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Fashion RivalsFashion Rivals

These two girls are the fashion rivals. They both look trendy and chic, but they both want to be better than the other one. Therefore, play Fashion Rivals and try to decide which one of them do you like better and why. It will be fun for you and for them!

Fashion Rivals belongs to School Games, Skill Games, School Games
Frozen Fashion RivalsFrozen Fashion Rivals

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are two lovable siblings. In this game your goal is to do a Frozen Fashion Rivals. You must choose an appropriate outfit for the categories: ballroom outfit, riding outfit, coronation outfit, anniversary outfit and wedding outfit. You will follow the instructions on the screen and use the mouse.

Frozen Fashion Rivals belongs to Skill Games
Frozen Design RivalsFrozen Design Rivals

Anna and Elsa is the two beautiful princesses of frozen kingdom. They are going to participate in a fashion show. Both of them are very expert designer. Help them to design the nice one. Choose the most attractive design and color. Enjoy who will win the first prize. Have a fun!

Frozen Design Rivals belongs to Skill Games
Rapunzel Design RivalsRapunzel Design Rivals

Rapunzel is a very hands on type of girl. She loves doing everything by hand because it is more personal. Today you are going to be assisting Rapunzel in competing with her Design Rivals. You will create a ball outfit, a ball outfit and lastly but the most important one is the wedding outfit.

Rapunzel Design Rivals belongs to Girls Games
Elsa And Anna: Fashion RivalsElsa And Anna: Fashion Rivals

Elsa and Anna are two sisters who are very close to each other. They love each other dearly and everything is in their favor. Today you are going to be witnessing Elsa And Anna: Fashion Rivals. You will have fun in choosing what look would be perfect for the sisters.

Elsa And Anna: Fashion Rivals belongs to Girls Games
Elsa And Ariel Love RivalsElsa And Ariel Love Rivals

Elsa and Ariel are two beautiful princesses who are keeping an eye on one of the eligible bachelor. Today you are going to be helping them out and do a Elsa And Ariel Love Rivals game. You are going to dress them up for the first meeting then you can see who won the Prince heart.

Elsa And Ariel Love Rivals belongs to Dress up Games
Cindy And Ellie Teen RivalryCindy And Ellie Teen Rivalry

Cindy And Ellie are the two most popular teens in their school and both have a following that is looking at their every move. Today you are going to help solve Cindy And Ellie Teen Rivalry. You will give them the chance to reveal themselves in the cleaning and styling challenge.

Cindy And Ellie Teen Rivalry belongs to Skill Games
Snow White Modern Design RivalsSnow White Modern Design Rivals

Snow White was always staying at home for her safety and doing household chores for the Seven Dwarfs. Today she decided to try her interest in designing. You will be helping out Snow White in creating her Modern Designs. You will create one look for Back to school, Homecoming and Prom night.

Snow White Modern Design Rivals belongs to Enjoy Games
Elsa And Rapunzel Snapchat RivalsElsa And Rapunzel Snapchat Rivals

Elsa And Rapunzel are two friends who loves some healthy competition between them. Today you are going to be witnessing a Elsa And Rapunzel Snapchat Rivals competition. You are going to do the 6 tasks on your list to have the best summer ever. Follow the step by step instruction on the screen.

Elsa And Rapunzel Snapchat Rivals belongs to Enjoy Games
Ever After High Modern RivalryEver After High Modern Rivalry

In Ever After High there are many kids who are very popular because of their family backgrounds and their own beauty as well. Today you are going to work out on the Ever After High Modern Rivalry. You will be decorating the classroom then proceed to modern dress up.

Ever After High Modern Rivalry belongs to Enjoy Games
Princesses Instagram RivalsPrincesses Instagram Rivals

The use of different social media sites are rampant nowadays. Today you are going to be working on the Princesses Instagram Rivals. You will be joining them by choosing a fun activity and the most comfortable outfit for their fun day without Barbie. Take a picture, post it in Instagram and don´t forget to have fun!

Princesses Instagram Rivals belongs to Girl Games
Princess Fashion: Blogger RivalsPrincess Fashion: Blogger Rivals

Being a blogger means your fashion, style and experiences are shared and shown on the internet. Today you are going to do a Princess Fashion task for the Blogger Rivals. There are 3 themes and each one you will get to decide how our blogger would look.

Princess Fashion: Blogger Rivals belongs to Makeover Games
Elsa Bridesmaids RivalsElsa Bridesmaids Rivals

Barbie and Elsa are two beautiful and talented young ladies who are competing to gain the title of the best Bridesmaid. Today you are going to play the Bridesmaids Rivals. You will choose the bridesmaid dress, the gift of box of flowers for Anna and then choose the items for her wishlist.

Elsa Bridesmaids Rivals belongs to Enjoy Games
Ever After High Fashion RivalsEver After High Fashion Rivals

Apple White and Raven Queen are the top two rivals when it comes to fashion in Ever After High. Today you are going to settle the score once and for all in the Ever After High Fashion Rivals challenge. You are going to be the naughty one and sabotage Apple´s closet while she is not looking.

Ever After High Fashion Rivals belongs to Enjoy Games
Princesses Fashion RivalsPrincesses Fashion Rivals

There are many things in the fashion industry that makes people want to express themselves even if you are of Royal blood. Today you are going to be helping out these Princesses as Fashion Rivals and making sure to dress them up and do their make up perfectly.

Princesses Fashion Rivals belongs to Girls Games
Halloween Couples RivalsHalloween Couples Rivals

Elsa and Jack will be attending this year´s Halloween party with Ariel and Eric. Today you are going be doing a Halloween Couples Rivals dress up. You will dress them all up and make sure to have them stand out with their fabulous Halloween costumes. Click, drag and buy the items from the shop. Have fun!

Halloween Couples Rivals belongs to Girls Games
Princesses Best #RivalsPrincesses Best #Rivals

These Princesses love to challenge each other on everything and this time they have their eyes set on one Prince and they are head to head in getting him to notice them. In this game you are going to do the Princesses Best #Rivals challenge. You will choose how each of them would present themselves and would get noticed.

Princesses Best #Rivals belongs to

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