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Princess In SpacePrincess In Space

Their are many parties thrown by the Disney company and each is special because of the theme they choose. Today you are going to do a Princess In Space dress up. You will select the character that you want to dress up by clicking her and then proceed to choosing her outfit.

Princess In Space belongs to Girls Games
Space Age SushiSpace Age Sushi

Here´s your chance to play with your food without getting into trouble with your mom! Design the cutest sushi crew by choosing what kind of sushi they´ll be. Then give them faces, hands and feet to complete the sushi gang´s new look. Have fun mixing and matching the items until you get the look you want.

Space Age Sushi belongs to Meals Games, Restaurant Games
Blocks In SpaceBlocks In Space

This little block is bored at his house and decided to walk around to find a adventure. In this game your goal is to place the little box into the dotted lines. Simply click and drag the little box to the goal. There are many levels for this game and each level is difficult than the others.

Blocks In Space belongs to
Space PrincessesSpace Princesses

Many people are afraid and at the same time curious to find out what is found in Space. Today you are going to have the opportunity to send the most skilled Space Princesses to discover what is in space. You will first dress them up for style, comfort and functionality.

Space Princesses belongs to Girls Games
Toast In SpaceToast In Space

Bread is naturally soft and when you apply heat it can become a toast. Today you are going to play the Toast In Space game. Your main objective is to catch as many spreads or jams as you can while the toast is flying and before the breakfast time is over.

Toast In Space belongs to Enjoy Games
Ellie In SpaceEllie In Space

Ellie is a very beautiful young woman who captures the attention of many because of her looks and intellect. Today you are going to do a Ellie In Space dress up. You are going to choose from her hair, her helmet, her space suit, her gloves and her space boots.

Ellie In Space belongs to Skill Games
Sam Space JumpSam Space Jump

Sam likes space adventure very much. Today, he wants to explore a totally new and awesome planet. Do you want to join with Sam? Help Sam to complete his journey successfully. Collect the new and adventurous magic things. Don´t fall into the hole. Avoid all types of obstacles in the way. Have an awesome experience!

Sam Space Jump belongs to Adventure Games
Space FighterSpace Fighter

It may come to you as a surprise that the fierce and brave Space Fighter is actually a girl. She is amazing and strong and she protects the peace and order in the universe. Therefore, she doesn´t have that much time to think about her looks. Figure them out for her.

Space Fighter belongs to Dress up Games
Emo Space GirlEmo Space Girl

Emo Space Girl is an amazing game for all those dreamy emo girls who enjoy making their unique style. This is where you can choose a great look for this dreamy emo girl. Her make-up, eyes, hair and clothes are all changeable so play with them.

Emo Space Girl belongs to Dress up Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Space DreamsSpace Dreams

Usually you don´t get the chance to choose your dreams. But in this game, things are different. Here, you can choose exactly how your dream is about to look like and enjoy it.

Space Dreams belongs to Decorating Games, Fun Games, Kids Games, Game for girls Games

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