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Lego HouseLego House

Building a Lego house is fun and very relaxing. You can build whatever you like. In this game your goal is to do a Lego House design. Simply click on the buttons until you have chosen your design. You can choose your preferred roof, wall, windows, trees, cars and the ground.

Lego House belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games
The Lego Treasure HuntThe Lego Treasure Hunt

The time has come for this Pirate Lego man to go on his long waited treasure hunt! He cannot do it without your help, so come and make his quest easy and fun for both of you.

The Lego Treasure Hunt belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games
Lego Hospital RecoveryLego Hospital Recovery

Lego is one of my favorite childhood toys and even when I became an adult I always enjoyed playing them. There is no age limit for this toy. Today you are going to be the doctor of our Lego friend Emmet because he got into a accident at work. He needs your expertise to treat his injuries.

Lego Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games
Lego Elves Dragon CareLego Elves Dragon Care

Gust the wind dragon is the main dragon partnered with Aira the wind elf. Today you are going to play the Lego Elves Dragon Care. You will help Gust restore her health and be beautiful again after the accident. Have fun and follow the pointed hand for instructions.

Lego Elves Dragon Care belongs to Enjoy Games

Life in the city is an adventure in itself. People are always dressed to impress and are always in style. Dress this young girl to make an impression as she braves the city life.

City belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, City Games
Demolition CityDemolition City

You cannot help yourself but to be amazed by those experts who demolish buildings. That demolition is a really amazing site. In this game, you can demolish the whole city if you like and if you know how.

Demolition City belongs to Puzzle Games, Physics Games, Bomb Games
City GirlCity Girl

Carrie is a small-town girl who has just moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion. That is why she needs to wear stylish fashion, no matter what the occasion is. Today, she is going shopping to fill her wardrobe with fancy clothes. Help Carrie to decide which clothes she should buy.

City Girl belongs to Decorating Games, City Games
City LifeCity Life

City life is fast and busy and people don´t have the time to meet you. They only judge you by your looks. Therefore, make the best out of it and dress up in this fun game.

City Life belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, City Games
City SalonCity Salon

Welcome to City Salon where you get to own and run your hair salon. you better start working fast because the clients are coming fast. To provide your services just drag the customer to the hairdresser´s chair and then drag the products that they want. You can win lots of money.

City Salon belongs to Make up Games, Job Games, Hairdresser Games, Hair Games
Colors Of CityColors Of City

Colors Of The City is a great game in which you need to dress up this city girl so that she can walk the streets of this fashion capital without feeling strange.

Colors Of City belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Night Games, City Games
Celeste In The CityCeleste In The City

Choose the shape of your face, the size and colors of your eyes and the shape of your nose. Once you establish that, you can easily see how different styles would look on you in this great game.

Celeste In The City belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Makeover Games
Skateboard City 2Skateboard City 2

Skateboard City 2 is the sequel of the great and exciting skateboarding game that made all its fans come back for more. In this game, you will have the skateboarding adventure right there on your computer screen, so make sure that you do your best with having fun with it.

Skateboard City 2 belongs to
Daily Pet CityDaily Pet City

For you who love going shopping and having a cute pet, this game will be perfect for you. First, you get to create your own pet. Then, you will accompany your pet to explore the pet city and browse so many exciting shops in the city. You will have some money to spend on those stores. Isn´t it so much fun?

Daily Pet City belongs to Simulation Games, Management Games
GirlsPlay CityGirlsPlay City

These lovely Girls are in town just to see how it´s like to live in the city. They have been tucked away on a rural area so this is very exciting. You are going to do the Girls Play City challenge. You can change the style of your character, the style of her home and assist her in her city exploration.

GirlsPlay City belongs to
Diner CityDiner City

You can choose between the two restaurants in which you have to succeed as a good and responsible cook and manager. In this game, it is your job to take a nice place and make it a hit!

Diner City belongs to Puzzle Games, Tycoon Games, Sim Games, Business Games
City GirlCity Girl

The city is filled with many fun things to do. Especially the city where Nina lives in. It has the biggest malls for shopping, dining out, and other activities. Nina´s going out today and needs you to find the perfect clothes.

City Girl belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Battle CityBattle City

Battle City is a game in which you are a little tank that needs to defeat your enemies and win! Rule this maze, collect the stuff to earn more points and kill everybody on your way.

Battle City belongs to Single player Games, Arcade Games, Defend Games, Flash Games, Platforms Games, Tank Games
Modern CityModern City

Modern cities are as big and as successful because they are well planned out before they were made. In this game, you have to plan and develop a great city for your citizens.

Modern City belongs to Single player Games, Decorate Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
City Racer 2City Racer 2

Can you be the king of the street? To be crowned as the king of the street, you have to defeat other racers in the city. You must win every race you are having in your cool ride. Can you do that?

City Racer 2 belongs to Single player Games, Car Games, Flash Games, Racing Games
Shopping CityShopping City

Earn a fortune by making your own shopping resort on this island. Make sure your shopping city is exclusive and top notch and the customers will go miles just to shop there.

Shopping City belongs to Puzzle Games, Strategy Games, Tycoon Games, Sim Games, Tower defense Games
City Grill And BakeCity Grill And Bake

City Grill And Bake is the best restaurant in town. Many people are flocking to this food chain and many are satisfied. In this game your goal is to do a City Grill And Bake. You will simply serve them before the time runs out. You must be quick to get higher points.

City Grill And Bake belongs to Food Games, Food serving Games, Skill Games
City Girl MakeoverCity Girl Makeover

This city girl needs to go out more because she has been keeping to herself and not interact with anyone. The city has a lot to offer to anyone willing to explore it. In this game your goal is to do a City Girl Makeover. Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

City Girl Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games

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