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Playing With IpadPlaying With Ipad

When a girl chooses to have iPad, it means that she really has some style. That also means that, even if she is at home, playing with it, she needs to look good. Dress her up the best you can and try on her different combinations and outfits in this dress up game.

Playing With Ipad belongs to Dress up Games
Dress My IpadDress My Ipad

Your iPad has to look just as good as you do, otherwise it is not about to be the right accessory for you. This game is about dressing up your iPad and making it look just great and very trendy. Use all the decorations available.

Dress My Ipad belongs to Decorating Games
Pet Shop ManagementPet Shop Management

Running a pet shop may be hard work, but it´s worth it to see happy pets go home with loving owners. In this game your goal is to attend to the specific pets and their needs. You need to keep them happy and satisfied and make sure that the Pet Shop Management is perfect.

Pet Shop Management belongs to Animal Games, Food Games, Food serving Games
Hotel ManagementHotel Management

This great hotel needs a great manager and the choice is - you! make sure that everything runs smoothly and that your guests are well taken care of in order to make this hotel a profitable place.

Hotel Management belongs to Puzzle Games, Strategy Games, Business Games
Fast Food ManagementFast Food Management

Fast Food Management is a lovely, fun and fast paced game in which you get to see how it feels to serve the fast food and to keep the restaurant running with good service that is also precise and well organized. Enjoy this game and be a fast food manager.

Fast Food Management belongs to Management Games, Shop Games, Skill Games
Fancy Bistro ManagementFancy Bistro Management

Fancy Bistro Management is a game in which you need to make sure that your Bistro is running flawlessly in full capacity. Fast waiters and good service are essential for that!

Fancy Bistro Management belongs to
Popcorn Booth ManagementPopcorn Booth Management

Making popcorn may look easy built running a popcorn booth is not that easy and it is a really challenging task. Prove that you can do it and that you are capable of being a real manager.

Popcorn Booth Management belongs to Cooking Games, Fast food Games, Job Games
Susies Bakery ManagementSusies Bakery Management

Running a bakery isn´t easy, but it can be a lot of fun! Take note of what your customers want and assemble the cake they´ve ordered and serve it to them within the time limit. If you make a mistake, throw it out immediately and start over. If you reach your target before the time ends, you can move on to the next level.

Susies Bakery Management belongs to Cooking Games, Baking Games, Cake Games
Fruitylicious Management GameFruitylicious Management Game

In this fun cooking game, you will get all the ingredients and the example of what you need to make. Make the identical fruit pie as the one on your example and do it fast!

Fruitylicious Management Game belongs to Simulation Games, Management Games
Elsa Restaurant Breakfast Management 3Elsa Restaurant Breakfast Management 3

Queen Elsa has been very busy with her Royal Duties and she is also juggling in her passion when it comes to having her own restaurant. Today you are going to be helping out Elsa to test her Restaurant Breakfast Management skills. You are going to see what the customer orders then serve the item quickly.

Elsa Restaurant Breakfast Management 3 belongs to Girl Games
Elsa Restaurant Breakfast ManagementElsa Restaurant Breakfast Management

Elsa has always been fascinated when it comes to cooking dishes, baking sweets and other desserts. She sometimes throw a party to share her cooking skills. Today you are going to help Elsa in her Restaurant Breakfast Management. You will assist her in preparing the tea, coffee and serving french toast.

Elsa Restaurant Breakfast Management belongs to Management Games
Tea TimeTea Time

Tea is a very healthy drink that cleanses your whole digestive system and even boost your mood. In this game your goal is to make tea time with the girls while enjoying a day at the spa. Simply click on the arrows to apply the creams and use the needed tools.

Tea Time belongs to Girl Games
Movie TimeMovie Time

It´s movie night and this young lady is planning to catch a film at the theater tonight. Dress her up for a night of the movies and make her shine like the star onscreen!

Movie Time belongs to Girl Games
Its Cleanup TimeIts Cleanup Time

Lucy´s house is a mess and she needs to clean it up quick! Help Lucy pick up the trash and put everything else in its proper place. Drag and drop items to where they´re supposed to be before time expires in order to move to the next room.

Its Cleanup Time belongs to Dress up Games
It's Clean Up TimeIt's Clean Up Time

Lucy´s house is an absolute mess! Help her clean it up by throwing away the garbage and putting everything back in its right place. Complete the cleaning task within the time limit in order to move on to the next room which is just as messy. Good luck!

It's Clean Up Time belongs to Dress up Games, Fashion Games
Breakfast TimeBreakfast Time

Different people like different food for breakfast, but most of them wouldn´t say no to a nice waffle with syrup and fruit. Especially if it is designed by you, so do it and make the best breakfast ever!

Breakfast Time belongs to Girl Games
Dress Up Against TimeDress Up Against Time

Carla is excited to have dinner with her friends today! She hasn´t seen them in the longest time since her trip to Europe. Dress Up Against Time and make Carla look amazing with the many wonderful outfits in her closet.

Dress Up Against Time belongs to Dress up Games, Memory Games
Dress Up Against Time 14Dress Up Against Time 14

We all know that some fashion items are absolutely eternal and that there are some things that are always trendy. Try all of them and combine them in new ways.

Dress Up Against Time 14 belongs to Dress up Games, Memory Games
Time To Clean UpTime To Clean Up

It´s always fun to have a party but what to do afterwards? In this game, you can play clean up all you like and make this room look tidy again. Start cleaning it right now and you´ll see how fun it can be.

Time To Clean Up belongs to Fun Games, Kids Games, Skill Games, Cleaning Games, Kitchen Games, Game for girls Games
Tom Play TimeTom Play Time

When Tom the cat is busy playing outside, he always gets dirty. Your mom won´t let him in. In this game your goal is to do a Tom Play Time that includes a warm bath and having fun. You will simply click on the items needed and apply them accordingly.

Tom Play Time belongs to Caring Games, Caring Games
Party TimeParty Time

Parties are held to celebrate a event or simply a get together for your family, friends or colleagues. In this game your goal is to play the Party Time game. You will simply match the same items and align them in a row or column to make them disappear.

Party Time belongs to Girl Games
Zoo Doctor TimeZoo Doctor Time

Zoo is a place where you can see, visit or interact with some wild animals that are in captivity. You are a animal lover so you are very interested. You are going to help out Amy, she is going to be taking some stage tests that the zoo put up in order to know if she has what it takes to become a zoo doctor.

Zoo Doctor Time belongs to Skill Games
Dessert TimeDessert Time

Sometimes I compare sweets to the girls I now and met. Today I need to have a "dessert time" or a lovely time at the spa. You are going to help me restore my youthful glow and make sure I stand out in the party I am going to. You will also assist me in doing my make up and picking the best outfit.

Dessert Time belongs to Makeover Games
Farm TimeFarm Time

Do you have your own farm and love to work there for a prosperous and beautiful one? Well, you will get the experience here as you will have to grow crops, sell them for buying the animals and earn money. There are many plots in the farm and you will have to plow them all. Play, make the farm a money making land and have fun!

Farm Time belongs to Enjoy Games

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