs to Girl Games
Zombie RushZombie Rush

Zombies are attacking the Surf Shack! Help Matt and Draconica defend their store from the ugly zombies! Use Tidal´s help from time to time, but most of the time, you´re on your own!

Zombie Rush belongs to Single player Games, Beat em up Games, Blood Games, Defend Games, Flash Games, Killing Games, Magic Games, Undead Games, Zombies Games
Creepy Zombie LoveCreepy Zombie Love

Zombies can fall in love as well! Especially if they are this cute like these two young Zombies that you need to dress up in this game. Make sure they are looking their best for their date.

Creepy Zombie Love belongs to Caring Games, Management Games, Baby Games, Fun Games, Halloween Games, Kids Games
Rapunzel Zombie CurseRapunzel Zombie Curse

Rapunzel is a beautiful girl with long silky hair. Her step mother casts a terrible zombie curse to her and turned her into a zombie. Help this poor girl to get rid from the curse. She gets wounds and injuries badly. Give her the proper treatment and turn her back into a cute girl. Follow the instructions and make her happy. Enjoy it!

Rapunzel Zombie Curse belongs to Skill Games
Elsa's Zombie BabyElsa's Zombie Baby

Elsa is a very beautiful and very loving person. She wants what is best for her, her family, her people and the whole kingdom. You are going to help Elsa in solving the curse placed on Elsa´s Zombie Baby. You are going to help out by cleaning and fixing the baby up.

Elsa's Zombie Baby belongs to Skill Games
Ariel Zombie CurseAriel Zombie Curse

Ariel is a very loving and sweet little princess of the sea but one evil creature lurks in their kingdom. Today Ariel was given a Zombie Curse. You re going to do everything in your power to remove the curse and make sure Ariel is back to her old beautiful self. Use the items around you.

Ariel Zombie Curse belongs to Skill Games
Zombie Golf RiotZombie Golf Riot

Zombies are all over the place and you simply cannot run anymore. It´s time to stop and fight them all! How does a good old golf club in the head sounds to you are means of fighting? Well, here you have it!

Zombie Golf Riot belongs to Single player Games, Blood Games, Flash Games, Golf Games, Sports Games, Zombies Games
Zombie Turned BrideZombie Turned Bride

They say that the dead who have done violently have to come back. This bride has died on the day of her wedding and she is back to haunt the place as a zombie. Dress her up!

Zombie Turned Bride belongs to Dress up Games
The Simpsons Zombie gameThe Simpsons Zombie game

The funny Simpsons family is now up against the Springfield zombies that have cam up to the world of living. Aim and fire and free the Springfield citizens from these pesky things.

The Simpsons Zombie game belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Blood Games, Flash Games, Killing Games, Shooting Games, Undead Games, Zombies Games
Pastel Zombie Dress UpPastel Zombie Dress Up

A Zombie is an undead that was brought back to life but not in a normal way. Today you are going to have the opportunity to do a Pastel Zombie Dress Up. You will be having your own Zombie and pick out which items she would wear. Have fun!

Pastel Zombie Dress Up belongs to Dressup Games
Zombie Princess Facial MakeoverZombie Princess Facial Makeover

Hey scary buddies! We are going to have the annual spook fest and we are going to have a costume Halloween party. In this game I need your help to do a Zombie Princess Facial Makeover. I am taking on a role of a zombie princess for the party. Help me prepare and dress up for the part.

Zombie Princess Facial Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Fun Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games, Game for girls Games

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