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Power Ranger Mystic TrainingPower Ranger Mystic Training

You are at Rootcore and you must train with the members of Power Rangers Mystic Force. Complete 5 challenges with one of each Mystic Ranger to fulfill your mission. Start with the Practice Mode and when you´re confident you can complete a challenge, go on to play the Game Mode.

Power Ranger Mystic Training belongs to Single player Games, Arcade Games, Flash Games
Iron RangerIron Ranger

Iron Ranger is a game in which you will be in charge of the mighty, brave and just ranger who is also a big, mighty robot. Complete the mission and enjoy your task!

Iron Ranger belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Aircraft Games, Evade Games, Flash Games, Flying Games, Obstacle Games, Spaceship Games, Timing Games
Power SplashPower Splash

Ben is on the mission. Help him to chase the bad guys who are trying to run away by a speed boat. He needs to attack these guys over and over again until they run out of energy. Be careful though! They have lots of weapons with them.

Power Splash belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Chasing Games, Flash Games
The Power CoupleThe Power Couple

Beside fans, when you become a celebrity, you will also get some haters. It sucks, but it´s true. Now, as famous artists, Jay Z and Beyonce also have a bunch of haters. Jay Z and Beyonce needs to be careful when they are about to kiss because if their kiss is caught by a hater, they will get screwed. You need to help them by telling them when it is safe to kiss.

The Power Couple belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
Flower PowerFlower Power

It is nice to have flowers in the garden but sometimes things can go a bit out of control. Therefore, fire the short bursts of fire and regulate the growth of the flowers.

Flower Power belongs to Puzzle Games, Visual matching Games, Bubble shooter Games
Pony Power!Pony Power!

This lovely fairy and her pony unicorn are on their way to do some really nice and good magical deeds! It is your time to do a good deed yourself by dressing them up and making them look nice.

Pony Power! belongs to
Ninja PowerNinja Power

Feel the power and the mysterious skills of a ninja in this great game. Join the real ninjas for a real adventure that will make you want to come back for more of that adrenalin.

Ninja Power belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, Beat em up Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Kids Games, Ninja Games, Side scrolling Games
Power CopterPower Copter

Power Copter is a really fun and fast game that requires from you to use your wits and your speed. Do your best to complete the mission in the shortest period of time and enjoy!

Power Copter belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Helicopter Games, Shoot em up Games
Power PlayPower Play

This game a has all the fun elements f the real hockey game. You can shoot to the goal and you can fight with opponents all you like. Therefore, make the best out of it and play Power Play.

Power Play belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Hockey Games, Sports Games
Purple PowerPurple Power

Purple Power is one of the theme in the fashion show. You are going to do a Purple Power dress up. You are going to click and drag the items from the closet and make sure she looks stunning. You are going to choose her hair, make up and clothes.

Purple Power belongs to Girls Games
Power SolitairePower Solitaire

Do you want to win the power solitaire fast? Let´s start the game. There is no a king or queen. You are allowed to deal one time from the stock. One mistake can change your power solitaire. So, be careful to make each move. Follow the instruction and win the game. Enjoy it!

Power Solitaire belongs to Board card Games
King of PowerKing of Power

In this game, you will be finally able to see how it feels to be behind the steering wheel of a such a powerful vehicle like this power boat is. Once you try it, you will keep on playing King of Power all the time.

King of Power belongs to Single player Games, Boat Games, Flash Games, Racing Games
Princess Of Power DressupPrincess Of Power Dressup

All the other girly princesses should stand back and make room for the amazing and fierce Princess of Power. She is as gorgeous as she is powerful and she needs a stylist that will make her look even better. Be that person and play this amazing game.

Princess Of Power Dressup belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Flower Power MakeoverFlower Power Makeover

Flower Power Makeover is about to prove to you the power of flowers and the power of fashion. Just look how different and how lovely a girl can look if she tries on the adorable floral patterns on her dresses. This is the beauty that is always trendy so try it.

Flower Power Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Elsa In Princess PowerElsa In Princess Power

Hey! The beautiful princess Elsa has a dream to be a superhero. Could you help this cute princess to achieve the superhero power? Give her a special superhero makeover. Choose a wonderful superhero outfit for her. Dress her up and give her a complete superhero look. Elsa will save the world by her superhero power. Enjoy it!

Elsa In Princess Power belongs to Makeover Games
Princess Super PowerPrincess Super Power

This cute princess has super powers. Today, she is going to attend in an important mission. She needs to get a superhero outfit to start her mission. Could you help this super hero princess to get her favorite outfit? Give her a superhero makeover. Choose a gorgeous pinkish dress for her. Dress her up and make her look like a real superhero. Enjoy!

Princess Super Power belongs to Enjoy Games
Baby In Princess PowerBaby In Princess Power

Babies imagination are very wild. They are curious about everything and they have no limits. Today you are going to do a Baby In Princess Power dress up. You are going to choose the super hero costume that she is going to wear and help her rescue anyone in need.

Baby In Princess Power belongs to Skill Games
Power Puff BlossomPower Puff Blossom

Power Puff Blossom is one of those cute and adorable power puff fighters for freedom and goodness. She needs some dressing up and that is where she needs your help.

Power Puff Blossom belongs to Dressup Games
Scoobydoos Bag Of Power PotionsScoobydoos Bag Of Power Potions

Scooby and Shaggy got lost and they need to find their way back home. Of course, they are in the scary place where a lot of monsters and ghosts reside.

Scoobydoos Bag Of Power Potions belongs to Cartoon Games, Fun Games, Kids Games, Scooby doo Games, Game for girls Games
Sugar Power ProgramSugar Power Program

Sugar Power Program is a game in which you have to hit a space bar in order to make this girl jump. But you need to make sure that she doesn´t fall down since she needs to earn points!

Sugar Power Program belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Jumping Games, Timing Games
Power Rangers Red Hot RescuePower Rangers Red Hot Rescue

For all those Power Rangers fans there is now a great game in which you get to join them in one of their cool adventures. Make sure you defeat every enemy at your sight and earn as many points as you can.

Power Rangers Red Hot Rescue belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Beat em up Games, Collecting Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Series Games
Power Rangers Battle of the WormsPower Rangers Battle of the Worms

Power rangers and their mystical force are once more on a test of courage and bravery. They are up against the ruthless worms that they simply need to defeat. They need your help!

Power Rangers Battle of the Worms belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Collecting Games, Dragon Games, Flash Games, Flying Games

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