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Silver WeddingSilver Wedding

The Silver Wedding is coming up this weekend. The couple has requested that you will abide with their wishes. In this game your goal is to do a Silver Wedding dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Silver Wedding belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Wedding Games
Silver Glitter Dress UpSilver Glitter Dress Up

Silver Glitter Dress Up is a dress up game that is based on the fact that a girl can never have enough glitter on! Make all the combinations and combine black and silver details to gain that cool and sophisticated look.

Silver Glitter Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Silver And Gold Glamorous Dress UpSilver And Gold Glamorous Dress Up

When you think about the luxury, gold and silver are two things that come to your mind. This dress up game will put your elegant styling to the test as gold and silver are the theme of this outfit.

Silver And Gold Glamorous Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Silver and gold glamorous dress up Games, Gowns dress up Games, Glamorous gowns dress up Games, Gameland4girls Games, Gg4u Games
Spa ShopSpa Shop

Sami is the owner of a famous spa. Because she always gives satisfying treatments, Sami has more and more customers. Therefore, she needs extra hands to do the job, and she hires you. To keep up Sami´s reputation, you need to work fast and do exactly what the customers want you to do.

Spa Shop belongs to Cooking Games, Waitress Games, Job Games

Ever dreamed of having your own shop in a huge mall? Then check out this fun game! Shop will let you design your own mall and make sure that everything is in order to entice more customers and loyal patrons. Shop till you drop!

Shop belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Shopping Games, House Games
Toy ShopToy Shop

Toy shop is full of interesting and lovely toys. That is why it is so hard to find hidden objects because you look at all those toys all the time. That is why you need to use your sharp vision and find those hidden things.

Toy Shop belongs to Dress up Games
Pet ShopPet Shop

Ever since I was a child I am a pet lover. I always have a pet in tow and a lot of care and affection are focused on them. In this game your goal is to manage the newly opened Pet Shop. You must keep the pets happy, clean and satisfied so their owners will let them return for your care.

Pet Shop belongs to Girl Games
U.F.O. ShopU.F.O. Shop

Everybody in this neighborhood loves the U.F.O. instant noodles! Give your customers what they want by serving them a piping hot bowl of instant noodle soup! Boil water in a kettle and serve the customers at the counter. Be quick, or else they will get impatient and leave!

U.F.O. Shop belongs to Run a company Games
The Toy ShopThe Toy Shop

It´s the holiday season. Lots of parents want to give their beloved children wonderful toys. As a famous toy maker in town, you have received tons of orders. You have to create those toys precisely and fast, or you will have a lot of angry parents in your shop.

The Toy Shop belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Kids Games, Puzzle Games
Ski ShopSki Shop

Ski shop is the place where all the lovers and ans of this great and challenging sport come to buy their good. Make sure you meet every need they have in this fun game.

Ski Shop belongs to Skill Games, Job Games, Shopping Games, Winter Games
U F O ShopU F O Shop

UFO ramen noodles have certainly become everybody´s favorite food. Peope are lining in your store, buying these yummy noodles. You need to serve these people by pouring some hot water into the cup, so they can directly eat the noodles. Do it quickly, or they will be hungry and angry.

U F O Shop belongs to Single player Games, Cooking Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Food serving Games, Role playing Games
Icecream ShopIcecream Shop

Ice cream shop is always a busy place because everybody loves ice cream. In order to run the shop you have to provide the best ice cream and the best service.

Icecream Shop belongs to Management Games, Ice cream Games, Waitress Games, Restaurant Games, Shop Games
Candy ShopCandy Shop

Luigi has opened up a new candy and ice cream parlor. Since most of his customers are fussy children, he really needs your help to run his business. Help him to serve those little impatient customers by mixing the ingredients fast, so they can get what they want before they start to cry and leave in anger.

Candy Shop belongs to Cooking Games
Pizza ShopPizza Shop

Pizza Shop is a game that will test your abilities to run a pizza place. Pizza needs to be ready and customers need to be served in order for you to win!

Pizza Shop belongs to Cooking Games, Management Games, Food Games, Pizza Games, Time management Games, Pizza Games
Shop Empire 2Shop Empire 2

Create your own retail empire around the world with this fun new simulation game. Build stores, booths and fast food joints and watch the customers flock to your retail stores. Make sure you know what your customers want so that your stores will make money.

Shop Empire 2 belongs to Girl Games
Sue Ice Cream ShopSue Ice Cream Shop

Hoarfrost salve is no longer tidy up of summer, for the period of the year, could swig to delightful hoarfrost salve, ha ha, in take legal action o hoarfrost salve store, dowry are all kinds of flavors of hoarfrost salve could as a consequence goes with all kinds of fruit, rasp and auburn ~

Sue Ice Cream Shop belongs to
BFF #Shop My ClosetBFF #Shop My Closet

Having a BFF with the same style, interests and thinking are everyone´s dream. In this game you are going to be doing a BFF #Shop My Closet game. You will choose each of their hair, make up and their outfits that would compliment each other´s looks and styles.

BFF #Shop My Closet belongs to
Hello Kitty ShopHello Kitty Shop

Hello Kitty is a popular icon. She is originally from japan and was created by Yuko Shimizu. A variety of products has been made for Hello Kitty ranging from school supplies to fashion accessories down to high end consumer products. Your goal is to find the match the tiles to make them disappear and get higher points.

Hello Kitty Shop belongs to Fun Games, Memory Games, Hello kitty Games
Sewing ShopSewing Shop

Every woman needs to learn how to sew because it can help you in your everyday life especially when fixing a broken item that needs stitches. Today we are going to have the opportunity to volunteer at a Sewing Shop. You are going to do some upgrade and selling. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Sewing Shop belongs to Girls Games
Joy S Flower ShopJoy S Flower Shop

This wonderful girl, Joy has opened a flower shop recently. She needs someone’s help to manage her flower shop. Help this beautiful girl and make her shop popular. Follow the instructions and make the flower arrangements. Deliver the flowers to the customers and make them satisfied. Have a great fun!

Joy S Flower Shop belongs to Management Games
Cake Shop 3Cake Shop 3

One day I will build my own Cake Shop and the whole world will love each and every one of my creations. Today you are going to help that goal by assisting me in running the Cake Shop. You will get the customers order, arrange it quickly and serve it to get paid.

Cake Shop 3 belongs to
Pinkie Pie At The ShopPinkie Pie At The Shop

Pinkie Pi is the nickname for Pinkamena Diane Pie. She is a pink female earth pony. Today you are going to be assisting Pinkie Pie At The Shop. You will help her memorize the orders and create them in order to serve the first customer who entered the shop to keep them happy.

Pinkie Pie At The Shop belongs to
Audrey's Toy ShopAudrey's Toy Shop

Audrey has been following her father´s foot steps in creating valuable and wonderful toys for the next generation. She make sure its with top quality and she is having fun in the process. You are going to be helping out in Audrey´s Toy Shop. You will need to choose between the common, rare or epic ones and take your chance.

Audrey's Toy Shop belongs to
Jessie's Pet ShopJessie's Pet Shop

Jessie is a very kind-hearted young lady who loves spending time with animals and she thinks she understands their behavior. Today you are going to run the budding Jessie´s Pet Shop and help her grow. You are going to buy some pet traits within the allowed budget then you will create your first pet.

Jessie's Pet Shop belongs to
The Little Pet Shop In The WoodsThe Little Pet Shop In The Woods

Snow White has the affinity for animals. She can understand them and they love that they can trust her. Today you are going to help Snow white run The Little Pet Shop In The Woods. You will be buying common, rare or epic pet traits using your budget and see which cute animal would be available on The Little Pet Shop In The Woods.

The Little Pet Shop In The Woods belongs to
Print ShopPrint Shop

Do you like printing? Today, it´s your duty to manage the print shop. Take the challenge and impress all of the customers. Print their favorite items by using various colors. Show your best printing skills and make the print shop a famous one. Have a great fun!

Print Shop belongs to Girl Games
Hotdog ShopHotdog Shop

Hotdogs are very popular snack especially in the US where they are selling it on food stands or even the vendor is walking on the stadium. Today you are going to be managing a Hotdog Shop. You are going to serve these hungry customers with their favorite hotdog.

Hotdog Shop belongs to Cooking Games

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