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Zoe Popcorn MakerZoe Popcorn Maker

Hello girls! Do you love popcorns? Yes, you definitely do and always look for crispy popcorns with different flavors. Your friend Zoe is making popcorns today and don’t forget to visit her home! She has collected organic corns from the field and now makes delicious popcorns. You can also make tasty popcorns by yourself. Just play and learn how to make mouth-watering popcorns for your friends!

Zoe Popcorn Maker belongs to Girl Games
Candy MakerCandy Maker

Candy are very colorful and very sweet treat. They are usually small pieces and hard. Today you are going to be a Candy Maker. Your goal is to group similar color and design of candies to gain some points. You will aim the canon to the right candy.

Candy Maker belongs to Girl Games
Popcorn MakerPopcorn Maker

Going to the movies with your friends is a nice way of relaxing. In this game your goal is to do a use a Popcorn Maker and stand the stall in the cinema. You will simply wait for the order of the costumer and fix the order on what is the desired size of the popcorn.

Popcorn Maker belongs to Food Games, Serving Games, Food serving Games
Candies MakerCandies Maker

Me and my friends are the group that has the biggest sweet tooth in school. We love to eat cakes, pastries, desserts and of course candies. In this game your goal is to be a Candies Maker. Simply gather the tools and ingredients shown below and place them on the counter then when that is done proceed to cooking.

Candies Maker belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cook Games
Icecream MakerIcecream Maker

The ice cream maker shop downtown is the one place I get to be a kid again. I can order my favorites and you can also create your own. In this game your goal is to be a Ice cream Maker. You will be able to create your very own ice cream and you can place as many decorations you want.

Icecream Maker belongs to Girl Games
Little Trouble MakerLittle Trouble Maker

Aww! This little trouble maker is in deep trouble. In this game your goal is to play this Little Trouble Maker game. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Little Trouble Maker belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Mandy MakerMandy Maker

Mandy is a very beautiful young lady and she is in need for a makeover to boost her self confidence. Today you are going to be doing a Mandy Maker makeover. You are going to pick out everything from her make up, her clothes and of course her accessories.

Mandy Maker belongs to Girl Games
Merpony MakerMerpony Maker

This is your unique chance to make and design a wonderful and amazing underwater creature. A little merpony is just what you will see and make in this game. Choose its color and its shape and even figure out what sort of a tail it will have.

Merpony Maker belongs to
Emo Avatar MakerEmo Avatar Maker

Figure out how a perfect emo avatar would look like if you were to choose every detail about it. This game will help you with this as it will allow you to choose one thing at the time as you build the amazing emo avatar girl just the way you like.

Emo Avatar Maker belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Chibi MakerChibi Maker

If you want to create a whole look for a girl, try playing Chibi Maker. You will get a simple and basic look of a girl that you need to enhance and make lovely. All the details about her are at your disposal and at your choosing, so make them amazing. Try it now.

Chibi Maker belongs to
Avatar MakerAvatar Maker

It is very important that you have a perfect avatar, because that is how all your friends and other people online are going to see you. Therefore, you need to play this game and make a perfect avatar that will show you in the perfect light.

Avatar Maker belongs to Dress up Games, Makeover Games, Make over Games, Dress up Games
Cakepops MakerCakepops Maker

For all those little girls who simply adore and enjoy in making sweets and all sorts of cakes, this game is here like ordered! In it, you can make tons of all sorts of cakes with this magical cakepops maker. Enjoy your cooking game all you like.

Cakepops Maker belongs to Girl Games
Magical Pet MakerMagical Pet Maker

Magical Pets are not your typical ordinary pets that you can find in your home or in your neighbors home. Today you are going to be a Magical Pet Maker. You will have the perfect opportunity to bring an ordinary pet and make it magical using the available tools to transform this cute creature.

Magical Pet Maker belongs to
My Pony MakerMy Pony Maker

Do you have your own pony maker where you can create fabulous pony as per your dream? You may not have, but here we have brought an amazing pony maker for you. Girls can bring their dream into reality now and experiment different types of ponies. Play with your creativity and give a surprise to the world.

My Pony Maker belongs to Girl Games
Ice Cream MakerIce Cream Maker

All the girls and kids love the mouthwatering ice cream and this is one of their favorite items. Which flavor do you love the most? Or, do you know how to make them? Well, you can prepare yummy ice cream as you have all the necessary ingredients for making the ice cream. This is very easy and you can just follow a few steps to prepare delicious ice cream. Try it!

Ice Cream Maker belongs to Girl Games
Baby MakerBaby Maker

Babies are small humans who needs somebody to assist or give their needs. Today you are going to be a Baby doll Maker. You will choose how your baby would look like starting from her hair, her facial attributes, clothes and of course her toys. Have fun!

Baby Maker belongs to
Dandy MakerDandy Maker

Dandy is a term used for someone who is very stylish and spends time in choosing the perfect item that would complete their outfit. Today you are going to be a Dandy Maker. You will mix and match different items to come up with a stylish individual. Have fun!

Dandy Maker belongs to Dressup Games
Mermaid MakerMermaid Maker

A Mermaid has been part of the children´s stories told to many generations. They are beautiful half fish and half human and lived under the sea. Today you are going to be a Mermaid Maker. You will choose how your very own Mermaid is going to loom from her hairstyle, her accessories and the color of her tail.

Mermaid Maker belongs to
PopPixie MakerPopPixie Maker

PopPixie is a animation television series from Italy and a spin-off to Winx Club. Today you are going to have the opportunity to be a PopPixie Maker. You will click on the icons on top of the screen to try and choose which look you want your pixie to have.

PopPixie Maker belongs to Enjoy Games
Pop Pixie MakerPop Pixie Maker

A Pixie is usually known as a tiny creature with supernatural powers and famously known for using Pixie dust. Today you are going to be a Pop Pixie Maker. You will click on the icons on the right side of the screen and pick out her hair, features, clothes, shoes and accessories.

Pop Pixie Maker belongs to Girls Games
Ever After High MakerEver After High Maker

In Ever After High there are tons of sons and daughters of the famous people from our fairy tales. Today you are going to be a Ever After High Maker. You will have the perfect opportunity to choose how you would dress up a Ever After High student. Click on the items and choose the colors.

Ever After High Maker belongs to Girls Games
Mommy MakerMommy Maker

Mommies have the to give their 100% attention to their little ones and her whole family. She has the most difficult but rewarding job of all. Today you are going to be a Mommy Maker. You will be having a opportunity to create your own virtual mommy. Choose her make up, clothes, hair and accessories.

Mommy Maker belongs to Girl Games
Hello Kitty MakerHello Kitty Maker

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular cartoon character today. It goes on for generations and generations. Today you are going to be a Hello Kitty Maker. You are going to decide how Hello Kitty would look if you are the original creator. You will click on the icons to change everything.

Hello Kitty Maker belongs to Girl Games
Princess MakerPrincess Maker

Today you have a great opportunity to make a princess. You can choose your favorite face pattern for her. Also, choose a fashionable hairstyle, a gorgeous dress, nice shoes and other accessories. Dress her up nicely by those. Finally, you can see your own made awesome princess. Impress everyone. Enjoy it!

Princess Maker belongs to Girls Games
Burger MakerBurger Maker

Hey! Do you like to eat the yummy burger? Today, you can learn to make this yummy item easily. Collect all of the necessary ingredients and start cooking. Follow the instructions carefully and make some delicious burgers by using the burger maker. Serve the burger to your family and impress them. Enjoy it!

Burger Maker belongs to Girl Games
Cookie MakerCookie Maker

Cookies is one of the easiest and most basic item to cook or bake. You will need to mix all the ingredients and then you place it on the oven and your all set. Today we are going to become the best Cookie Maker. You are going to play all the levels and follow the instructions.

Cookie Maker belongs to Girl Games
My Little Pony MakerMy Little Pony Maker

Don’t you love the little ponies? These are lovely and all the girls and kids like them very much. But, do you know how to make a pony more attractive with a pony maker? Well, you have all the mesmerizing colors and other makeover stuffs in your little pony maker to make the little pony gorgeous. Play the game, enjoy your time, and be creative!

My Little Pony Maker belongs to Girl Games
Sari MakerSari Maker

Traditional Indian clothing for women looks so elegant and sophisticated. Turn this lovely young lady into an Indian princess by giving her a makeover and designing a beautiful sari just for her. Don´t forget to add accessories to complete the look!

Sari Maker belongs to Makeover Games
Little Cookie MakerLittle Cookie Maker

This lovely little girl is just as cute as the cookies she is about to make with you. Once you start playing this game, you will learn how to make real cookies in a minute and in a really fun way.

Little Cookie Maker belongs to
Bracelet MakerBracelet Maker

Friendship bracelets are a sign of loyalty to your friends. Create your own friendship bracelets that you can save and show off later. Use bobbles and letter blocks to tell your friends how much they mean to you.

Bracelet Maker belongs to Skill Games, Style Games, Make up Games
Sue Clothes MakerSue Clothes Maker

Dress Up Sue all you like in this great game. Dig in her closet and pick out the best possible clothes for this little cutie because she really needs your help when choosing.

Sue Clothes Maker belongs to Dress up Games
Cupcake MakerCupcake Maker

This wonderful and delicious cupcake can be a lot better if you decorate it properly. You have a lot of lovely frosting at your disposal, as well as the sweet ornaments to use.

Cupcake Maker belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Style Games, Cake Games
The Cake MakerThe Cake Maker

This sweet little cook makes even sweeter cakes and you need to start this game in order to make sure that is true. She will show you how it´s done and you need to follow her instructions in order to make great cakes.

The Cake Maker belongs to Cooking Games, Decorating Games, Cake Games
Princess Maker 4Princess Maker 4

Princes Maker 4 is a fun and exciting dance simulator game. Use the arrow keys to match moving arrows and make the girl dance. Be careful, though, if you make too many mistakes, might make the girl cry!

Princess Maker 4 belongs to Single player Games, Dancing Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Cutie Maker 15Cutie Maker 15

Teenagers have always been into fashion. Dress this pretty teen up and turn her into a certified cutie by applying a bit of makeup and adding a splash of accessories to do the trick!

Cutie Maker 15 belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games

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