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Virtual horse games for girls


Virtual Cricket 2Virtual Cricket 2

If you are a big cricket fan, then this is without a doubt your game. Here, you get to travel around the world to play against the strongest national cricket teams. Let´s see how cool you are as a cricket player.

Virtual Cricket 2 belongs to Cricket Games
Virtual PumpkinVirtual Pumpkin

Ever had a dream to be a Secret Service agent? Live vicariously through this game and rescue the President from the assassins hiding in the hotel. Be careful, though. Only a limited number of bullets are provided.

Virtual Pumpkin belongs to Dress up Games
Virtual KeyboardVirtual Keyboard

Do you know how to play the piano? Learning to play the real instrument is hard, but playing the virtual keyboard is easy so try doing it in this fun game.

Virtual Keyboard belongs to Music Games
Virtual DateVirtual Date

This is your chance to practice going out on a date! Choose a girl or a guy that you like and ask him out. You will have to answer and ask questions in order to make them interested.

Virtual Date belongs to Fun Games, Couple Games, Love Games, Skill Games, Game for girls Games
Virtual Pet GameVirtual Pet Game

Wouldn´t it be nice to keep one of those adorable cats at home? But, having a pet needs a big responsibility. If you don´t think you have the commitment needed to take care of a real cat, why don´t you play this virtual pet game? Here you need to make sure your cat is in a great condition by fulfilling its needs. If you fail to do that, the cat will leave you!

Virtual Pet Game belongs to Single player Games, Cat Games, Flash Games
Virtual Pet GameVirtual Pet Game

Having a virtual pet is the best way to see and determine if you are ready to have a real one. Learn from your mistakes in this great game before you decide to get a real, living pet.

Virtual Pet Game belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Animal Games, Sim Games, Cat Games
Virtual PuppyVirtual Puppy

If you want a puppy you have to make sure that you are ready for that kind of responsibility. In this game, you can practice with this cute virtual puppy which is as lovely and as demanding as a real one.

Virtual Puppy belongs to Animals and pets Games, Dress up Games
Virtual VillagersVirtual Villagers

The Uka-uka Tribe once lived happily on a tropical island. But then, a volcano eruption took their comfort life away. Some of them are able to escape by boat. They finally found another island where they can start their life all over again. Can you help them to build their village from the beginning?

Virtual Villagers belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Island Games, Real time Games
Virtual Cat BreederVirtual Cat Breeder

Hey kids! What about your kittens? Are you properly taking care of? Yes, this is for sure that you are doing so! Also, what about your cute Burmese, Somali, and Himalayan kittens? Are you giving them food and taking care of regularly? Please don’t forget about doing regular exercise of your kittens as well! Make them healthy and happy!

Virtual Cat Breeder belongs to Girl Games
Virtual CricketVirtual Cricket

Do you know how to play cricket? This game will teach you if you don´t and if you do it will give you hours of fun since it is based on real rules of this fun game.

Virtual Cricket belongs to Cricket Games
Virtual DrumVirtual Drum

Practice playing the drums without making too much noise with this drum simulation game. Use the number keys to hit a particular drum or cymbal. Practice beats or go wild with playing the drums.

Virtual Drum belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Drums Games
Virtual Band 2000Virtual Band 2000

Do you dream of having an awesome and famous band that will be internationally adored? Let´s see how good you are in creating a song. Play this virtual band game which allow you to arrange a song using the sound of a guitar, a bass, and a drum. Let´s start the fun!

Virtual Band 2000 belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Guitar Games, Band Games
Help The HorseHelp The Horse

Constance is the owner of this horse and you are her new assistant. The horse is running and he is running into some obstacles. It is your job to make sure that he jumps in time!

Help The Horse belongs to
Horse RacingHorse Racing

Who says only jockeys and princes can enjoy horse riding? In Enjoyable Horse Racing, you can place your bet on Steady, Tank, Swift, Rapid, or Rush. You will start with 100 cash money, but play your cards right and who knows how much it´ll grow?

Horse Racing belongs to Horse racing Games
Horse Jumping 3DHorse Jumping 3D

Do you love horses jumping? Today, you have a great opportunity to get some amazing experience of 3D horse jumping. Let’s start and have a great adventure. Choose your favorite horse. Ride on it. Make the horse jumping when it is ready. Follow the instructions and make a good performance. Enjoy it!

Horse Jumping 3D belongs to Skill Games
Horse SongHorse Song

This is one of the craziest and the funniest games you´ll find online! You will click on the whacky horses and they will sing for you. Make crazy melodies combining their voices.

Horse Song belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Animal Games, Horse Games
Horse JumpingHorse Jumping

Showjumping is a prestigious equestrian sport. Help this young equestrienne get ready for a show jumping competition by dressing her up in the appropriate stylish outfit. Add some accessories to complete the getup.

Horse Jumping belongs to Dress up Games, Animal Games
Horse Dress UpHorse Dress Up

You don´t need to be a cowboy to like or ride a horse. Celia the might horse needs to be decorated in Horse Dress Up. Brush her silky hair until is smooth and you´re ready to put on different kinds of accessories!

Horse Dress Up belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Animal Games, Horse Games
Girl & HorseGirl & Horse

Paint a pretty picture with this cute painting game! Choose colors from the palette to dip your paintbrush in and click on the area you wish to color. When you´re done, you can save your picture or print it out! It´s quick, easy, and a lot of fun to do!

Girl & Horse belongs to Fun Games, Pony parade Games, Animals Games, Horse Games, Painting Games, Coloring pictures Games
Horse RaceHorse Race

Martha and her horse, Sugar, is trying to win on the Olympic´s show jumping event. Help the two of them, so they can go through any obstacles given in an impressive time.

Horse Race belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Arcade Games, Obstacle Games, Racing Games, Shockwave Games
Horse Racing FunHorse Racing Fun

Pony is one of the most common wishes a little girl could ask for. Today you are going to have the opportunity to do a Horse Racing Fun activity. You are going to choose her hair, make up, her whole horse back riding outfit that would emphasize her curves and comfortable to wear.

Horse Racing Fun belongs to Enjoy Games
Horse LoversHorse Lovers

Passion for fashion and love for horses are a good combination! Help these equestriennes get a makeover and choose the perfect outfit for horseback riding on a clear sunny day.

Horse Lovers belongs to Girl Games
Horse Pet CareHorse Pet Care

Horses are very sensitive and they are very loyal once they get attached to their riders. Today you are going to do a Horse Pet Care. You will be using the available items to help clean up this horse and make her beautiful again. You will need to follow the instructions on the screen.

Horse Pet Care belongs to Girls Games
Girl With Horse OutfitGirl With Horse Outfit

Wow! It’s really nice that the beautiful girl has a cute horse. Today, she wants to go outside with her cute horse. She needs to get a special outfit. Help this cute girl to get her favorite outfit. Choose a nice dress for her. Dress her up nicely and add other accessories. Make her happy. Have a fun!

Girl With Horse Outfit belongs to Girls Games
Elsa At Horse FarmElsa At Horse Farm

Horses are huge creatures that can carry humans to their destination. They are used as a form of transportation. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to help Elsa At the Horse Farm. First we are going to help her clean the farm then find the tools that we are going to use.

Elsa At Horse Farm belongs to Girl Games
Horse Stable EscapeHorse Stable Escape

What would you do if one minute you were cleaning the stables and the next minute, you´re trapped?! Find a way to get out of the horse stable. Look for hints and collect items that may be useful. Use these items and hints to solve the puzzle and escape the horse stable for good.

Horse Stable Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Hidden object Games, Adventure Games
Caring Horse OwnerCaring Horse Owner

When you own a horse it is not all about riding it and showing it off to your friends. It is also about taking good care about it and grooming it all the time. That is some big work and this girl needs her help with it. Give her a hand.

Caring Horse Owner belongs to Animal Games, Dress up Games, Animal caring Games, Dress up Games, Anime dress up Games
Clean Up Horse FarmClean Up Horse Farm

Having a farm and animals to take care is a big and challenging job but it can be easily rewarded because there is no stress in the atmosphere. Today you are going to be help Clean Up the Horse Farm. You are going to work on 3 farms and make sure to restore its beauty.

Clean Up Horse Farm belongs to Enjoy Games
Cute Horse Dress UpCute Horse Dress Up

You and your horse, Beauty, want to participate in the Spring Carnival in your town. Not only you get to dress up for the event, but your horse also needs to be groomed. Choose some cute costumes for your horse, so everyone will fall in love with her.

Cute Horse Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Animal dress up Games, Fun Games, World animal day Games, Animals Games, Horse Games

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