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Willy wonka and the chocolate factory games


Chocolate FactoryChocolate Factory

Mix up all the right ingredients and use all the right machinery in order to make the tastiest chocolate ever! This great game will allow you to play by making the chocolate and collect points by doing it as well.

Chocolate Factory belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Sue Games, Doll Games
Chocolate Factory SlackingChocolate Factory Slacking

Sarah enjoys her tasks and duties but sometimes she cannot feel the excitement that´s going on around us. Today you are going to help her do some Chocolate Factory Slacking. You are going to help her pass the time by playing the mini games and make sure not to get caught.

Chocolate Factory Slacking belongs to Skill Games
Toy FactoryToy Factory

In this great game you are the master elf who is responsible for this toy factory and your workers. You need to arrange them all around the moving track to assemble the gifts.

Toy Factory belongs to Single player Games, Christmas Games, Dwarf Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
Factory Balls 3Factory Balls 3

It´s time to play Factory Balls 3! Drag a ball from the pile and use the different tools available to figure out a way to create the product asked for in the box.

Factory Balls 3 belongs to Puzzle Games, Fun Games, Skill Games, Ball Games
Pickies FactoryPickies Factory

Building Pickies is easy and fun! You need to click on parts to join them and use bombs to remove the unwanted parts. Make sure you combine the colors too because that means more points.

Pickies Factory belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Factory Games
Sweet FactorySweet Factory

Sweets are one of the most important parts of every kids life. However, they can be even more fun if you play this great game and try to make as much of those sweet cakes as possible.

Sweet Factory belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Factory Games
The Cake FactoryThe Cake Factory

Cake Factory is a game in which you will put your cake making skills to a test. You will get assignments that you have to fill out and cakes that you need to replicate in order to earn points.

The Cake Factory belongs to Cooking Games, Factory Games, Cake Games
Ice Cream FactoryIce Cream Factory

This game is not only about making delicious ice cream in all sorts of flavors although a lot of it depends on that. It is also about making precisely the type of ice cream that is given to you as a mark!

Ice Cream Factory belongs to Cooking Games, Ice cream Games, Factory Games
Magic Toy FactoryMagic Toy Factory

Help this magical factory to produce cute toys for the children. Since it´s a magical factory, all you need to do is to shoot a ball up so it will form a row of three or more balls of the same color. When you do that, the balls will pop and some toys will fall from the top. You should catch those toys using the train in the bottom.

Magic Toy Factory belongs to Single player Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
Cake FactoryCake Factory

There are so many cakes to be made in this great cake factory and you need to be very careful, skilled and fast in order to make those cakes in time. Accept this cake making challenge and have delicious fun.

Cake Factory belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Cake Games, Style Games, Decorating Games
Shadow FactoryShadow Factory

Far in the future, a nuclear powerplant´s reactor malfunctioned and it is your job to find out what the problem is and how much radiation is being emitted by the reactor. Go on a mission to get the facts in order to repair the damage. You´ll encounter a few challenges along the way, but you must over come them to make sure you are successful.

Shadow Factory belongs to Single player Games, Driving Games, Flash Games, Truck Games
Sue Tomato FactorySue Tomato Factory

Sue is about to grow some wonderful and delicious tomatoes. She will make a whole factory. That is a really complicated thing and she will need all the help she can get!

Sue Tomato Factory belongs to Single player Games, Factory Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Machine Games, Mouse skill Games, Simulation Games
Cake FactoryCake Factory

In Gogo Land, there is a wonderful cake factory run by unusual creatures. Help these weird, but skilled creatures to create scrumptious cakes based on the orders that they have received.

Cake Factory belongs to Single player Games, Factory Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Food serving Games, Machine Games, Timing Games
Cake Factory 2Cake Factory 2

This amazing game will provide you with hours and hours of delicious fun in which you can make all the cakes that you ever dreamed of. Therefore, take a turn and have fun baking.

Cake Factory 2 belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Cake Games, Factory Games
Minions Halloween FactoryMinions Halloween Factory

Gru and the girls are throwing a Halloween party and everyone should be in costume. Today you are going to do a Minions Halloween Factory dress up. You are going to be creating dozens of minions by clicking and dragging the characteristics indicated by the buyers.

Minions Halloween Factory belongs to Girls Games
Elsa Toys FactoryElsa Toys Factory

In this game of Elsa Toys Factory, you are going to have the opportunity to work with our dear Elsa. You are going to help separate the toys and Lego by clicking and dragging them to the right basket. Then when the accident happen you are going to dry the toys and fix them.

Elsa Toys Factory belongs to Girls Games
Ice Cream Candy FactoryIce Cream Candy Factory

Candy and ice cream factories are the best place to know how your favorite treats get to the shelves on the supermarkets. In this game your goal is to do a Ice Cream Candy Factory. You will be the one operating the biggest candy maker machinery in town. You will make the candies shown on the top part of the screen then pull the levers.

Ice Cream Candy Factory belongs to Skill Games
Ice Cream Candy Factory 2Ice Cream Candy Factory 2

Ice cream is one of the in demand snacks of little children and those who loves sweets and something cold. Today you are going to run the Ice Cream Candy Factory 2. You are going to click on the question mark button to learn how to play and you will follow the instructions.

Ice Cream Candy Factory 2 belongs to Cooking Games
Wedding Cake FactoryWedding Cake Factory

Weddings are very important occasions especially to the Bride and Groom. They are the focus of the night and their love. Today you are going to be working at the Wedding Cake Factory. You will work for 12 days straight. and each day you will need to reach your money goal.

Wedding Cake Factory belongs to Skill Games
Fantasy Pet Spell FactoryFantasy Pet Spell Factory

This Factory is like no other Factory in the world. It has the capability to create Fantasy Pets that would be out of this world. Today you are going to work on the Fantasy Pet Spell Factory by putting together 3 items into the egg to create all 12 Fantasy Pets. Each has their own looks and attitude.

Fantasy Pet Spell Factory belongs to
Princess Spell FactoryPrincess Spell Factory

This Princess is not just an ordinary Princess who needs saving. She is a very intelligent and magical Princess. Today you are going to work with the Princess in the Spell Factory. You will be choosing 3 items and place them on the cauldron to reveal a new spell to use. There are 12 spells to uncover. Have fun!

Princess Spell Factory belongs to
Boyfriend Spell FactoryBoyfriend Spell Factory

The Spell Factory is now officially open to those who needs it. But there is always a caution before using the magical spell pot. Today you are going to assist this young woman in her quest to create a magical Boyfriend in the Spell Factory as her date. You will combine 3 different items to produce a magical boyfriend. Have fun!

Boyfriend Spell Factory belongs to
Model Dream FactoryModel Dream Factory

Wow! You have just started your fashion business. Girls are lining in your store because you have promised that you can give them a makeover that will make them look like a supermodel. If you want your business to succeed, you need to work hard and fast to keep your words and make your customers satisfied.

Model Dream Factory belongs to Dress up Games, Make up Games, Model Games
Kitty Biscuits FactoryKitty Biscuits Factory

Kitty is famous for her cute and tasty biscuits. She is giving you the chance on learning how to make those amazing treats. Follow her instructions carefully to make and decorate the biscuits.

Kitty Biscuits Factory belongs to Cooking Games, Factory Games
Escape The Candy FactoryEscape The Candy Factory

How many candies can you eat at a time? You probably can eat a lot, but imagine that you have got lost going to a candy factory! Now you will have to plan for escape from the place. You need to solve many puzzles, so please collect various useful items for a help. You will definitely love the game as it’s full of fun!

Escape The Candy Factory belongs to Enjoy Games
Eliza's Spell FactoryEliza's Spell Factory

Eliza has been very busy with everything that´s been going on with her life. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to help out in Eliza´s Spell Factory and create wonderful potions that might help anyone in need. You will need to combine 3 ingredients from the cabinet to produce your very own potion and discover its use.

Eliza's Spell Factory belongs to
Audrey's Spell FactoryAudrey's Spell Factory

Audrey is one wicked and fun witch who loves to create her own potions. Today you are going to be helping out Audrey´s Spell Factory to become successful and producing 12 spell potions. You will be combining 3 ingredients to the pot and watch out for the results.

Audrey's Spell Factory belongs to
Spell Factory Back To SchoolSpell Factory Back To School

The Spell Factory is now in operation and this time you will get to create different characters that would be part of your school. In the Spell Factory Back To School version you will combine 3 items that will define which character you will be unveiling for your school.

Spell Factory Back To School belongs to
Baby Ariel Cheesecake FactoryBaby Ariel Cheesecake Factory

There are times when mothers and daughters are closest when they bond over some activities such as cooking and dressing up. Today you are going to help out in Baby Ariel Cheesecake Factory. You will follow the step by step process on the screen and make sure that everything is done in order.

Baby Ariel Cheesecake Factory belongs to Cooking Games
Chocolate EggChocolate Egg

Be a part of this crazy kitchen and in it you will find a nice and happy chocolate egg that you can decorate anyway you like. It even has a happy face, so have fun with it!

Chocolate Egg belongs to Girl Games
I Need ChocolateI Need Chocolate

She´s a stylish goth girl with a sweet tooth, and she can´t get enough of that powerful cocoa craze. In this game your goal is to dress her up with her love for chocolate in tow. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

I Need Chocolate belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Chocolate Spa DayChocolate Spa Day

Priests presented cacao seeds as offerings to the deities and served chocolate drinks during sacred ceremonies. Dark chocolate may lower cholesterol levels in adults. In this game your goal is to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa by indulging yourself with yummy and delicious chocolates.

Chocolate Spa Day belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate

Christmas is nothing without a nice cup of a hot chocolate that you drink on that day. That is a special moment, and in this game, you can relive it one more time.

Hot Chocolate belongs to Make up Games

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