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Super ManagerSuper Manager

Are you ready to be the next store manager? Here´s your chance to practice! Fill up your stores with products so people can buy. Check the stores with the cameras the surround it. Keep up with the demands and make the customers happy!

Super Manager belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Fun Games, Purchase equipment upgrades Games
Bike Mania On IceBike Mania On Ice

Play as a biker and surmount all obstacles in this challenging game of Bike Mania on Ice. Slippery as it gets, you have to be careful in keeping your pedal smooth and steady. Don´t lose your balance now!

Bike Mania On Ice belongs to Single player Games, Balancing Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Ice Games, Motorcycle Games, Obstacle Games, Series Games
One Mans Doomsday 2One Mans Doomsday 2

One Mans Doomsday 2 is even more interesting and challenging than the first game. Help this little guy overcome all the obstacles on his way and complete the level of this challenge.

One Mans Doomsday 2 belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Series Games, Shoot em up Games, Stick Games, Tank Games
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest FightingPirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest Fighting

Help Jack Sparrow to fight his enemies using his swords. He needs to defeat everyone of them, so he can get the heart of Davy Jones and free himself from the threat of being enslaved by the evil ghost.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest Fighting belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Movie Games, Strategy Games, Sword Games
Rihanna Spa ManicureRihanna Spa Manicure

Rihanna is having a pictorial today with her Hollywood celebrity friends. But wait! Her nails are not done yet and people will notice. You can´t let this happen so help her manicure her nails and choose an accessory for her arms. Only then will she be able to continue her photo shoot.

Rihanna Spa Manicure belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games, Nail styling Games
Hoops ManiaHoops Mania

Practice your shooting skills and coordination with this unique basketball shooting game. Earn as many points as you can within the time limit by controlling each of the three players. Aim at the moving target and take the shot to earn points.

Hoops Mania belongs to Single player Games, Ball Games, Basketball Games, Flash Games, Throwing Games
Flava Manicure GameFlava Manicure Game

Flava can give you some really hip and funky manicure and you get to choose every detail about it! That is the most exciting manicure game ever because you can see the nails getting done in a second.

Flava Manicure Game belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Lucy ManicureLucy Manicure

Lucy wants to get a manicure and she wants you to help her. Help Lucy get her nails done by choosing nail polish colors that would look nice on her and remember to add some nail art designs to make her nails look even more beautiful.

Lucy Manicure belongs to Nail studio Games
Cake Mania onlineCake Mania online

Hooray! Susan finally has her own cake shop. To attract the customers to buy lots of cakes, she needs to create a cozy shop and a tempting display. Help Susan to decorate her shop, so her business will have a wonderful run.

Cake Mania online belongs to Run a company Games
Mane Attraction Pony Dress upMane Attraction Pony Dress up

The show is on the road and you´re about to see the best thing! The Mane Attraction Pony Dress Up! This amazingly white pony is up for you to dress up and decorate. Make this cute animal a one of a kind sight!

Mane Attraction Pony Dress up belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games
Nail Fashion ManicureNail Fashion Manicure

Adding nail art to manicured nails can be a lot of fun! Join the nail art craze and copy the patterns and designs given as fast as you can. Try not to make a mistake or you´ll have to start over. The more designs copied, the higher the score!

Nail Fashion Manicure belongs to Nail studio Games
Frog ManiaFrog Mania

When you click on a frog in this game it will shoot out its tongue out. You need to catch all the dragonflies and make all those frogs catch them with their tongues to have the highest score.

Frog Mania belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Frog Games, Puzzle Games
Stylin Stuff Manicure GameStylin Stuff Manicure Game

Getting a manicure is a lot of fun! Give this girl´s hands a makeover by giving her a manicure. Choose a nail polish color or create your own color and add patterns to it. Add sparkly nail stickers to add beautiful nail art. Create your own or choose from a selection of rings and bracelets to complete the look.

Stylin Stuff Manicure Game belongs to Nail studio Games
Pink Mansion Make OverPink Mansion Make Over

A lot of girls love the color pink and living in a pink mansion is a like a dream come true for most of them. Help this young lady decorate a room in the mansion of her dreams by arranging furniture and other decor items.

Pink Mansion Make Over belongs to Room decoration Games
Summer Manicure StyleSummer Manicure Style

Summer Manicure Style will show you how to make the manicure in any way you want. The manicure styles are pretty important for the summer as they are even more visible and even more interesting. Use all the crazy colors you want as summer lets it happen.

Summer Manicure Style belongs to Make up Games, Make over Games, Nail styling Games
Miranda ManicureMiranda Manicure

Nails are that special and important detail that separates ordinary girls from ladies. In this game, you will be able to choose from many styles and polishes, so start now.

Miranda Manicure belongs to Nail studio Games
Bike ManiaBike Mania

Riding a cross country bike is not an easy thing to do. You cannot only turn the bike on and ride, since it is really important that you ride it well over those obstacles. Try this game and see if you can do it!

Bike Mania belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Motorcycle Games, Obstacle Games, Series Games
Beakins Mango QuestBeakins Mango Quest

The world´s largest mango was just discovered and Beakins wants to get his hands on it. Help Beakins reach the mangoes on the top of the tree. Be careful, there are other animals living in the tree protecting the precious fruit!

Beakins Mango Quest belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Animal Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games, Fruit Games, Fun Games, Funny Games
F1 ManagerF1 Manager

Dress up your fairy in modern clothes or in the traditional fairy costume. Aside from their powers, Fairies are known for being beautiful so you’ve got to produce a fairy that is fashionable and pretty.

F1 Manager belongs to Mmo Games

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