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News Hunter 2 Beat the PressNews Hunter 2 Beat the Press

It´s time to get that news! Give all your might to do whatever it takes to get that story first! Let nothing stand against you. Choose your correspondent and carefully read the mission. Be the best in News Hunter 2 Beat the Press!

News Hunter 2 Beat the Press belongs to Single player Games, Advergames Games, Car Games, Chasing Games, Driving Games, Racing Games, Shockwave Games
Topthat PizzaTopthat Pizza

Help Mike to do his job in the pizza restaurant. There are so many pizza orders, and he has to make them fast. You need to direct him, so he can catch all the toppings that fall from the ceiling.

Topthat Pizza belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Pizza Games
Gourmet Ice Cream ToppingsGourmet Ice Cream Toppings

Gourmet Ice Cream is a game in which you need to make sure that you can make the best possible ice cream around. Decorate it anyway you like and make this ice cream just perfect!

Gourmet Ice Cream Toppings belongs to Food Games, Decorating Games
Newborn NatalieNewborn Natalie

In the most exciting time of her life, Natalie gives birth to the cutest baby! Being a mom is not easy as pie but the joy it brings is worth it. In Newborn Natalie, you can dress up Natalie and her baby too! Capture that picture perfect moment!

Newborn Natalie belongs to Dress up Games, Kids Games
The Newlyweds Dress UpThe Newlyweds Dress Up

These newlyweds have headed straight home from the wedding festivities. It is a tradition for the man to carry his new wife through the threshold when they enter it as man and wife for the first time. Help the couple relive this magic moment over and over again by dressing them up in their fabulous wedding attire for a picture they will surely cherish!

The Newlyweds Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Newyork Beauty StudioNewyork Beauty Studio

Frank Sinatra said that if you make it in New York, then you´ll make it anywhere. Now if you want to make yourself big in NYC, you have got to make people look at you and feel impressed. That´s why you start this beauty studio business. You know that every woman in NYC wants to look good, so people will be impressed by them. You want to help them to reach for their dream. Help them, and your dream to be big will come true too.

Newyork Beauty Studio belongs to Fashion Games, Make up Games, Fashion dress up Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Cute Cake TopperCute Cake Topper

The wedding cake is the most important detail of the wedding and the topper on that cake is the most important detail of the cake. Therefore, make it look amazing with your design.

Cute Cake Topper belongs to Dress up Games, Dating Games, Wedding Games, Food Games, Cake Games, Baking Games
The NewlywedsThe Newlyweds

A man carrying his bride through the threshold of their new home after they are married is a time-honored tradition that many still follow today. Help create this romantic scene between the two newlyweds by dressing them up in beautiful and stylish wedding clothes and accessories.

The Newlyweds belongs to Dress up Games, Wedding Games, Dating Games
News Reporter MakeoverNews Reporter Makeover

Makeover for a news reporter is a really fun thing to do. It is also a very interesting thing to do because you need to come up with new stuff every day as news reporters always need to look new and fresh. Try it in News Reporter Makeover.

News Reporter Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Newyork Cup CakesNewyork Cup Cakes

Let the cooking cupcake adventure take you on a big trip to the Big Apple where you will get to see how the cupcakes are made New York style. Not only will you see that but you will also get to decorate them all you like.

Newyork Cup Cakes belongs to Dress up Games
Newyork StreetsNewyork Streets

Newyork Streets challenges you to be the next trend setter for the remarkable and amazing Big Apple residents who don´t care a lot about what others think, but they really love getting all dressed up in their unique way. Play Newyork Streets for the ultimate experience.

Newyork Streets belongs to Dress up Games
Crumb Topped Banana MuffinsCrumb Topped Banana Muffins

Those muffins are really sweet and delicious. Especially when you add a little something to make them that way. This time, those are the banana crumbs that you need to make in order to have the perfect muffin recipe like nobody else. Try decorating them in your own way.

Crumb Topped Banana Muffins belongs to Baking Games, Cake Games
Mama's Ice Cream ToppingsMama's Ice Cream Toppings

Woot! Mama´s birthday has finally arrived. I´ve been waiting for this day to taste the finest ice cream in town. In this game your goal is to create a perfect and unique ice cream that will make mama proud. Simply click on the buttons until you are satisfied with your choice. Don´t forget to greet Mama a Happy Birthday!

Mama's Ice Cream Toppings belongs to Ice cream Games
Baby Hazel Newborn BabyBaby Hazel Newborn Baby

The family is going gaga with the arrival of the new addition to the family, Baby Matt. They are now being discharged from the hospital and Baby Hazel cannot wait to meet and take care of her little brother. In this game your goal is to teach Baby Hazel how to handle a Newborn Baby.

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby belongs to Baby Games, Baby caring Games, Baby Games, Baby care Games, Baby feeding Games
Crown Cake Topper DecorCrown Cake Topper Decor

Every birthday party is not complete without a birthday cake. Everyone loves this sweet perfection. In this game your goal is to do a Crown Cake Topper Decoration. You will simply click on the circle on the upper left corner and you can now choose from 1 to 5 for the design.

Crown Cake Topper Decor belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games
Newborn House MakeoverNewborn House Makeover

Today parents need to make sure that everything is ready when the baby comes. The house must be bump proof and baby ready. Today you are going to do a Newborn House Makeover. You are going to do a baby safe assessment of your home. You can also change the color of the house or room.

Newborn House Makeover belongs to Girl Games
Newyear 2015 Cake PreparationNewyear 2015 Cake Preparation

Don’t you love to eat delicious cake very much? Yes, like all other girls and kids, the mouthwatering cake is your favorite item. Do you know how to prepare a lovely decorated cake? Well, try to prepare a New Year 2015 cake for your friends and family as you have all the necessary ingredients. This is full of fun and you will definitely love it. Here you go!

Newyear 2015 Cake Preparation belongs to Cooking Games
Vanessa Newborn BabyVanessa Newborn Baby

Vanessa is very excited to see her unborn child and as each day passes she can feel that she is due. Today you are going to be helping Vanessa deliver her Newborn Baby. You will bring her to the hospital, use the medical equipment´s to check the status of her baby.

Vanessa Newborn Baby belongs to Skill Games
Rapunzel Real Care NewbornRapunzel Real Care Newborn

Rapunzel has a very strong and gentle heart especially to her little one. She gave birth a couple of months ago. You are going to help Rapunzel do a Real Newborn Care. You are going to give what the baby needs and you can also decorate the baby´s room.

Rapunzel Real Care Newborn belongs to Skill Games
Anna's Newborn House MakeoverAnna's Newborn House Makeover

To be a mother is probably the most memorable and enjoyable experience of a mother. On the Valentine’s Day, Anna gave birth of a beautiful angel and she is busy with her house makeover after this. Anna cannot do everything as she takes care of her baby all the time, you will have to help her for house makeover. Here you go!

Anna's Newborn House Makeover belongs to Girl Games
Baby Hazel Newborn VaccinationBaby Hazel Newborn Vaccination

Vaccines are helpful to everyone because it has a specific function and it helps the people who needs it. Today you are going to teach Baby Hazel all about Newborn Vaccination. You need to help Hazel wake Baby Matt in a gentle way and make him smile.

Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination belongs to Girl Games
Newspaper Print Nails Girls ManicureNewspaper Print Nails Girls Manicure

There are many designs that one can choose to place on their nails and one of them is the Newspaper Print so you decided to have a Nails Girls Manicure. You will be using the available tools below to trim and pamper your nails before the art can be done.

Newspaper Print Nails Girls Manicure belongs to Girl Games
Anna And Kristoff Care Newborn PrincessAnna And Kristoff Care Newborn Princess

Anna and Kristoff had their adventure up in the mountains while trying to reach out to Elsa. They began to get to know each other when all the trouble is over. Today you are going to be helping both Anna And Kristoff in taking Care of the Newborn Princess. You are going to follow the instructions on the screen.

Anna And Kristoff Care Newborn Princess belongs to Skill Games
Newborn Baby CareNewborn Baby Care

Every mother is ecstatic in meeting her unborn child. It is much more enjoyable when your partner is by your side in every stage. You are going to do a Newborn Baby Care. You will use the available items and apply them. You need to feed the baby, give a warm and relaxing bath.

Newborn Baby Care belongs to Skill Games
My Newborn TwinsMy Newborn Twins

Twins are such a blessing from the heaven. Today we are going to meet My Newborn Twins. You are going to help me take care of them for the day. You are going to help me feed them, give them a warm bath, play with them and make sure they are both happy.

My Newborn Twins belongs to Enjoy Games
Newborn Baby Pony PrincessNewborn Baby Pony Princess

The beautiful pony queen has given birth to a cute baby pony. Today, the pony mom is very busy with her work. Help her to look after her new born pony princess. Bathe her and dress her up. Change her diaper and feed her. Play with her and take care of her properly. Make the baby Pony happy. Enjoy it!

Newborn Baby Pony Princess belongs to Skill Games
Alphabets On TopsAlphabets On Tops

This dashing girl Jennifer is a popular fashion designer. Today, she wants to create a very different tops. She needs your help to make her special alphabets on tops. Choose your favorite color and design the tops nicely. Add some special alphabets on it and make the top looking more fashionable and unique. Have a great fun!

Alphabets On Tops belongs to Girls Games
Betty Pretty Newborn BabyBetty Pretty Newborn Baby

Betty is a first time mom and she wants everything perfect and smooth as she gives birth. Today you are going to be assisting Pretty Betty in delivering her Newborn Baby. You will follow the step by step instructions on the screen and use the specific tools.

Betty Pretty Newborn Baby belongs to Girls Games
Rapunzel Gives Birth To A Newborn BabyRapunzel Gives Birth To A Newborn Baby

Rapunzel and Flynn had been married for a year before they were surprised that Rapunzel is pregnant with their first child. Today you are going to help Rapunzel when she Gives Birth To A Newborn Baby. You are going to help the parents-to-be in packing their stuff before going to the hospital.

Rapunzel Gives Birth To A Newborn Baby belongs to Girls Games
Crop Tops 2 Dress Up GameCrop Tops 2 Dress Up Game

Crop Top became more popular nowadays because many are conscious on their bodies and working out. Today you are going to do a Crop Tops 2 Dress Up. You will be choosing your very own crop top outfit by clicking and dragging the items from the closet down to our model.

Crop Tops 2 Dress Up Game belongs to Dressup Games
Barbie's Newborn BabyBarbie's Newborn Baby

Barbie and Ken has always been a very good couple and they were very excited to learn 9 months ago that they are going to have a baby. Today you are going to be helping out in delivering Barbie´s Newborn Baby. You will clean her up, take her measurements, give her diapers and feed her. You will also choose her baby clothes.

Barbie's Newborn Baby belongs to Girls Games
News Report GirlNews Report Girl

News is one of the most important stories that you need to tell the people to get them informed and prepared for the happenings in the world. Today you are going to do a News Report Girl dress up. You will choose the perfect outfit for this girl from her skin color, make up, hair, her clothes.

News Report Girl belongs to Girls Games
Tie Your Tops Dress Up GameTie Your Tops Dress Up Game

There are many trends that people always use to be part of the what´s hot fashion. Today you are going to try out the Tie Your Tops trend and do a Dress Up. You will click and drag items from the closet to mix and match. You need to be in top shape and confident to wear the items.

Tie Your Tops Dress Up Game belongs to Dressup Games

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