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Mog House 2Mog House 2

Enter the house of Mog and solve the puzzles that it hides. Explore every corner of this house and find out about all the mysteries and clues that are hidden there.

Mog House 2 belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
New HouseNew House

This young couple really has everything that anybody can ask for - they have a car, a dog and a new house! The only thing they are lacking is some color in their lives. Give it to them!

New House belongs to Girl Games
Lux HouseLux House

This amazing luxury house would be perfect for somebody who could decorate the surroundings and make it even more comfortable. Can you do it? Try in this game and have fun.

Lux House belongs to Girl Games
Toy HouseToy House

Toy houses are so fun, colorful, and exciting. There are lots of toys, from trains to dolls! Now that you have set foot inside, go and find the toys indicated at the top of your screen. You are given 1:30 to complete the whole stage so you will win. Good luck sister!

Toy House belongs to Dress up Games
Pet HousePet House

It would be great if you could make one room only for your darling pet and his stuff! In this game, you can do that and make your puppy happy. Arrange the things any way you like.

Pet House belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Child room Games, Toys Games
Mog HouseMog House

Oh, no! It seems like you´re trapped in this house! Find clues and items that would help you escape the house. Take your time and think hard, or you may never get out of there... ever.

Mog House belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Gingerbread HouseGingerbread House

Christmas time is coming soon, and Nola wants to make a beautiful ginger bread to decorate the house. Can you help her to decorate the ginger bread? Santa might give you extra present if you help one more person.

Gingerbread House belongs to Food Games, Home Games, Fantasy Games, Decorating Games
House CleaningHouse Cleaning

What is the first thing that you think about when you think about cleaning up? Boredom! That is about to change once you start cleaning this yard and sorting out trash!

House Cleaning belongs to Skill Games
Small HouseSmall House

This small house is just the place for you to start your decorating career. Make sure that all the rooms are well decorated and that the furniture is perfectly arranged!

Small House belongs to Decoration Games
Gingerbread In The HouseGingerbread In The House

Gingerbread house is really sweet and lovely but it needs some decorating. In order to make it just perfect, you need to use all your creativity, so start right away!

Gingerbread In The House belongs to Decorating Games, Christmas Games, Home Games, Cake Games
Playing HousePlaying House

Playing house is these two girls´ favorite playground. In order to make their play even more interesting, dress them up the best you can and take the photo of them!

Playing House belongs to Dress up Games, Baby Games, Kids Games, Theme dress up Games, Doll house Games
Clean Up The HouseClean Up The House

A real girl that takes care of herself needs to look her best in any occasion. Therefore, even while this cute little girl cleans up her house. she needs to be dressed up. Help her with that.

Clean Up The House belongs to Girl Games
Beach HouseBeach House

Summer resort is just what you need to relax an unwind after a long year of work. You only have to decorate it properly so that your vacation is complete.

Beach House belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Summer Games
Doll HouseDoll House

Doll house is a perfect start to see how well you can do as a interior designer. Here, you will have all the furniture and similar things at your disposal and you´ll get to move it around all the way!

Doll House belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Doll house Games
House DesignHouse Design

All the furniture is here and all the things are here in the house. The girls have arrived and all there is to be done is to make sure the furniture is arranged well! Do your best and help the girls settle.

House Design belongs to Style Games, Doll house Games, Decorating Games
The Doll HouseThe Doll House

Did you use to love playing with your doll house when you were a kid? How about if we bring back that memory now? No need to find your old doll house in the storage. You can just simply play this cute doll house game. Here, you get to decorate your doll house with the lovely furniture available there. This game will surely bring back the child in you.

The Doll House belongs to Decorating Games, Bedroom Games, Home Games
Lego HouseLego House

Building a Lego house is fun and very relaxing. You can build whatever you like. In this game your goal is to do a Lego House design. Simply click on the buttons until you have chosen your design. You can choose your preferred roof, wall, windows, trees, cars and the ground.

Lego House belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games
Spooky HouseSpooky House

During the Halloween season all the houses are getting ready with their own version of a Spooky House that is included in the contest. Today you are needed to scare the judge in order to win the Spooky House contest. You will need to click the balloon and drag it to the judge.

Spooky House belongs to Girl Games
Farm HouseFarm House

Hey! Do you love animals? Here´s a nice farmhouse. There are many animals in that farm house like cows, pigs and many other cattle. Today it´s your duty to look after the farm house. Take the challenge and start to play. Give the right foods to eat them. Bathe them and give them a perfect environment. Enjoy it!

Farm House belongs to Enjoy Games
Halloween HouseHalloween House

A Halloween House is a place where most kids stay away from.Some of the Halloween Houses are seen only during the Halloween season. Today you are going to do a Halloween House decoration. You will click on each of the button below to choose your design.

Halloween House belongs to Enjoy Games
Pet House StoryPet House Story

These cute pets live in a nice house. They like to play and enjoy with one another. Unfortunately, their sweet house was broken suddenly. Help these cute pets to repair their house. They will be happy getting their new house. It’s really full of fun. Enjoy a wonderful time with the pets!

Pet House Story belongs to Girls Games
Make Over HouseMake Over House

Every house is different because of the different personalities of the owner. Today you are going to go through the different stages on the Make Over House. You are going to go to each of the rooms and you will have your makeover. You will follow the instructions on the screen and apply the items.

Make Over House belongs to Girl Games
Dream HouseDream House

Do you have a dream to make a beautiful house? Today, you can make your dream house in this game. Choose your favorite color and paint the house. Use some wonderful doors, windows and others. Decorate the indoor and outsides of the house nicely. You can make a greener environment or others. Let’s start and give a real look of your dream house. Enjoy it!

Dream House belongs to Girls Games
The Ranch HouseThe Ranch House

Ranch is usually the place where farm animals are placed and taken cared of. The residents of the farm house are the owners of the farm animals. In this game your goal is to do The Ranch House spot the difference. You will click on the differences to spot them and complete the game before you lose time.

The Ranch House belongs to Girl Games
Baby In The HouseBaby In The House

Well, we all know that when a baby is coming we should learn to take care of the baby and also prepare the environment. In this game your goal is to do a Baby In The House decoration. You will choose items and arrange them on how you want it to look.

Baby In The House belongs to Girl Games
Super HouseSuper House

Aww! I love this game! It teaches your how to decorate and design your dream house in a miniature version and online. You can print this out after you completed the task. Simply click and drag the furniture´s you see on the lower part of the house. Arrange it and be proud!

Super House belongs to Girl Games
Bed Doll HouseBed Doll House

If you like decorating and you are looking for a way to enjoy your creativity, you should really check out this fun decorating game called Bed Doll House. It will allow you to make all the choices about the looks of this room and do it all you like for as long as you like.

Bed Doll House belongs to Decorating Games, Doll house decorating Games, Doll house Games, Decorating house Games
Cat House ClubCat House Club

Cat House Club is a very interesting game. You start with building the house for the cat. First you choose the shape, then you choose the material, and at the end, you choose the decoration. However, the cat knows what she wants and you will have to do it all over again if you didn´t match what she had in mind!

Cat House Club belongs to Girl Games

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