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Virtual heart surgery game


Elsa Heart SurgeryElsa Heart Surgery

Do you dream to be a doctor? Do you have an interest in medical surgery and other treatments? Well, your best friend, Elsa is facing trouble with her heart. So, you need to do a perfect surgery. Can you help her doing her heart surgery and make happy? This is really challenging, but you definitely love to take the challenge. Here you go!

Elsa Heart Surgery belongs to Girl Games
Talking Ginger Heart SurgeryTalking Ginger Heart Surgery

You really love Talking Ginger, but it’s not feeling good for last some days. Actually, talking Ginger is ill, so you have taken it to the hospital. Doctor finds some heart related problems and it’s required to do a heart surgery. Please help the doctor for a heart surgery as you can easily follow the doctor’s instructions. Be successful with the heart surgery and make it happy!

Talking Ginger Heart Surgery belongs to Girl Games
Virtual Cricket 2Virtual Cricket 2

If you are a big cricket fan, then this is without a doubt your game. Here, you get to travel around the world to play against the strongest national cricket teams. Let´s see how cool you are as a cricket player.

Virtual Cricket 2 belongs to Cricket Games
Virtual PuppyVirtual Puppy

If you want a puppy you have to make sure that you are ready for that kind of responsibility. In this game, you can practice with this cute virtual puppy which is as lovely and as demanding as a real one.

Virtual Puppy belongs to Animals and pets Games, Dress up Games
Virtual DateVirtual Date

This is your chance to practice going out on a date! Choose a girl or a guy that you like and ask him out. You will have to answer and ask questions in order to make them interested.

Virtual Date belongs to Fun Games, Couple Games, Love Games, Skill Games, Game for girls Games
Virtual DrumVirtual Drum

Practice playing the drums without making too much noise with this drum simulation game. Use the number keys to hit a particular drum or cymbal. Practice beats or go wild with playing the drums.

Virtual Drum belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Drums Games
Virtual Pet GameVirtual Pet Game

Having a virtual pet is the best way to see and determine if you are ready to have a real one. Learn from your mistakes in this great game before you decide to get a real, living pet.

Virtual Pet Game belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Animal Games, Sim Games, Cat Games
Virtual KeyboardVirtual Keyboard

Do you know how to play the piano? Learning to play the real instrument is hard, but playing the virtual keyboard is easy so try doing it in this fun game.

Virtual Keyboard belongs to Music Games
Virtual Pet GameVirtual Pet Game

Wouldn´t it be nice to keep one of those adorable cats at home? But, having a pet needs a big responsibility. If you don´t think you have the commitment needed to take care of a real cat, why don´t you play this virtual pet game? Here you need to make sure your cat is in a great condition by fulfilling its needs. If you fail to do that, the cat will leave you!

Virtual Pet Game belongs to Single player Games, Cat Games, Flash Games
My Virtual ClosetMy Virtual Closet

Eliza, Jessie, and Audrey are three friends who loves to look good, be stylish, dress up and have a photo sesh. In this game of My Virtual Closet you are going to have the perfect opportunity to choose how each of them would look and have fun in the process.

My Virtual Closet belongs to
Virtual PumpkinVirtual Pumpkin

Ever had a dream to be a Secret Service agent? Live vicariously through this game and rescue the President from the assassins hiding in the hotel. Be careful, though. Only a limited number of bullets are provided.

Virtual Pumpkin belongs to Dress up Games
Virtual VillagersVirtual Villagers

The Uka-uka Tribe once lived happily on a tropical island. But then, a volcano eruption took their comfort life away. Some of them are able to escape by boat. They finally found another island where they can start their life all over again. Can you help them to build their village from the beginning?

Virtual Villagers belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Island Games, Real time Games
Virtual CricketVirtual Cricket

Do you know how to play cricket? This game will teach you if you don´t and if you do it will give you hours of fun since it is based on real rules of this fun game.

Virtual Cricket belongs to Cricket Games
Virtual Cat BreederVirtual Cat Breeder

Hey kids! What about your kittens? Are you properly taking care of? Yes, this is for sure that you are doing so! Also, what about your cute Burmese, Somali, and Himalayan kittens? Are you giving them food and taking care of regularly? Please don’t forget about doing regular exercise of your kittens as well! Make them healthy and happy!

Virtual Cat Breeder belongs to Girl Games
Virtual Band 2000Virtual Band 2000

Do you dream of having an awesome and famous band that will be internationally adored? Let´s see how good you are in creating a song. Play this virtual band game which allow you to arrange a song using the sound of a guitar, a bass, and a drum. Let´s start the fun!

Virtual Band 2000 belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Music Games, Guitar Games, Band Games
From The Heart Dress UpFrom The Heart Dress Up

This young lady is on the verge of stardom. She is extremely talented and she sings from the heart. Help her achieve fame and fortune by dressing her up in a variety of outfits ranging from glamorous to hip and stylish. Don´t forget to choose which piano she´ll be using for her concert.

From The Heart Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
The Heart BreakerThe Heart Breaker

The Heart Breaker is a game that will reveal to you the secrets of the real and irresistible woman who spends male hears like tissues. She has some great style and amazing outfits in her closet, and all that makes her the stunning girl that she is. Learn how!

The Heart Breaker belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Mermaid Of My HeartMermaid Of My Heart

Mermaids are simply adorable and really beautiful. They are really careful about how they look like, since they have a lot of time at the bottom of the ocean to make sure everything on them is just perfect. That goes for this little mermaid as well, and you really need to dress her up properly.

Mermaid Of My Heart belongs to Dress up Games, Mermaid Games, Dress up Games
Broken HeartBroken Heart

Broken Heart is a game in which you will meet a nice girl whose heart has been shattered to pieces. You need to help her over it and the best way to do that is to dress her up nicely. She will feel better about herself in a minute if you do it now.

Broken Heart belongs to Dress up Games
Heart BangsHeart Bangs

There are tons of shapes and one of the most popular one is the heart. Today you are going to do a Heart inspired Bangs. You are going to use the available items and make sure you recreate the perfect heart bangs for her. Use the available tools on the screen.

Heart Bangs belongs to Girls Games
Finding My HeartFinding My Heart

Finding your heart may be the hardest thing in the world. However, this very important quest is made really enjoyable with these humorous cartoons and funny characters. Check it out!

Finding My Heart belongs to Puzzle Games, Point n click Games, Funny Games, Love Games
Heart AdventureHeart Adventure

Can you control your mouse with precision? Test your skills in this fun and exciting new game! The object of the game is to collect all the hearts in the scene without touching any of the other objects to complete the level. Your cursor grows with each heart collected, so make sure you get the hearts in the tight spaces first!

Heart Adventure belongs to Dress up Games
Heart In Your HandsHeart In Your Hands

In this lovely love game, you get to see a nice couple that is so much in love that they have decided to make a heart for their picture. Dress them both up for this photo.

Heart In Your Hands belongs to Dating Games, Dress up Games
Cute Heart CupcakesCute Heart Cupcakes

These Cute Heart Cupcakes are very easy to make especially if you have a friend at your side helping you. In this game you will help in gathering the ingredients from the shop and then we will proceed to mixing ingredients and baking. You will simply follow the hand for the step by step process.

Cute Heart Cupcakes belongs to Girl games Games
Sweet Heart Dress UpSweet Heart Dress Up

Joanne is loved by everyone because she is very sweet and kind. Unfortunately, no guy has ever asked her out on a date because she has no good taste in fashion and often wear lame clothing that makes her look old. You have to help Joanne to glow by dressing her up in trendy wardrobe.

Sweet Heart Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Sweet Heart DressupSweet Heart Dressup

This sweetheart is really great and she has so many cute things to wear. in this game, you can try all those things on her and see which combination you like the best.

Sweet Heart Dressup belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Lovey Heart KissingLovey Heart Kissing

There is no better way to be alone with your loved one in a dark than in the movies. This is the best time and place for your kiss, but be careful because there are always some petty lurkers around!

Lovey Heart Kissing belongs to Kissing Games, Action Games
Heart Shaped CakeHeart Shaped Cake

Baking a cake is clearly a masterpiece. Bakers are spending most of their time in the kitchen rather than the dining area itself. In this game you will learn how to bake a heart shaped cake and also you will have the honors to design it. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to create this yummy treat.

Heart Shaped Cake belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Cookies Games, Cook Games
Beautiful Princess HeartBeautiful Princess Heart

Beautiful princess Heart is getting ready for a big ball and she has some help from her nannies and other girls from the castle. There are two pictures of this dressing up waiting for you and your task is to find the differences in the least possible time.

Beautiful Princess Heart belongs to Dress up Games

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