Slap cup drinking game

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Slap cup drinking game


Slap the NerdSlap the Nerd

Nerds can be annoying when they know all the answers to the teacher´s questions! They seem like they know everything! Here´s your chance to get back at them. Play Slap the Nerd! But don´t slap the cool kids.

Slap the Nerd belongs to Single player Games, Beat em up Games, Flash Games, School Games
Slap The BunnySlap The Bunny

Bunnies are white and cute little creatures. They are very energetic and you see them as a cute gentle creatures but you learn just by spying on them that they are the one´s responsible in eating and stealing all the carrots in the garden. Your goal is to hit them whenever they try to peek at their burrows.

Slap The Bunny belongs to Management Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Yeti Sports Part 2 Orca SlapYeti Sports Part 2 Orca Slap

This is a game for all those who believe in Yeti, especially in a virtual one who loves playing sports with orcas and penguins. Have fun playing with the big Yeti in this game.

Yeti Sports Part 2 Orca Slap belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Penguin Games, Series Games, Throwing Games

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