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My First DateMy First Date

Your first date is very memorable and you need to prepare. In this game your goal is to do a My First Date dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will double click the buttons and you will choose your items.

My First Date belongs to Girl Games

When you are going out on a date you want to look amazing and you want your date to enjoy your appearance. In this game, you have to dress up this lovely couple who are getting ready for their date.

Date belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Love Games, Couple Games
The First DateThe First Date

Every relationship starts with the first date and it takes guts to take the first step and that is asking her out. Today is the scheduled first date and you must dress to impress and be yourself. You are going to help them dress their best by choosing their hairstyle, make up, clothes and shoes.

The First Date belongs to Enjoy Games
First DateFirst Date

Is there anything more important for a first date than the first impression that you make? In this game, you get to make sure this girl makes the right first impression by dressing her up!

First Date belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Romance Games
Swing DateSwing Date

This boy and this girl have known each other all their life. They used to play on these swings when they were little kids, but now the times have changed. They are much older and they have some special feelings for each other. Dress them up for their date on the swing.

Swing Date belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up boys Games, Couple Games, Couple dress up Games, Dress up Games
My Fabulous First DateMy Fabulous First Date

Every girl gets excited when she needs to go on her first date with a boy that she really likes. This is the same situation, but the boy is not expecting her to go through the entire makeover and look amazing and better than ever. Let´s surprise him in this fun game.

My Fabulous First Date belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Valentine's DateValentine's Date

Valentine´s Date is the most important date in a year for every couple. That is when they really want to do something special and to look really cool. This couple does their best to be beautiful but they could use some of your help. Dress them nicely for this holiday.

Valentine's Date belongs to Dress up Games, Valentine Games, Valentines Games
Back2back DateBack2back Date

A very romantic way to spend your date is to lean your back on your date´s back and just listen to each other and what you both have to say. The most romantic words will come out once you don´t look each other directly. However, some nice dressing up is not a bad idea, so dress up this couple.

Back2back Date belongs to Girl Games
Date The DrummerDate The Drummer

Date the Drummer is just what this gorgeous lead singer girl is trying to do. She will stun him with her voice and energy, but she still needs a great outfit for him to really think about her more than just friend. Help her look her best.

Date The Drummer belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games, Daffy duck Games
Preparation For My DatePreparation For My Date

This girl has finally got what she wanted. She wanted a date with the guy that she really, really likes. This time, she needs to get totally ready and totally well prepared. Your task is to make her look amazing. Play preparation for my date and help this girl with the heart of her boy.

Preparation For My Date belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Halloween DateHalloween Date

This girl loves this year´s Halloween for two reasons. The first is, she loves dressing up in costumes, and the second is, she has a date! That is double the reason to make her look astonishing in this fantastic Halloween dress up game. Enjoy it right now!

Halloween Date belongs to Dress up Games
First Date DressupFirst Date Dressup

Can you remember the rush that you felt when you were asked out on a first date? This girl is having that situation right now, so you need to make sure that you will dress her up perfectly and make her date successful and a big hit. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a big love.

First Date Dressup belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
First Date KissingFirst Date Kissing

These two are on their first date. It turns out that they were both smitten with their love for each other and that they are really happy about it. The simply cannot help themselves but kiss all the time. You need to help them to watch out as they are being looked at!

First Date Kissing belongs to Kissing Games, Kissing Games
First Date MakeoverFirst Date Makeover

Laura is triumph prepared for her first escort and she earnestly requirements your link. She has to look professional for the picturesque boy who asked her out, so earlier whatsoever as well she is heading for lack of food a sleeve attention. Next you may well induce her up and top quality whatever thing trendy and sentimental for her to garments. Particular a extensive time!

First Date Makeover belongs to Makeover Games
Date With JustinDate With Justin

This game is a real dream come true for most of the girls out there. This is your chance to prepare for a dream date with Justin Bieber. Make sure it´s all perfect for Justin!

Date With Justin belongs to Girl Games
Coffee DateCoffee Date

It´s uncomfortable being on a date and having people spy on you. Help these two lovebirds steal a kiss without getting caught by nosy waiters and the other customers at the coffee shop. Be their eyes and ears and alert them when someone´s looking.

Coffee Date belongs to Kissing Games, Couple Games, Love Games, Valentine Games, Skill Games
7 Dates: Second Date7 Dates: Second Date

Fabulous Travel Girl Makeover is perfect for those girls who know that traveling is very important and that you need to leave a good first impression on your travels. This game allows you to do it, so check it out and dress up this girl so that she leaves a flawless first impression for the people she meets on her travels.

7 Dates: Second Date belongs to
Monsters DateMonsters Date

Kids from the Monster High may be different from the others in many ways, but in one way they are just regular teenagers. And that is love and dating. In this game, you get to make these kids ready or their dates in their recognizable style.

Monsters Date belongs to Dress up Games, Monsters Games, Dress up Games, Monster high Games
Cinderella's First DateCinderella's First Date

Cinderella has been asked out on a date and Prince Charming will be arriving in a few hours. Today we are going to have the perfect opportunity to help Cinderella prepare for her First Date. You are going to apply all the available items and make sure she looks stunning.

Cinderella's First Date belongs to Girls Games
Royal Date 2Royal Date 2

This beautiful princess is going to date with her lovely boyfriend. Help this cute couple to get ready for their dating. Give them a perfect makeover. Choose a nice dress for them. Dress them up nicely and add other beauty accessories. They both will be looking gorgeous. Have a great fun!

Royal Date 2 belongs to Enjoy Games
Cinderella's DateCinderella's Date

Cinderella´s story is one of a kind because she was a rich girl with a pure heart. Because of her kindness she was taken advantaged of by her step mother and step sisters. Today you are going to help the preparation for Cinderella´s Date. Click on the buttons to select her look.

Cinderella's Date belongs to Enjoy Games
Royal DateRoyal Date

In the early times, only Royals can marry another Royal. They are not allowed to mingle and have a relationship with a non-royal family. Today you are going to do a Royal Date dress up. You are going to click on the icons and choose the right outfit for their date.

Royal Date belongs to Enjoy Games
Late For My DateLate For My Date

Hey pretty girls; have you ever been late for your date? Yes, so many times, but how can you manage your time? Actually, you do so many things like facial, manicure, pedicure, makeover, and other time killing activities. But, how can you complete everything on time and never been late for your date? Well, just play and discover!

Late For My Date belongs to Makeover Games
Date After SchoolDate After School

Sam and Dan is on the getting to know each other stage. They have known each other for a week now and they both are interested. In this game your goal is to do a Date After School dress up for the both of them. You will have to click on the arrows while choosing the perfect outfit for their date.

Date After School belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up boys Games, Couple dress up Games, Dress up Games
Dinner DateDinner Date

Although Valentine´s day is over there are some couples who wants to have a Romantic Dinner Date at your restaurant. In this game your goal is to serve these couple with a warm reception and a smile. You need to give them the menu wait for the order and get the food on the table to serve.

Dinner Date belongs to Food Games, Food serving Games
My First Date StoriesMy First Date Stories

Ever since I watched the fairy tales I wondered when would I finally get to meet my Prince Charming. In this game your goal is to hep me get ready for My First Date and wait for my Stories later. You will simply click on the buttons around to start dressing her up.

My First Date Stories belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Fall DateFall Date

There will come a time wherein you will get to meet someone who will sweep you off your feet and be there for you every time you need them and accompany you. In this game Vicky has been seeing Tony for a while now. Your goal is to dress them up for their date this coming fall.

Fall Date belongs to Girl Games
Monster DateMonster Date

Monster kids also fall in love and also want to go out on dates. Naturally, they want to be beautiful for those dates as well. In this game, you will make a monster date even more exciting and wonderful by dressing the couple up in this fun dating game.

Monster Date belongs to Dress up Games
Perfect First DatePerfect First Date

For the perfect first date, both boy and girl have to be perfectly dressed up. Make sure that they are a perfect match in every way, including fashion! Play with them now.

Perfect First Date belongs to Dating Games, Dress up Games
Date DashDate Dash

Ellie, Magda and Nadine need to get prepared for their dates. This is where they need your help. Make them collect enough stuff that they need as well as those lovely hearts.

Date Dash belongs to Action Games, Adventure Games, Love Games
Date Dress upDate Dress up

This young lady just got asked out on a date and she needs some help getting ready. Choose from the clothes in her closet and dress her up in the cutest outfits. Don´t forget to add accessories to complete the look!

Date Dress up belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Modern DateModern Date

Modern date is nothing if the boy and the girl aren´t dressed up properly. Therefore, make sure this couple has a really nice date by making them look cool and trendy.

Modern Date belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Girl Games

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