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Magic ChangeMagic Change

Use your magical skills and mix up potions for the wicked witch. After every of your potions and spells are done, she will taste them and turn into something. See what you can do with the help of a little magic.

Magic Change belongs to Magic Games, Witch Games
Change My StyleChange My Style

Roxanne is going on a blind date. She needs to get a fashion help because this boy she is going to meet has a different fashion taste from her. If she wears the wrong kind of clothing, the boy might see her from distance, then decide to leave. She doesn´t want to go through that kind of embarrassing situation. Can you help Roxanne?

Change My Style belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Makeover Games
Baby Diaper ChangeBaby Diaper Change

Baby Diaper Change makes you realize that even the smelly and stinky diaper change is fun when you make it a game. So, play Baby Diaper Change and clean up the little mess this cute and adorable baby has made. Enjoy taking care of this baby.

Baby Diaper Change belongs to Baby caring Games, Baby barbie Games, Baby care Games
BabyLulu Diaper ChangeBabyLulu Diaper Change

Oh no! Baby Lulu´s diaper is full and soiled. She needs to have a diaper change quick! But the problem is the items are scattered all over the room and needs to be gathered. In this game collect all 11 items and drag them into the box. Be quick before Baby Lulu cries.

BabyLulu Diaper Change belongs to Dress up Games
Baby Lulu Diaper ChangeBaby Lulu Diaper Change

Baby Lulu is one messy and happy baby. Her mom is very busy that´s why she left Baby Lulu in to your care for today. In this game there are 11 items scattered all over the room that needs to be collected in order to do a diaper change. Click and drag the items to complete.

Baby Lulu Diaper Change belongs to Baby Games, Baby caring Games, Baby Games, Baby care Games, Baby feeding Games
Baby Polly Diaper ChangeBaby Polly Diaper Change

Diaper changing is a daunted task for the first time fathers. They are nervous and irked by the task. In this game your goal is to do a Baby Polly Diaper Change. You must change her diapers quickly and you must play with her to keep the happiness bar full.

Baby Polly Diaper Change belongs to Baby Games, Baby caring Games, Baby dress up Games, Baby care Games, Baby feeding Games
Elsa Change To Cat Queen WeddingElsa Change To Cat Queen Wedding

Today is the wedding ceremony of the cute princess Elsa. She wants to get the cat queen look in her wedding ceremony. Help this beautiful princess to get her favorite look. Choose nice cat’s eyes, tails, ear and other accessories for her. Dress her up nicely and add all of the cat style things. She will look like a cat queen. Enjoy it!

Elsa Change To Cat Queen Wedding belongs to Girls Games
Monster Baby Diaper ChangeMonster Baby Diaper Change

Monsters are not scary at all! Baby Monster needs help with her diapers. In this game you will need to be the baby sitter of Baby Monster and change her diapers. Just follow the instructions stated on the screen and your good to go. Also note that there is a happiness meter on the bar. Once it becomes empty you lose the game. Good luck!

Monster Baby Diaper Change belongs to Baby Games, Baby caring Games, Baby Games, Baby care Games, Baby nursery Games
Sarah At DentistSarah At Dentist

Sarah is one of the students who are afraid to go to the dentist but today she made a promise to herself to go get herself checked and cleaned up. In this game your goal is to let Sarah go to the Dentist. You will simply use the tools for a specific problem.

Sarah At Dentist belongs to Skill Games
Sarah With Her Pet Dress UpSarah With Her Pet Dress Up

Sarah is always happy whenever she is with her pet Alfie. Today they came from playing the whole day at the park and they need some cleaning. In this game your goal is to do a Sarah With Her Pet Dress Up. You must first clean them up and do some foot care before dressing up.

Sarah With Her Pet Dress Up belongs to Caring Games, Caring Games, Caring Games
Sarah MakeoverSarah Makeover

Sarah Makeover is a game in which your task is to make Sarah look amazing. She needs to shine and look her best in this fun and interesting game. Make sure that happens and make sure she really looks wonderful. That is your responsibility. Can you do it?

Sarah Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Sleeping Sarah Make Her More FunSleeping Sarah Make Her More Fun

Today Sarah´s little brother is going to sleep in her room because of the renovations. In this game your goal is to do a Sleeping Sarah Make Her More Fun decoration. First you will help Sarah get ready to sleep then when she´s sound asleep her little brother decorates on her face.

Sleeping Sarah Make Her More Fun belongs to Fun Games
Clean Sarah's RoomClean Sarah's Room

Sarah is really a good girl and always loves to keep her room clean. But today, her bedroom is in a mess and it’s shocking that her mom will return home any time from her office. Could you please help Sarah to clean her room up before her mom’s return? Hurry up! Follow the simple steps and enjoy the game. Good luck!

Clean Sarah's Room belongs to Girl Games
Sarah's Fashion Design ChallengeSarah's Fashion Design Challenge

Sarah´s dream is to become a top model or even a fashion designer. She is thrilled whenever she walks down the catwalk and she loves to see her designs worn by other models. You will help Sarah create many outfits by cutting, sewing and adding glue to the fabric to form a look.

Sarah's Fashion Design Challenge belongs to Skill Games
Sarah's Cooking Class Cake BallsSarah's Cooking Class Cake Balls

Today, the beautiful princess Sarah wants to take a cooking class. Help this cute princess to complete her class. Collect all of the necessary ingredients. Follow the instructions carefully and do step by step. After making the delicious and yummy dishes, decorate it nicely. Sarah will be grateful to you. Have fun!

Sarah's Cooking Class Cake Balls belongs to Girls Games

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