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Improve AppearanceImprove Appearance

Makeovers can transform a simple girl into a dazzling diva, or it can bring out someone´s inner beauty. Try giving this cute girl a makeover and see what happens when you apply a little bit of makeup.

Improve Appearance belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Girl Games
Bad AppleBad Apple

Apples make for a delicious snack, but be careful! There are bad apples in the bunch. Eat your way through all the good apples while avoiding the bad ones. The number that comes out after you eat an apple tells you how many bad apples are adjacent to it.

Bad Apple belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Puzzle Games
Apple HuntApple Hunt

Apple Hunt is a really exciting adventure. You need to make sure that you collect all the apples that you can find and help this girl earn those points for each apple hunted down.

Apple Hunt belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fruit Games, Throwing Games
Apple Bundt CakeApple Bundt Cake

Do you remember the apple bundt cake that nana always makes? Make nana proud by making one yourself. Mix ingredients, slice, beat the eggs, and do the instructions as given by the arrows. Once done, you can proudly show your finished work to nana so she will be happy.

Apple Bundt Cake belongs to Girl games Games
The Apprentice Los Angeles Demo VersionThe Apprentice Los Angeles Demo Version

Everyone know´s Donald Trump´s classic line "You´re fired!" Experience being an apprentice for yourself. Complete all the tasks successfully to be hired as Trump´s apprentice. Be quick, though, or else Mr. Trump will fire you.

The Apprentice Los Angeles Demo Version belongs to Single player Games, Advergames Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Food serving Games
The ApprenticeThe Apprentice

You all know the famous Apprentice show and this time it is in form of a game. Prove that you are a successful businessman by running Diary Queen and make some profit!

The Apprentice belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Food serving Games, Mouse skill Games
Escape the AppartmentEscape the Appartment

When you think about it, leaving a simple apartment should be easy. However, in this case, it is more of an adventure. Make your strategy to escape this place and do it fast!

Escape the Appartment belongs to Escape Games
Hello Kitty Apples And Banana CupcakesHello Kitty Apples And Banana Cupcakes

When you think about Hello Kitty, you cannot help but think about that sweet and cute kitty. More sweet things are cupcakes. In this game, combine these two sweet things and make the Hello Kitty Apples and Banana Cupcakes. This is just a perfect combination.

Hello Kitty Apples And Banana Cupcakes belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Cookies Games, Cookies cooking Games, Cook Games
The Apprentice IcecreamerThe Apprentice Icecreamer

Your grandpa wants to pass his ice cream empire to one of his grandchildren. To decide which grandchild will inherit it, everyone must be an apprentice in his business. He wants to see how good everyone is in handling the customers. Now, you have to prove that you are the one that deserve his legacy. Fulfill each goal your grandpa gives you, and the empire is yours!

The Apprentice Icecreamer belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Ice cream Games, Cooking Games
Hot Apple MuffinsHot Apple Muffins

Hot Apple Muffins! Make a batch of these delightful muffins for your friends and family. Easy step by step instructions will guide you to making your own perfectly baked hot apple muffins. Everyone will love it, that´s for sure!

Hot Apple Muffins belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Food Games
Get Ready For AppointmentGet Ready For Appointment

Leaving the right first impression on the appointment is really important. This girl has one today and you need to get her ready and make her look her best. You have tons of things at your disposal, so start right now.

Get Ready For Appointment belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Teen Games
Apple CakeApple Cake

Apple cake is not really that hard to make. It is also very fun when you do it in company. Therefore, you need to try this game out and find the best way to make apple cake in real life as well.

Apple Cake belongs to Cooking Games, Food Games
Apple Coffee CakeApple Coffee Cake

Apple Coffee cake really sounds like a delicious cake. And it really is! In this game, you will find a real recipe for this cake and all the instructions how to make it!

Apple Coffee Cake belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Cake Games
Apple JamApple Jam

Apple Jam is a delectable treat. You can spread it on toast, pancakes, waffles, and many many more! You can even use it in cakes, creams, and pies! Make your own in this game of Apple Jam! Cook your best jam ever!

Apple Jam belongs to Cooking Games
American Apple PieAmerican Apple Pie

American apple pie is the national dish that we all know. You can imagine it getting cold on a window, spreading the sweet smell through the neighborhood. Make it today in this game!

American Apple Pie belongs to Meals Games, Baking Games, Cake Games, Cooking Games
Apple Pie Cooking GameApple Pie Cooking Game

Apple pie is loved by anyone. It is so sweet and tasty, making your heart warm after having a slice of it. Let´s learn how to make this heavenly treat here in this game. Later you don´t need to wait for your grandmother to make this yummy pie for you.

Apple Pie Cooking Game belongs to Meals Games, Cake Games, Baking Games
Horse Care ApprenticeshipHorse Care Apprenticeship

Horses are magnificent animals but domestic horses mean that a lot of work has to done to take care of them. This is your chance to learn what it means to have horses.

Horse Care Apprenticeship belongs to Management Games, Horse care apprenticeship Games, Horse care Games, Animal care Games, Management Games, Gamescelebrity Games, Gg4u Games
Apple Sauce DoughnutsApple Sauce Doughnuts

Looking for a tasty snack? Go ahead and make yummy Apple Sauce Doughnuts! Follow the simple instructions carefully and learn how to make this delightful treat everyone will surely love.

Apple Sauce Doughnuts belongs to Cooking Games, Kids Games, Kids cooking Games
Applesauce DonutsApplesauce Donuts

Let´s make delicious Applesauce Doughnuts for an afternoon snack! Follow the simple step by step instructions to create the perfect Applesauce Doughnuts. Mix the ingredients together, cook the doughnuts and glaze them. Yummy!

Applesauce Donuts belongs to Food Games, Meals Games, Cooking Games, Restaurant Games
Grandmas Apple Butter Cooking GameGrandmas Apple Butter Cooking Game

Nothing beats Grandma´s Apple Butter! Try recreating her recipe in this fun and exciting new cooking game! Gather all the ingredients and equipment you need and follow the instructions to prepare Grandma´s delicious Apple Butter. If you can do everything before the timer runs out, you get bonus points. The faster you work, the more bonus points you earn!

Grandmas Apple Butter Cooking Game belongs to Dress up Games, Teen Games
Big Apple WeddingBig Apple Wedding

Those weddings in nature are all nice and cute but they are not for everybody. When you are a city girl like this one, you need to make sure that your wedding is just perfect in the center of New York. Can you make that happen?

Big Apple Wedding belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Theme dress up Games, Bride Games, Game for girls Games
Big Apple PieBig Apple Pie

Who doesn´t love a hot slice of apple pie? Try your hand at creating this classic dish. Prepare the ingredients needed and follow the simple instructions to make the perfect apple pie. Yummy!

Big Apple Pie belongs to Cooking Games, Big apple pie Games, Cooking apple pie Games, Cooking pie Games, Cooking Games, Microcookinggame Games, Gg4u Games
Doli Apple PickingDoli Apple Picking

Practice your keen eye and spot the good fruits and the bad fruits. You have the basket for each, so sort them all out and do it in the fastest possible way!

Doli Apple Picking belongs to Skill Games, Doli apple picking Games, Collecting Games, Skill Games, Skills Games, Animal Games, Dolidoli Games, Gg4u Games
Apple Pie DecoApple Pie Deco

Barbie is going to have a romantic candlelight dinner with Ken in her place. For the dessert, she has baked Ken´s favorite apple pie. Now, you need to help her to make the apple pie look pretty by decorating it.

Apple Pie Deco belongs to Cooking Games

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