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Pretty Girl Pretty ChristmasPretty Girl Pretty Christmas

Hurry up and help this girl with her Christmas outfit. It is a really important part of her Christmas, so it would be a shame to let her miss out on that dress up fun. Play with her and make her pretty in Pretty Girl Pretty Christmas game.

Pretty Girl Pretty Christmas belongs to Dress up Games, Christmas Games, Dress up Games
Pretty GirlPretty Girl

This cute and pretty girl always needs the new ideas about style and fashion. She would gladly try on anything you like, so dress her up to look pretty and try all sorts of combinations.

Pretty Girl belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Teen Games
Pretty Party GirlPretty Party Girl

Parties are always thrown left and right especially if there are many people around you so there are many birthdays and many celebrations to do. Today you are going to do a Pretty Party Girl dress up. You will click on the buttons to choose the perfect party girl outfit.

Pretty Party Girl belongs to Enjoy Games
Pretty Girl MakeoverPretty Girl Makeover

Pretty girls love getting makeovers. They like trying on new looks and styles to see if it suits them. Help this pretty young thing find a look and style that suits her the best by applying some makeup on her, styling her hair and letting her try on some clothes until she finds the right getup.

Pretty Girl Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Girl makeover Games
Pretty Girl StylePretty Girl Style

Andy is the prettiest girl in school and she is smart too. That is why she is the president of the student council. In this game your goal is to do a Pretty Girl Style dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click and drag your chosen items.

Pretty Girl Style belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Pretty Prom Girl Dress UpPretty Prom Girl Dress Up

Prom night is approaching and this girl is getting desperate. She is so gorgeous and she has so many dresses and ideas that she cannot decide! Help her out and make her prom perfect.

Pretty Prom Girl Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Pretty prom girl dress up Games, Prom girl dress up Games, Prom gowns dress up Games, Gowns dress up Games, Igirlgames Games, Gg4u Games
Pretty Girl's Wedding DreamPretty Girl's Wedding Dream

Pretty Girl´s Wedding Dream is a game in which you need to get the best possible combination of clothes for this lovely girl. She is getting married and that is the day that she dreamed about. That is why you need to make her look lovely and make her dream come true.

Pretty Girl's Wedding Dream belongs to Dress up Games, Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games
Pretty-Printed-Skirt GirlPretty-Printed-Skirt Girl

Pretty Printed Skirt Girl is the fashion game for the youngest fashion lovers. It is pretty easy to play and there is a limited but very nice choice of shoes, hairstyles and dresses for the little fashionista to choose from. This game is all about matching the colors and styles before moving on to the more complicated ones.

Pretty-Printed-Skirt Girl belongs to
Pretty Chic Girl MakeoverPretty Chic Girl Makeover

Doing a makeover is fun. It is always interesting to see what will come out of it. But it is also challenging and you need to know how to do it right. In this game, you will get a model that you need to make gorgeous and practice doing makeovers with her.

Pretty Chic Girl Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Pretty Cherry Girl Dress UpPretty Cherry Girl Dress Up

This cute little girl is all in for a nice dress up game. Start playing Pretty Cherry Girl Dress Up game and make sure that you have fun while choosing the best stuff for her.

Pretty Cherry Girl Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Pretty Girl In Red Dress Up GamePretty Girl In Red Dress Up Game

The color Red is associated with warmth, danger, power and fire. The color is very strong and only people with strong personality can own it well. Today you are going to do a Pretty Girl In Red Dress Up. You will click and drag the items from the closet to choose her outfit. Have fun!

Pretty Girl In Red Dress Up Game belongs to Dressup Games
Pretty Girl Doll Dress UpPretty Girl Doll Dress Up

So you are babysitting your boyfriend´s little sister now? Well, that´s very kind of you. Look, she has a pretty doll. Why don´t you please your future sister-in-law by playing dress-up doll game with her? There are lots of cute clothes that you can choose here.

Pretty Girl Doll Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Pretty FairyPretty Fairy

Hey girlie! Our pretty fairy friend is in dire need of your assistance. She wants you to select an outfit for her. She will use it later this day when she gets presented in the fairy court. There are different colors and style of dresses to choose from. She trust your decision so this is up to you.

Pretty Fairy belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Pretty ButterfliesPretty Butterflies

People who tend to love flowers are usually acquainted with colorful butterflies. In this game your goal is to do play the pretty butterflies game. You will simply swap and align same colored butterflies in order to make them disappear. You need to complete all the levels.

Pretty Butterflies belongs to Girl Games
Pretty DriverPretty Driver

This girl may not be the best and the safest driver in the world, but she just might be the prettiest one. She loves to drive and she loves to look good. Your job is to dress her up and make her even more beautiful for her time in her car. It´s good for a woman to look great on the road.

Pretty Driver belongs to Dress up Games
Make Me A Pretty MomMake Me A Pretty Mom

This wonderful mom to be is simply glowing with happiness with her big belly and her shine in her eyes. She is expecting a baby and that doesn´t mean that she should forget about getting perfectly dressed. Do it for her and help her out to look trendy even while expecting.

Make Me A Pretty Mom belongs to Dress up Games
Perfume PrettyPerfume Pretty

Spraying on perfume adds the final touch to an already stunning look. Help this young lady look her best before she finishes up and dabs a little perfume on her skin. Style her hair, apply some makeup and give her some dazzling accessories to complete the look!

Perfume Pretty belongs to Decorating Games
Pretty ReporterPretty Reporter

No matter what story they´re covering, reporters should always look good when they´re in front of the camera. Help this rookie reporter get the scoop and look her best for her report by choosing her hairstyle and dressing her up in stylish clothes and accessories that would keep the viewer´s eyes on her.

Pretty Reporter belongs to Girl Games
Pretty In SummerPretty In Summer

This young lady is spending her summer vacation at a resort up in the mountains. Help her get dressed for a summer holiday she´ll never forget. Dress her up in cute summer dresses, style her hair and don´t forget to give her accessories to complete her summer look.

Pretty In Summer belongs to Dress up Games
Pretty PicnicPretty Picnic

Sunny days are perfect for going on a picnic. It´s also perfect for showing off cool fashion trends while relaxing outdoors. Help this pretty teen get ready for a day of fun under the sun by dressing her up in stylish clothes and accessories.

Pretty Picnic belongs to Dress up Games, Picnic Games
Pretty NightiesPretty Nighties

Fashion doesn´t end when you go to bed. This young lady wants to look as great as possible as she goes to sleep. Dress her up in comfortable, yet stylish nighties and don´t forget to give her some nice accessories, bedroom slippers and a cute teddy bear to take with her to bed.

Pretty Nighties belongs to Dress up Games
Pretty PastelsPretty Pastels

Pretty in pastel colors are the theme for this weeks fashion show. In this game you will Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items. You must bear in mind to choose nice and stylish pastel items.

Pretty Pastels belongs to Girl Games
Pretty BridePretty Bride

This bride is all excited about her big day. The wedding day is approaching and she still doesn´t have her dress figured out. In this game, you need to dress her up perfectly.

Pretty Bride belongs to Girl Games
Pretty Pregnant MomPretty Pregnant Mom

Pretty Pregnant Mom is about to show you that dressing up is even more fun while you are expecting. These ladies are amazingly glad and happy so they don´t need much to look good. Therefore, dressing a pretty mom will be a fun thing to do.

Pretty Pregnant Mom belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Pretty For The ClubPretty For The Club

Going out for a night of dancing in the disco is nothing if you are not properly dressed. For the real fun night out, choosing the best outfit is really essential. So, try and dress this disco queen up.

Pretty For The Club belongs to Girl Games
Pretty Pet CarePretty Pet Care

When the cute and adorable pets need some help, you don´t hesitate to help them and cater to their every need. In this game, you need to make sure that you take very good care about these animals and you can do it quite easy.

Pretty Pet Care belongs to Animal Games, Animal caring Games
Pretty MusketeerPretty Musketeer

How do you love the makeover a musketeer? This is really interesting and you also like it. Your best friend is planning to take a musketeer makeover, but she needs your help. You have all the makeover stuffs like gorgeous dresses, stylish hairstyle, lovely ornaments, glowing masks, sharp swords, and all other makeup items. Help your best friend to become a pretty musketeer!

Pretty Musketeer belongs to Girl Games
Pretty Belted EmoPretty Belted Emo

Pretty Belted Emo is not always the suicidal ones we hear on tv or in the news. Being emo is about always being yourself, and not caring what people say about you. And in this game you will learn Here on how to get the emo look you always wanted. You will simply click and choose on the categories.

Pretty Belted Emo belongs to Dress up Games
Pretty CoachPretty Coach

Hey! Do you like to be slim and fit? Here’s an expert coach is waiting for you. But, at this moment he is not ready to go to his gymnasium. Help this great coach to get ready to join his customers. Choose the most comfortable dress which makes him more fit and chic. Also, choose soft and comfortable shoe and other gym accessories. Dress him up perfectly. People will attract to him and wish to be as slim and fit like him. Enjoy it!

Pretty Coach belongs to Enjoy Games
Pretty FacePretty Face

The guys from the football team are asking Monica and her friends out for a fun picnic in the park after this final semester test. Monica is of course thrilled with this invitation, but she is also nervous because she does not know what to wear. Help her so she can dress to impress the captain of the team.

Pretty Face belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Girl Games

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