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Popular family board games


Checkers BoardCheckers Board

This game is just like playing checkers in real life. The only thing is that you don´t have to beg people to play with you since you have computer that is always in the mood for a game of checkers.

Checkers Board belongs to Checkers Games
Kids Fun BoardKids Fun Board

In this game your goal is to play the Kids Fun Board. You need to find all the fruits accurately. Every fruit has a corresponding points: Apple (100) being the lowest and Orange (350) being the highest. You must memorize the position of the fruit in order to gain higher points.

Kids Fun Board belongs to Skill Games
Decorate Your School BoardDecorate Your School Board

School isn´t fun without the extra curricular activities such as homeroom and joining club organizations. In this game you are assigned to decorate your school board for the month. This should be eye catching and fun to see. Unleash your creativity and show the school your artistic side.

Decorate Your School Board belongs to
Polly Pocket Z BoardPolly Pocket Z Board

Z Borad is a special piano on a cute little zebra which will teach you how to play. Watch the order of keys to be pressed and try to repeat them in order to learn some songs.

Polly Pocket Z Board belongs to Cartoon Games, Fun Games, Kids Games, Music Games, Polly pocket Games, Learning Games
Princess Board Game NightPrincess Board Game Night

Board Games are played indoors and it is one of the ways to alleviate boredom. Today you are going to join the Princesses in their Board Game Night. You will be choosing their comfortable outfits then help them play against each other and have fun.

Princess Board Game Night belongs to
The Popular GirlThe Popular Girl

You are the most popular girl in school so everyone wants your fashion advice. In this game your goal is to do a The Popular Girl makeover and dress up. Simply follow the arrows to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

The Popular Girl belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Most Popular GirlMost Popular Girl

Being the Most Popular Girl in school has its perks and has their down side. You get a lot of attention and has little privacy. In this game your goal is to do a Most Popular Girl dress up. You will simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, accessories, jewelries and shoes.

Most Popular Girl belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Popular GirlPopular Girl

Each school has it´s nerds, weird girls and boys, jocks and all other characters. Of course, there is the most popular girl from the school who needs to look her best. It is your task to dress her up.

Popular Girl belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, School Games
From Geeky To PopularFrom Geeky To Popular

This geeky girl wants to be a very popular girl. Help her to be a special one. Give her an attractive makeover by using some special makeover kits. Choose a gorgeous dress and a fashionable hairstyle for her. Dress her up nicely and add other matching beauty accessories. Everybody will be impressed to see her. Have a fun!

From Geeky To Popular belongs to Makeover Games
Popular Girl MakeoverPopular Girl Makeover

If you want to be popular, you need to look good and trendy at all times. This girl knows that and she also knows that she could use some help in looking that way. In this game, you will dress her up to look very nice and to remain popular as ever.

Popular Girl Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Popular Cheer HairstylesPopular Cheer Hairstyles

All the girls are very stylish nowadays and they always love to experiment with their hairstyles. Well, do you love the popular cheer hairstyles? These are lovely and your best friend, Lisa is thinking of cheer hairstyles. She needs your help so please help her ready with a gorgeous cheer hairstyle. This is full of fun!

Popular Cheer Hairstyles belongs to Enjoy Games
Popular Cheer HairstylePopular Cheer Hairstyle

The girls dream to be a cheer leader as this is full of fun. How do they look so beautiful? Well, they are very conscious about their makeover and hairstyles. You are a hairstyle expert and know about the great hairstyles of the cheer leaders. Try to give the best look of the cheer and make her happy! Here you go!

Popular Cheer Hairstyle belongs to Makeover Games
Popular School OutfitsPopular School Outfits

It is very important that you look your best in school and that you have the coolest outfit there because that is one of the ways to make everybody like you. This game is about making this girl adorable by dressing her up! Can you do it?

Popular School Outfits belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Popular Famous Hailee SteinfeldPopular Famous Hailee Steinfeld

I love her role in the movie Ender´s game. She is one tough chick and plays her role beautifully. In this game your goal is to give the Popular Famous Hailee Steinfeld a makeover. Simply follow the blinking item on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Popular Famous Hailee Steinfeld belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Popular Hannah Montana MakeoverPopular Hannah Montana Makeover

Hannah Montana has her own recognizable look. However, since she has been a star for such a long time, she needs some fresh stylistic ideas if she wants to keep her fans adoring her. Try making her lovely and fresh at Popular Hannah Montana Makeover.

Popular Hannah Montana Makeover belongs to Dress up Games
Family GuyFamily Guy

Stewie Griffin can´t take all the noise and confusion in his home anymore. Help Stewie shoot as many Family Guy characters with a laser gun as they pop up. The more characters Stewie shoots, the higher your score.

Family Guy belongs to Fun Games, Kids Games, Skill Games, Game for girls Games
Family FunFamily Fun

This is a game that can really help you out when you are away from your family for a long time. You can play Family Fun at the times on your trips when you are not with them yourself.

Family Fun belongs to Puzzle Games, Family Games, Differences Games
Family Dollhouse 2Family Dollhouse 2

Let´s go back to the past and do what you liked to do when you were a little girl: playing with your doll house! Arrange all the cute items you have here and put them into this wonderful doll house, so this house will be a cozy home for your dolls.

Family Dollhouse 2 belongs to Room decoration Games
Family Dollhouse 4Family Dollhouse 4

Do you love to play with the lovely dolls? Wow! Today, you have a great opportunity to play with some cute dolls. Choose your favorite dollhouse. Keep them in your favorite places in the doll house. Decorate the dollhouse with some cute accessories. Make the dollhouse a charming, entertaining place. Have fun!

Family Dollhouse 4 belongs to Dolls Games
Tom Family ShoppingTom Family Shopping

Do you love shopping? Yes, you definitely love shopping for you, but do you like to do shopping for the family? Well, it’s time for Tom for his family shopping and you will have to help him choose the necessary items for his family as well. Help him get the necessary items and make him happy. Have fun!

Tom Family Shopping belongs to Girl Games
Family Christmas EveFamily Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve is the most beautiful time and it’s really great for the family party and get together. You can also join the party to have fun and eat some delicious items. Help others to wear gorgeous dresses and make them happy. Make the Christmas Eve memorable with the family members!

Family Christmas Eve belongs to Skill Games
Bear FamilyBear Family

Mom Bear and Papa Bear have three little Bears and they are one big happy family! They look so cute together and they would be even more cute if you would color them a bit!

Bear Family belongs to Style Games, Coloring Games, Paint Games, Bear Games
Family RestaurantFamily Restaurant

This family restaurant used to be a great place with three stars. Now, it has dropped down to only one star. Do your best and restore the glory of this great place with your hard work.

Family Restaurant belongs to Restaurant serving Games
Family Dollhouse 3Family Dollhouse 3

Dollhouse is not ready until you place all the doll furniture around it! And since this s a big house for a whole doll family, you need to be really careful because you have a big and fun job ahead of you!

Family Dollhouse 3 belongs to Room decoration Games
Winter With My FamilyWinter With My Family

Sometimes, it is best to spend some time among friends and family on the cold winter days. That means that you will need some nice clothing for that occasion. Try dressing this girl and see how it goes.

Winter With My Family belongs to Dress up Games, Teen Games
Family DollhouseFamily Dollhouse

This lovely family is about to move into this new big house. Help them out and decorate their home in the best possible way. It is your turn to be a house designer!

Family Dollhouse belongs to Room decoration Games
Family PicnicFamily Picnic

It´s time for a family picnic! Lay the blanket on the ground and bring out the picnic basket and decorate the scene with yummy food and desserts that would make the family happy on this bright and shiny day!

Family Picnic belongs to Girl Games
Family Dress UpFamily Dress Up

John´s office is holding its annual employees´ family day out. John wants to take his wife and daughter there since it is going to be festive and fun. There will be lots of interesting competitions that they can join. One of the competition is "The Best Dressed-up Family". Help John and his family to win that game by choosing the coolest outfits that no other families can compare.

Family Dress Up belongs to Style Games, Family Games, Dress up Games
Tom Family Sunday CookingTom Family Sunday Cooking

Hey! Your favorite character Tom is waiting for you. Today is Sunday, the weekend. So, all of the members of Tom´s family are planning to take their lunch together. They want that Tom will perfectly arrange it. Help your favorite Tom in this purpose. Take all of the dishes on the dining table and decorate them nicely. Make Tom proud. Enjoy it!

Tom Family Sunday Cooking belongs to Cooking Games
Thanksgiving Family Dinner 2Thanksgiving Family Dinner 2

This beautiful girl has arranged a thanksgiving dinner with her family. Help this cute girl to arrange all of the delicious dishes. Collect all of the ingredients. Follow the instructions and do step by step. Make all of the items one after another. Decorate these nicely. All of the family members will be happy to enjoy it. Have a fun!

Thanksgiving Family Dinner 2 belongs to Girls Games
Tom Family Cooking PancakesTom Family Cooking Pancakes

Tom is doing the mommy duties today because Angela needed to step out to have some me time for herself. You are going to assist Tom in keeping the house. You will help Tom do some Family Cooking Pancakes agenda. You are going to gather the ingredients then start cooking.

Tom Family Cooking Pancakes belongs to Cooking Games

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