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True LoveTrue Love

When you finally find the true love all you want to do is be better and better. One thing that you can influence at any time is your looks. In this game, help this fun girl to look even better and even better dressed for her man.

True Love belongs to Dress up Games
A Witch Come TrueA Witch Come True

All girls have a little bit of a witch inside them. This girl, perhaps, has it a bit more. She looks so sweet and cool on her broom with her kitty, but she can look even better if you dress her up.

A Witch Come True belongs to Dress up Games, Teen Games, Fantasy Games
Elsa's True LoveElsa's True Love

Elsa is a very beautiful and much coveted bachelorette that any man would want to get married with. Today you are going to find out who is Elsa´s True Love. You are going to see who is much better for Elsa, is it Jack Frost or Hiccup. You are going to test them by answering questions.

Elsa's True Love belongs to Enjoy Games
Red Riding Hood: The True StoryRed Riding Hood: The True Story

If you think that you know the whole story of the little Red Riding Hood, you were wrong. There is a lot more there than it meets the eye and you can find it out in this game.

Red Riding Hood: The True Story belongs to Puzzle Games, Picture search Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Elsa And Jack True LoveElsa And Jack True Love

Elsa And Jack met and they instantly clicked because they have the same powers but sometimes there personalities are clashing but True Love is here. Today you are going to let the two of them show there love to each other but you are going to keep it a secret from Olaf. You must alert them when Olaf is looking.

Elsa And Jack True Love belongs to Girl Games
Elsa’s True Love: Jack Vs  HiccupElsa’s True Love: Jack Vs Hiccup

The beautiful princess Elsa is in a doubt. The smart princes Jack and Hiccup love her. She cannot decide to choose her true love. Help this cute princess to find out her true love. Give some simple questions to Jack and Hiccup. Help them to give the right answers. Who will give the maximum right answers; choose him as Elsa’s true love. Enjoy it!

Elsa’s True Love: Jack Vs Hiccup belongs to Girls Games
Elsa's True Love: Jack Vs NiccupElsa's True Love: Jack Vs Niccup

Elsa is torn between dating Jack who have something in common with her in terms of powers and Hiccup who has the biggest and kindest heart. Today you are going to help out Elsa in choosing who is good for her to date. You are going to be honest and true to Elsa.

Elsa's True Love: Jack Vs Niccup belongs to Quiz test Games
American PieAmerican Pie

Pie is great for dessert, but there´s more to pie than sweet fruit fillings. Create a delicious all-American meat pie with this fabulous new cooking game. Follow the simple step by step instructions to complete each step within the time limit and cook a great-tasting meat pie. Yum!

American Pie belongs to Cooking Games, Cake decorating Games, Cake Games, Cooking dress up Games, Cake Games
American Pan CakeAmerican Pan Cake

Besides orange juice and cereals, American pancakes are the most common breakfast choices for many people and kids in the USA. In this game, you will create and decorate the perfect pancake breakfast, choosing the best sides for these delicious pancakes as well as decorations.

American Pan Cake belongs to Dress up Games
All American BurgerAll American Burger

If you think you can slice, chop and prepare all the ingredients, as well as cook and assemble the perfect All-American Burger within a specific time limit, then try your luck with this new cooking game. Follow the instructions in order to prepare all the ingredients and cook a delicious burger with everything on it.

All American Burger belongs to Cooking Games, Burger Games
American ChopsueyAmerican Chopsuey

American Chopsuey is a delightful preparation of crispy noodles served with vegetables and a tangy sauce. In this game you will learn how to cook this tasty dish. You will simply start on preparing the ingredients needed. Use the mouse to click on the pattern to slice through the ingredients.

American Chopsuey belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Game for girls Games, Cook Games
American CheesecakeAmerican Cheesecake

There are a lot of recipes out there for the cheesecake but this game will teach you how to make a real, traditional cheesecake! It´s fun to try and really tasty to sample!

American Cheesecake belongs to Girl Games
The American DreamThe American Dream

The American Dream represents so many things for different people, but for most, it means having the freedom to be who you are. Live the way you want to live and dress the way you want to dress. Help this girl live the dream by dressing her up in stylish American couture that reflects what it really means to be an American.

The American Dream belongs to Fantasy Games, Dress up Games
80s American Fashion80s American Fashion

80´s fashion were consists of leg warmers, acid wash jeans, and the most popular "the shoulder pads". In this game you will pose to a magazine with a theme of 80´s fashion. You need to mix and match different hairstyles, clothes, accessories and shoes from that time period. Good luck!

80s American Fashion belongs to Dress up Games
American Apple PieAmerican Apple Pie

American apple pie is the national dish that we all know. You can imagine it getting cold on a window, spreading the sweet smell through the neighborhood. Make it today in this game!

American Apple Pie belongs to Meals Games, Baking Games, Cake Games, Cooking Games
American Girl Make UpAmerican Girl Make Up

This cute girl wants to get an American girl look. Help this beautiful girl to get her favorite outfit. Give her a special American makeover and a modern hairstyle. Choose a nice American dress for her. Dress her up and add other beauty accessories. She will be looking like a real American girl. Have a great day!

American Girl Make Up belongs to Enjoy Games
Princess American IdolPrincess American Idol

Everyone is dreaming of something may it be a very big one or a small but fulfilling one. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to join the Princess American Idol. You are going to help her prepare for her outstanding performance by choosing her make up and her outfit.

Princess American Idol belongs to Girl Games
North American Dress UpNorth American Dress Up

The North American fashion style has completely evolved from using native animals skins to soft cloth that provides comfort and a casual vibe. Today you are going to do a North American Dress Up. You will click and drag items from the closet to help her layer up for the season.

North American Dress Up belongs to Dressup Games
American Idol Punch OutAmerican Idol Punch Out

Tired of hearing the judges´ insane comments on American Idol? Get the chance to punch Simon, Paula, and Randy in this fun whack-a-mole style game. Hit the judges as many times as you can within the given time. The more hits, the higher the score!

American Idol Punch Out belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Flash Games, Funny Games, Mouse skill Games, Parody Games, Punch Games
American Colonial GirlAmerican Colonial Girl

Hey girls! Let´s help Claudia get into the role of a American Colonial girl. This is the role she´s playing for her play on Saturday. In this game your goal is to give her a facial. Simply apply the cream, rinse it off, apply the mud pack and rinse again. After the facial you can choose her make up and clothes.

American Colonial Girl belongs to Girl Games
American Next Top Model MakeoverAmerican Next Top Model Makeover

To be the America´s next top model, you need to work really hard. This girl is about to try and become one, so make sure that she gets a good shot at it. You will do it by giving her a complete makeover that will make her look truly amazing and interesting, just like a top model should be.

American Next Top Model Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
African American Make UpAfrican American Make Up

African American girls are really beautiful and they have distinctive features of the face which are perfect for makeup. In this game, you will have a gorgeous African American model that you can make even more gorgeous with make up!

African American Make Up belongs to Make up Games
American Girl Dress UpAmerican Girl Dress Up

This is a cute and lovely American girl who loves fashion and loves to play dress up games. In this one, she will be glad to let you play with her and dress her up anyway you like.

American Girl Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, American girl dress up Games, Little girl dress up Games, Little girls dress up Games, Skybreezegames Games, Gg4u Games
Around The World: American ParadeAround The World: American Parade

Americans have their distinct look and vibe that you would know from a far that they are Americans. Today you are going to choose between effortless look, sweet and fun, summer fun, comfy and patriotic vibes. Have fun playing Around The World: American Parade game.

Around The World: American Parade belongs to
Perry Cooking American HamburgerPerry Cooking American Hamburger

Perry is an awesome platypus. He knows to make the special American hamburger. Do you want to learn it? Join with Perry and start to prepare this yummy dish. Go to the market and buy all of the necessary ingredients. Follow the instructions step by step given by Perry. After making, decorate it nicely. Have a great time with Perry. Enjoy it!

Perry Cooking American Hamburger belongs to Cooking Games
American Movie Star Dress UpAmerican Movie Star Dress Up

Hollywood! Hollywood! We´re going to Hollywood! Amanda´s having her first movie premier. She´s an American Movie Star whom we all love. Because she´s so great, she has fans all over the world. If you´ve seen her movie, you´ll love her too! Her expressions are priceless. Her passion in acting is astounding. There´s nobody like her and that is why she deserves to be at the top! In Hollywood, movie stars are the stars of this planet. Glitters, sparkles, golds, and silvers are in! Tonight´s a special night and we have to help Amanda outshine everyone in the red carpet! What´s the perfect dress and look for this event?

American Movie Star Dress Up belongs to Our flash Games, Dress up Games, Makeover Games, Makeup Games

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