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Although this may sound a bit whacky and crazy, in this game, your task is to pile up as many dogs as you can to reach the bone that is hanging down. Try doing it!

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Chicago Hot DogsChicago Hot Dogs

Chicago hot dogs are really cool and tasty. They are especially made for the old customers and they are always a nice treat. In this game, you need to make sure that the customers are well served so that they would come back. This game allows you to practice hot dog sale.

Chicago Hot Dogs belongs to Management Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Serve The DogsServe The Dogs

Serving the dogs is actually your way of thanking them for all the love and devotion that these adorable and amazing creatures give you from one day to another. Be grateful to your good dogs and give them all that they need in Serve the Dogs game.

Serve The Dogs belongs to Animal Games, Fun Games, Animal caring Games, Management Games, Serving Games, Skill Games, Action Games
Flock The DogsFlock The Dogs

Dogs are very active and wants to be petted all the time. They meet you right at your door when they sense that you are coming home. In this game your goal is to play the Flock The Dogs game. You will simply match the similar breed of dog in a row or column.

Flock The Dogs belongs to Skill Games
Hannas DogsHannas Dogs

Hanna has some really cute puppies running around her yard and she is away at the moment. It is up to you to take care of them and meet their needs. Feed them and earn points to go to the next level.

Hannas Dogs belongs to Girl Games
Dogs at the Vet Dress UpDogs at the Vet Dress Up

Animals are so cute and they hate going to the vet as much as we hate going to the doctors. Therefore, you need to use this game and make the vets place much more enjoyable for them.

Dogs at the Vet Dress Up belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Decorate Games, Dog Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Kids Games
Perfect Hot DogsPerfect Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are one of the top choices of little kids for their meal. They love the taste and how easy it is to eat. Today you are going to play the Perfect Hot Dogs game. You are going to click on the ingredients needed to buy it from the grocery store then you will follow the arrow for the step by step process in creating the Perfect Hot Dogs.

Perfect Hot Dogs belongs to Simulation Games
Sue Bathing DogsSue Bathing Dogs

Sue has so many cute doggies and she likes taking care of them. However, whenever they go out to play they get back totally dirty! Help Sue wash them all up!

Sue Bathing Dogs belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Dog Games, Sue Games, Doll Games, Hair Games, Hairdresser Games, Job Games, Pet Games, Sim Games
Serve The Hot DogsServe The Hot Dogs

The hotdog stand is open and there are a lot of customers lining up! Serve the customers quickly and make sure you give them the right order or else they’ll leave!

Serve The Hot Dogs belongs to Cooking Games, Fast food Games
Tessa's DogsTessa's Dogs

Tessa has two dogs and she loves them equally. Therefore, in this game, when you are all set to make puppies look great, you have to work on both of them! That means - double fun!

Tessa's Dogs belongs to Girl Games
Dogs Dream HouseDogs Dream House

Dogs Dream House is a game in which you need to make a lovely home for your pets. Dogs are really nice pets and they are really friendly. Therefore, make sure that you have made the best and the loveliest home and a pet house.

Dogs Dream House belongs to Animal Games, Decorating Games, Decorating house Games
Dogs Care CenterDogs Care Center

Dogs Care Centers are popping out in every corner of town. People nowadays are pet lovers and wants their adorable pet be taken care of. In this game your goal is to run a Dogs Care Center. You will have to give them a bath and satisfy their needs.

Dogs Care Center belongs to Caring Games, Animal caring Games, Skill Games
Mia Cooking Chili Cheese Hot DogsMia Cooking Chili Cheese Hot Dogs

Mia is a well known chef and she has many recipes under her belt. Today Mia is going to show us how she makes her delicious and tasty Chili Cheese Hot Dogs. She needs your help so you need to assist. You will gather all the items shown below and place them on the counter. After all that is done proceed to cooking.

Mia Cooking Chili Cheese Hot Dogs belongs to Girl Games
Cats And Dogs Grooming SalonCats And Dogs Grooming Salon

Cats And Dogs are the two species of animals that are considered pets because they are domesticated and they are used to being around with people. You are going to be helping out at a Cats And Dogs Grooming Salon. You will choose your first client and make sure they look perfect after grooming.

Cats And Dogs Grooming Salon belongs to Caring Games

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