Pc gamers are annoying

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Pc gamers are annoying


Avatar ArenaAvatar Arena

This game is simply perfect for all those who love the story of the Last Airbender! You can make your own character and fight in the Avatar Arena all you like!

Avatar Arena belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Beat em up Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Magic Games
Mario Rush ArenaMario Rush Arena

Mario´s adventures never end and he´s on a new quest again. Help Mario defeat the enemy creatures as he goes through a new course to save the princess. Collect coins and power ups to help you along the way.

Mario Rush Arena belongs to Skill Games, Action Games, Arcade Games, Mario Games, Jump n run Games, Super mario Games
Sara’s Cooking Class: Taco SaladSara’s Cooking Class: Taco Salad

Sara is a great cook and she can help you learn how to make some delicious dishes. This time, she will teach you how to make an amazing Taco Salad in a fun manner!

Sara’s Cooking Class: Taco Salad belongs to
Emma’s Recipes: Chocolate Chip CookiesEmma’s Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Emma is so cute! She also cooks well and her recipes are just as cute as she is. Enjoy her sweet Chocolate Ship Cookies that you will make yourself in this game.

Emma’s Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies belongs to
Emma’s Recipes: HamburgersEmma’s Recipes: Hamburgers

Make no mistake about it - making hamburgers is serious cooking! There is a big difference between a good and a bad hamburgers and Emma has got a recipe for some amazing ones! Learn it now!

Emma’s Recipes: Hamburgers belongs to
Granny’s Workshop: DollyGranny’s Workshop: Dolly

Granny is sewing something up in her workshop! Help granny sew up a cute little doll by choosing the fabrics and stitching them all up together. Aren´t these dolls so cute?

Granny’s Workshop: Dolly belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games
Chloe’s Nail SalonChloe’s Nail Salon

Chloe and this amazing game will teach you all the great tricks about how to make your nails look gorgeous. Play this game and have fun with Chloe at her Neil Salon.

Chloe’s Nail Salon belongs to Make up Games, Nail studio Games, Fun Games, Highscore Games
Granny’s Workshop: Kitty CatGranny’s Workshop: Kitty Cat

If you remember those lovely home made dolls that your granny used to make for you, you will be delighted with this game because it will teach you how to make your own Kitty Cat!

Granny’s Workshop: Kitty Cat belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games
Emma’s Recipes: Chili Con CarneEmma’s Recipes: Chili Con Carne

It´s cooking time! Shop for ingredients and cook one of Emma´s best recipes. Gather everything you need and follow the simple instructions to prepare a delicious bowl Chili Con Carne.

Emma’s Recipes: Chili Con Carne belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Sara’s Cooking Class: Potato SaladSara’s Cooking Class: Potato Salad

Fresh potato salad is what everybody needs on a hot and sunny day! therefore, us the chance this game is offering you and learn how to make it today. All the instructions are in this game.

Sara’s Cooking Class: Potato Salad belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games
What’s Your Sport?What’s Your Sport?

Answer this quiz to find out what sport you should be playing. Answer a series of questions with colors representing answers that range from "To the max" or "Not at all". Answer honestly to get accurate results.

What’s Your Sport? belongs to Fun Games, Quizzes Games
Sara’s Cooking Class: Homemade PizzaSara’s Cooking Class: Homemade Pizza

There is not a single person in the world who doesn´t like Pizza! This is a perfect dinner, a lovely snack for friends and simply food that is always welcome. Therefore, play Sara´s Cooking Class: Homemade Pizza and learn how to make it.

Sara’s Cooking Class: Homemade Pizza belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games
Emma’s Recipes: Indian Stuffed EggplantEmma’s Recipes: Indian Stuffed Eggplant

Emma has got an amazing recipe for you! This little girl has decided to teach you how to make amazing Indian Stuffed Eggplant on your own and enjoy them all you like.

Emma’s Recipes: Indian Stuffed Eggplant belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Sara’s Cooking Class: California RollsSara’s Cooking Class: California Rolls

California Rolls are amazingly tasty sushi dish that you simply have to learn how to make. Luckily, with Sara´s help that will be very easy if you follow her instructions to the letter.

Sara’s Cooking Class: California Rolls belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Sara’s Cooking Class: Fish TacosSara’s Cooking Class: Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are just what you will be able to make if you start playing this game and follow the instructions closely. Sara´s cooking class is just the game for you.

Sara’s Cooking Class: Fish Tacos belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Jessy’s Party PrepJessy’s Party Prep

Jessy has been invited to a party. She is lovely girl but she needs to look her best fora party! Do your magic and help her be gorgeous and stunning as she can be!

Jessy’s Party Prep belongs to Make up Games, Face make up Games, Make up Games, Beauty Games
Sara’s Cooking Class: Red Velvet CakeSara’s Cooking Class: Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake sounds like a really elegant and classy treat. Make sure you follow the instructions about how to make it thoroughly because you never know when you may need them to make this cool cake!

Sara’s Cooking Class: Red Velvet Cake belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games, Fun Games, Valentines day Games

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