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Virtual Cricket 2Virtual Cricket 2

If you are a big cricket fan, then this is without a doubt your game. Here, you get to travel around the world to play against the strongest national cricket teams. Let´s see how cool you are as a cricket player.

Virtual Cricket 2 belongs to Cricket Games
Virtual PumpkinVirtual Pumpkin

Ever had a dream to be a Secret Service agent? Live vicariously through this game and rescue the President from the assassins hiding in the hotel. Be careful, though. Only a limited number of bullets are provided.

Virtual Pumpkin belongs to Dress up Games
Virtual DrumVirtual Drum

Practice playing the drums without making too much noise with this drum simulation game. Use the number keys to hit a particular drum or cymbal. Practice beats or go wild with playing the drums.

Virtual Drum belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Drums Games
Virtual KeyboardVirtual Keyboard

Do you know how to play the piano? Learning to play the real instrument is hard, but playing the virtual keyboard is easy so try doing it in this fun game.

Virtual Keyboard belongs to Music Games
Virtual Pet GameVirtual Pet Game

Wouldn´t it be nice to keep one of those adorable cats at home? But, having a pet needs a big responsibility. If you don´t think you have the commitment needed to take care of a real cat, why don´t you play this virtual pet game? Here you need to make sure your cat is in a great condition by fulfilling its needs. If you fail to do that, the cat will leave you!

Virtual Pet Game belongs to Single player Games, Cat Games, Flash Games
Virtual PuppyVirtual Puppy

If you want a puppy you have to make sure that you are ready for that kind of responsibility. In this game, you can practice with this cute virtual puppy which is as lovely and as demanding as a real one.

Virtual Puppy belongs to Animals and pets Games, Dress up Games
Virtual Pet GameVirtual Pet Game

Having a virtual pet is the best way to see and determine if you are ready to have a real one. Learn from your mistakes in this great game before you decide to get a real, living pet.

Virtual Pet Game belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Animal Games, Sim Games, Cat Games
Virtual Cat BreederVirtual Cat Breeder

Hey kids! What about your kittens? Are you properly taking care of? Yes, this is for sure that you are doing so! Also, what about your cute Burmese, Somali, and Himalayan kittens? Are you giving them food and taking care of regularly? Please don’t forget about doing regular exercise of your kittens as well! Make them healthy and happy!

Virtual Cat Breeder belongs to Girl Games
Virtual DateVirtual Date

This is your chance to practice going out on a date! Choose a girl or a guy that you like and ask him out. You will have to answer and ask questions in order to make them interested.

Virtual Date belongs to Fun Games, Couple Games, Love Games, Skill Games, Game for girls Games
Virtual VillagersVirtual Villagers

The Uka-uka Tribe once lived happily on a tropical island. But then, a volcano eruption took their comfort life away. Some of them are able to escape by boat. They finally found another island where they can start their life all over again. Can you help them to build their village from the beginning?

Virtual Villagers belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Island Games, Real time Games
Virtual CricketVirtual Cricket

Do you know how to play cricket? This game will teach you if you don´t and if you do it will give you hours of fun since it is based on real rules of this fun game.

Virtual Cricket belongs to Cricket Games
Virtual Band 2000Virtual Band 2000

Do you dream of having an awesome and famous band that will be internationally adored? Let´s see how good you are in creating a song. Play this virtual band game which allow you to arrange a song using the sound of a guitar, a bass, and a drum. Let´s start the fun!

Virtual Band 2000 belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Guitar Games, Band Games
Pony RunPony Run

Ponies are the cutest version of their parents. They are very much cute and cuddly. Today you are going to do a Pony Run competition. You are going to choose between Cutie, Beauty and Pretty. You will follow the mouse instructions on how to make the pony run, jump and go through every obstacles.

Pony Run belongs to Animal Games
Little PonyLittle Pony

Little Pony loves fashion! If you are into fashion as well, then the two of you are a perfect combination. See how this pony would look with some glasses or in a different color. He will love to check those looks together with you in this fun game.

Little Pony belongs to Animal Games, Dress up Games, Pony Games, Pony dress up Games
Pony And MePony And Me

Princess Rosie has just been given a pony by her fairy mother as a birthday present. She wants to take her pony for a ride. Can you dress the princess and her pony up, so these two will look adorable together?

Pony And Me belongs to Girl Games
Emo PonyEmo Pony

Emo Pony is a precious and unique pony that is not just for anyone. This is a pony for all those deep and cute emo girls who want a pony a bit different than an average pink and shiny ponies that other girls have. Dress it up all you like.

Emo Pony belongs to Dress up Games
My Little PonyMy Little Pony

Design your very own My Little Pony character! Choose the pony´s body and hair color and add body decoration and accessories. Mix and match them to make your My Little Pony unique!

My Little Pony belongs to Stye Games, Dress up Games, Animal Games, Horse Games
Pony Spa DayPony Spa Day

Ponies are little horses that are usually given as presents to little girls who wants to ride them. You are going to help out at the farm today and you are going to take care of some ponies and horses. You will use the tools and items available to clean up and make them presentable.

Pony Spa Day belongs to Girl Games
Cute PonyCute Pony

Our Cute Pony is very fond of playing the in mud. She needs this playtime in order to be happy. In this game your goal is to let her play in the mud but you are tasked to wash her up and make her look cute and presentable. You will use the mouse to play this game.

Cute Pony belongs to Girl Games
My Little Pony NumbersMy Little Pony Numbers

At school my school teacher taught us to remember the numbers through a form of a song and she also use ponies to illustrate them. In this game your goal is to find all My Little Pony Numbers hidden in this picture. You will simply use the magnifying glass.

My Little Pony Numbers belongs to Hidden object Games, Skill Games
Floppy PonyFloppy Pony

Horses are part of our history since the first people in the world is around. They use them for transportation, transporting goods to another town. In this game your goal is to do a Floppy Pony game. You will simply click until the pony goes through the space. You have to make sure that you can reach the finish line without touching the ground or the poles.

Floppy Pony belongs to Skill Games
Emo Pony CareEmo Pony Care

When taking care of a pony you have to give your horse some company. Make sure your horse knows you are the master and be very careful when riding. In this game your goal is to do a emo pony care. Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Emo Pony Care belongs to Caring Games, Animal Games, Caring Games, Animal caring Games, Caring Games
Zoe With Pony Dress UpZoe With Pony Dress Up

Pony is one of the popular thing on little girl´s wish list. In this game Zoe got her wish on her birthday. In this game your goal is to do a Zoe With Pony Dress Up. You will get to dress up her pony. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Zoe With Pony Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Pony PrincessPony Princess

Pony Princess adores her little pet and how could she not, when her pet is the cute little pony. He is adorable and all lovely and she is about to take him for a run on the meadow. Dress them both up so that their afternoon is even nicer.

Pony Princess belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Pony SlackingPony Slacking

Sarah is not the most hard working girl in the world. Especially because her job is boring and she is surrounded by the cute ponies that simply have to be played with. She wants to have fun with them, but she cannot be caught by her bosses. Help her out.

Pony Slacking belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Pony FriendPony Friend

When a girl is so cute as this one, she has to have a very cute pet as well. Therefore, she got a nice and adorable little pony that she simply loves. So, help them both and make them look even better together. Try it in Pony Friend.

Pony Friend belongs to Dress up Games
Pony CleaningPony Cleaning

A lot of girls dream about having a pony as a pet. In this game, you need to take care of a cute, virtual pony and make it all groomed and lovely. One step at the time, you need to begin with washing and finish up with grooming this lovely pet.

Pony Cleaning belongs to
Pony Day CarePony Day Care

Pony Day Care allows you to see just how fun and interesting it is to have a pony from one day to another. Pony Day Care is about doing all the necessary things to make the pony feel good and has all it needs. See how it would feel to have your own pony.

Pony Day Care belongs to Caring Games, Animal Games, Fun Games, Caring Games, Animal caring Games
My Little Pony CareMy Little Pony Care

Ponies are very cute and lovable. They also need your care and attention. As a pony loving person, do what you must to take care of our pony friend. Give her a bath, scrub her thoroughly, brush her mane and do other things that will make her happy. The fate of pony is in your hands now girl!

My Little Pony Care belongs to Caring Games, Animal Games, Fun Games, Caring Games, Caring Games, Game for girls Games
Pony CarePony Care

When you have a pony, there is more to it than just riding. You have to feed, groom and muck out its living spaces as well. Plus, you have to give your horse company. In this game your goal is to give your pony the best of care. You will simply follow the directions stated on the left part of the screen.

Pony Care belongs to Girl Games
Dream PonyDream Pony

Exciting stories of friendship and adventure, packed with authentic detail. A horse as we have ever seen, this stunning steed is sure to carry her highness away to a magical place where the fun never ends. In this game you will be enjoying every part of choosing what your pony look like.

Dream Pony belongs to Girl Games
My Little Pony HairstylesMy Little Pony Hairstyles

The My Little Pony casts are Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Derpy Hooves and Applejack. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to do a My Little Pony inspired Hairstyles. You will click on the picture and then follow the instructions on the screen.

My Little Pony Hairstyles belongs to Girls Games
Pony JockeyPony Jockey

Carly is one of a kind Horse Jockey. She is very close to her ponies and she is hands on when it comes to cleaning and grooming them. In this game Carly joined a competition and wants to win. You will simply collect all the coins that you will pass through, you can use power jumps, use the left and right arrow keys to run, and use the space bar to jump.

Pony Jockey belongs to Girl Games
Pony CakePony Cake

Ponyta is one of the famous pokemon characters. She is a horse with special powers and very cute. In this game your goal is to make a very special Pony Cake. Simply click and drag the needed tools and ingredients and follow the step by step process.

Pony Cake belongs to Girl Games
Graceful PonyGraceful Pony

Being the most Graceful Pony in town is a privilege to Pan. She loves the attention and many riders want to be seen with her. In this game your goal is to do a Graceful Pony coloring. Add style to their graceful looks by splashing the cutest and desirable colors on them.

Graceful Pony belongs to Girl Games
My Little Pony MakerMy Little Pony Maker

Don’t you love the little ponies? These are lovely and all the girls and kids like them very much. But, do you know how to make a pony more attractive with a pony maker? Well, you have all the mesmerizing colors and other makeover stuffs in your little pony maker to make the little pony gorgeous. Play the game, enjoy your time, and be creative!

My Little Pony Maker belongs to Girl Games

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