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Lady PirateLady Pirate

A Pirate is usually portrayed by a man who have long beard, nautical or black clothing, and of course Pirates have a hat especially the Captain. Today you are going to do a Lady Pirate dress up. You will click on the icons shown on the left side of the screen and stop until you have chosen the item for her to wear.

Lady Pirate belongs to Girl Games
Pirate LolitaPirate Lolita

We all know that Lolita is a young girl who is very attractive looking so innocent and so amazing. In this game, you will see that she can also be fierce at the same time. When you do, your task will be to dress her up properly and make sure that she looks lovely and brave.

Pirate Lolita belongs to Dressup Games
Pirate BubblesPirate Bubbles

The pirate needs to fend off the bubbles and keep them from reaching the ground. Help the pirate by shooting colored bubbles from a canon towards the bubbles coming down from the top of the screen. Try to hit clusters of bubbles with the same color to remove them from the board. Remove as many clusters as you can before the bubbles touch the ground.

Pirate Bubbles belongs to Girls Games
Pirate DressupPirate Dressup

Pirate Dressup is the game for all those girls who like pirates just like their boy friends, but for all the other reasons. Instead of thefts and fights, this game is about pirate fashion. Dress up this amazing girl and make her look really cool.

Pirate Dressup belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Gothic PirateGothic Pirate

Gothic Pirate is a game in which you get to play dressing up with the amazing pirate princess. She has all the characteristics of a real pirate but she also has the features of the real lady. Add a little bit of Gothic charm into the combination and play it all!

Gothic Pirate belongs to Dress up Games
Pirate HoneymoonPirate Honeymoon

Pirate Honeymoon will show you the true fashion adventure. Not only will you be able to dress up a pirate couple, but you are about to choose their look on their honeymoon. Make it romantic but make it cool as well. They are pirates, after all.

Pirate Honeymoon belongs to Dress up Games
Zombie PirateZombie Pirate

Our zombie pirate friend is out on the sea. However, she is not there to scare or eat people away, but to find a nice outfit for her voyage. Since she has no idea about this, help her out as a good zombie loving citizen. The fate of our zombie friend is in you hands now.

Zombie Pirate belongs to Dress up Games
Pirate Hello KittyPirate Hello Kitty

There are many personas that Hello Kitty has the pleasure of doing and one of her favorites is to dress up like a pirate. You are going to have the opportunity to dress her up like one for the scheduled photo shoot but first you need to follow the instructions on the screen.

Pirate Hello Kitty belongs to Girl Games
Pirate And MermaidPirate And Mermaid

There is a curse on this pirate and his lovely mermaid. They can see each other only once a year. You cannot help that curse, but you can help them look their best for that moment.

Pirate And Mermaid belongs to Dress up Games, Boys Games, Couple Games, Dating dress up Games, Love Games, Fantasy Games, Mermaid Games, Theme dress up Games
Pirate CovePirate Cove

The Royal Navy has found out where the Pirate´s lair is. Protect the cove from the invading Navy ships. Shoot canons at them and sink as many ships as you can. Failure to protect the Pirates Cove could mean death.

Pirate Cove belongs to Single player Games, Canon Games, Flash Games, Shoot em up Games
Pirate GirlPirate Girl

Who says pirates can´t look good? Dress this lady pirate up in stylish pirate outfits and accessories as she prepares to sail the high seas with other pirates in search of treasure.

Pirate Girl belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Adventure Games
Pirate CutiePirate Cutie

Who says pirates have no fashion sense? This pirate cutie does! Dress the pirate princess in stylish pirate-inspired outfits that would leave the rest of the crew breathless as they sail the high seas!

Pirate Cutie belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Pirate SlackingPirate Slacking

Sarah thought that being a pirate would be a lot of fun, but her pirate captain is always watching her and making sure that she’s busy swabbing the deck. Help Sarah escape the watchful eye of the pirate captain while she does what she enjoys the most – playing games! Click on any of the mini-games on the right side of the screen and perform the tasks as fast as you can. Hurry! If you see the captain coming, hit X immediately, or else Sarah will be walking the plank!

Pirate Slacking belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Pirate ZebraPirate Zebra

James the zebra is out on a new mission. He is now has to collect as many coins as possible as he breaks into the pirate ship. Help him to do that while he is avoiding the attack of the other animals there.

Pirate Zebra belongs to Skill Games, Action Games, Jump n run Games, Sea Games, Animal Games
Pirate TreasurePirate Treasure

These fruity pirates need your help! They are trying to find the lost treasures, so they can retire from their harsh life at the sea. In order to help them reach the treasure, you need to place the arrows on the right spots.

Pirate Treasure belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Puzzle Games
Pirate Fairy TinkerbellPirate Fairy Tinkerbell

We all know that Peter Pan and Wendy are in love with each other but did not get the opportunity to be with one another. Tinkerbell on the other hand is a loyal admirer of Peter. Today you are going to do a Pirate Fairy Tinkerbell dress up.

Pirate Fairy Tinkerbell belongs to Girl Games
Pirate Skeleton At The DentistPirate Skeleton At The Dentist

Pirate skeleton is really ghastly and you probably don’t like to see him because of the horrific teeth. But, the skeleton is facing deep trouble with its teeth. He is planning to attend a party, but cannot due to severe toothache and pain. Please help him to heal the toothache as you have all the dental treatment tools and make the skeleton happy!

Pirate Skeleton At The Dentist belongs to Girl Games
The Pirate Ship CreatorThe Pirate Ship Creator

Create your own pirate ship in this challenging new design game. Use the pieces below to shape your pirate ship. You can make a small one or use more pieces to make it a large ship. Add some danger to the scene by placing sharks in the water.

The Pirate Ship Creator belongs to Single player Games, Decorate Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
Pirate And Mermaid LovePirate And Mermaid Love

A pirate and a mermaid are in love but their love is cursed. They are allowed to see each other only one day in the year so they must look their best to justify the entire year of waiting. Dress them up for this special anniversary.

Pirate And Mermaid Love belongs to Dress up Games, Couple dress up Games
Polly The Pirate KingPolly The Pirate King

Polly The Pirate King is the parrot that has become the pirate king, now the ship is belong to him. But now he doesn´t look good for a pirate king. Let´s help him choose his feathers, wings, face, color of every wings, the jewelries on his foot and his pirate king hat.

Polly The Pirate King belongs to Animal Games, Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Pirate Fairy SilvermistPirate Fairy Silvermist

The pirate fairy is one of the popular fairies in the fairy land. She has accomplished many things. In this game your goal is to do a Pirate Fairy Silvermist. Simply follow the arrows to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Pirate Fairy Silvermist belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Pirate Fairy ZarinaPirate Fairy Zarina

Pirate Fairy Zarina is the idol of many woman nowadays. She is one fierce girl and she loves defending weak from the bullies. In this game your goal is to do a Pirate Fairy Zarina make up and dress up. Simply follow the arrows to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Pirate Fairy Zarina belongs to Make up Games, Makeup Games
Pirate Fairy FawnPirate Fairy Fawn

A fairy is a type of mythical and magical creature that are described as tiny people who has magic and they also have wings to carry them. Sisi here needs your help to transform herself into a real fairy and help her reveal her true beauty. It is time for a serious makeover by using the tools on the screen.

Pirate Fairy Fawn belongs to Makeover Games
Jack The Pirate At The DentistJack The Pirate At The Dentist

Jack, the pirate is facing serious trouble with his teeth and you will have to help him to get a solution. Please take him to the dentist for a check-up. As the problem is very serious, the dentist takes the decision of scaling and cleaning the teeth. Assist the doctor and help jack to get back wonderful teeth. Good luck!

Jack The Pirate At The Dentist belongs to Girl Games
Dora Pirate BoatDora Pirate Boat

Dora is going to set sail and look for a treasure chest. She believes that everyone needs to see what the treasure chest holds. Today you are going to do a Dora Pirate Boat. You are going to use Dora to gather all the food and goods inside the boat then get the key to open the door.

Dora Pirate Boat belongs to Girl Games

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