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Pbs kids games word girl


Word SearchWord Search

Word search is a cool game in which you need to know your spelling and have a keen eye at the same time. Try to connect the letters and make out real words.

Word Search belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Puzzle Games, Words Games
Word SlingerWord Slinger

Word games are those types of games that everybody enjoys. This is one of those games and it is really fun and interesting. Therefore, you really need to try it out.

Word Slinger belongs to Spelling Games
Brain Spa Word MatchingBrain Spa Word Matching

Get ready to have your brain exercising with this unique and challenging game. If you like your brain to be wrapped around this sort of things, this game is perfect for you.

Brain Spa Word Matching belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Matching Games
Dinner Word SnailDinner Word Snail

If you are looking for a different kind of dinner then this game is really for you. You are going to have the opportunity to play the Dinner Word Snail. You are going to click on the letters and the corresponding ingredient will appear in your sandwich. If you click on the letters in the correct order, you will gain higher points.

Dinner Word Snail belongs to Girl Games
Kids R'UsKids R'Us

Think about all the fun that you can have when you need to do a complete makeover of a room. Now think how fun it will be when there is no fuss about moving the furniture or prices to limit your choices. In this game, you get it all and you design all you want including amazing kids rooms.

Kids R'Us belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games, Decorating house Games
Kids Game 7Kids Game 7

This lovely girl has a nice smile and beautiful sparkling eyes. All she needs now is a nice and well thought out outfit to match her beauty. Dress her up and make her look cool.

Kids Game 7 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Pet ColoringKids Pet Coloring

Kids love their pets and they love coloring. The only problem they have with coloring from time to time is that they hate coloring within the lines. They don´t have to worry about it in Kids Pet Coloring game. So let them color all they like.

Kids Pet Coloring belongs to Fun Games, Coloring Games, Painting Games
Kids Game 1Kids Game 1

Kim has a very important event that she has to attend. Her mother wants her to put on the proper outfits for the event. You have to help Kim in getting the right clothes to avoid her mother´s anger.

Kids Game 1 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 2Kids Game 2

Dressing up is as challenging as it is fun, so you will need hours and hours of this fun to make sure this girl is dressed up the best she can. Make sure the outfits are irresistible!

Kids Game 2 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 3Kids Game 3

Dressing up is always fun and in this game you can go through the closet and all the outfits that this girl has. Make sure you check them out thoroughly because

Kids Game 3 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 6Kids Game 6

It´s a nice warm day to play and have fun out in the sun. Do you know what to wear yet? Find the most fascinating styles and accessories in this dress up game. Share with your friends and enjoy the thrill of dressing up!

Kids Game 6 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 4Kids Game 4

This is a nice game that features a girl and her magical match that shows her the wonderful life she wants. Follow her in her fantasy together with the fairy godmother who is there for her.

Kids Game 4 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 5Kids Game 5

Girls often want to look like the models in a magazine. Help this young girl look like a model by memorizing a look from a magazine and rummaging through the girls closet to find clothes that would give her a similar look. The closer she is to the original, the higher your score.

Kids Game 5 belongs to Kids Games
Ice Cream For KidsIce Cream For Kids

You opened an hoarfrost lotion pool on a dangerously roasting spring day, and all of the dwell on are aimed at involve you to flicker a appetizing hoarfrost lotion version as well as breathtaking extra caramel topping, sprinkles, and auburn shavings!

Ice Cream For Kids belongs to Baking Games, Cake Games
Kids CandylandKids Candyland

Wouldn´t it be absolutely wonderful to live in a world made out of delicious candy and sweets? Create your own wonderful Candyland! Choose which yummy treats to use as decoration for your sugar world and have fun decorating this magical place any way you want!

Kids Candyland belongs to Decorating Games, Fun Games, Decor Games
Kids Bus KissKids Bus Kiss

Kids Bus Kiss is a game where your task is to make enough space for this cute little couple to kiss. They are in love and they are riding to school together every day. Make that day perfect and give them a chance to kiss without others interrupting them.

Kids Bus Kiss belongs to Kissing Games, Kissing Games, Skill Games
Kids And DonutsKids And Donuts

Kids adore donuts and this group of lovely and cute kiddies are simply waiting for you to make those donuts perfect for them. Hurry up, since their patience is running low.

Kids And Donuts belongs to Cooking Games, Decorating Games, Kids cooking Games
Kids Game 19Kids Game 19

Abby is going to participate in a dance tournament next week. It will be a plus point if she wears outstanding costume during her performance. She needs your advice in choosing the best outfits for the competition.

Kids Game 19 belongs to Kids Games
Kids ParkKids Park

The park is very fun and exciting for every kid in town. It is where they interact and play. This is your first day at the park. Your job is to clean up all the mess and trash. Click on the items that are misplaced and throw the trash in the dust bin.

Kids Park belongs to Dress up Games
Emo Rock KidsEmo Rock Kids

Emo rock kids are the hottest band right now. They are very popular to the teens and the people who loves goth style. In this game the emo rock kids´ Raqi and Drake asked for your help to dress them up for tonight´s gig. If you´ve done a good job they´ll hire you for all their gigs.

Emo Rock Kids belongs to Dress up Games
Teen KidsTeen Kids

Teen kids are really delicate and difficult about their outfit. They love to wear fashionable and hip stuff and in this game you get to choose that for them. Enjoy the fun.

Teen Kids belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Kids Games
Kids In The ParkKids In The Park

Kids love playing in the park and Suzy loves kids. Therefore, her aunt has given her the charge of the kids park and made her take care of everything inside. Suzy loves it and so will you in this cute game.

Kids In The Park belongs to Management Games
Naughty Emo KidsNaughty Emo Kids

Being emotional is not that bad, most of the people who veer towards this fashion is very passionate about music. They are often seen wearing black and have a unique fashion sense. In this game you will meet Vanessa, she is a true blue emo and she needs you to do a makeover. Simply choose the style by clicking on the buttons.

Naughty Emo Kids belongs to Make up Games, Fun Games, Make over Games, Game for girls Games
Kids Game 9Kids Game 9

Natasha is going to release her debut album tonight. Her manager has told Natasha to put on stunning clothes that has been given by her sponsor. Unfortunately, Natasha forgets the combination of fashion she has to wear, and her stylist is nowhere to be found. You need to help her finding out the find costumes, or else the sponsor will be angry at her.

Kids Game 9 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 25Kids Game 25

Dressing up is fun and you always have to have in mind the occasion for which you are dressing up. In this game, you should make sure that this girl looks amazing on the picture in front of you.

Kids Game 25 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 28Kids Game 28

This playful and enthusiastic girl needs some fashion advice from a real clothes lover like you. Peek inside her wardrobe and see what looks best on her. You can try as much as you like.

Kids Game 28 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 29Kids Game 29

Dress up this lovely girl in this amazing game where all you need to do is relax and let your imaginations do the trick. All those tops and skirts and details will inspire you for hours of dress up fun.

Kids Game 29 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Game 30Kids Game 30

Jane´s sister is going to hang out in a cafe with her friends. Jane is begging to her sister to take her along because Jane has a huge crush on Roy, one of her sister´s friends. Her sister finally agrees to take her as long as she can dress up properly. Although she never gives a care about fashion, Jane agrees too. Now, she needs your help to choose the right kind of clothes that will make her sister willing to take her and introduce her to Roy. Can you do that?

Kids Game 30 belongs to Kids Games
Kids Car WashKids Car Wash

The movie Cars is a movie created for kids but can be appreciated by the adults too. It has lessons that can help us while we are growing up. You are going to help the Kids car wash shop and make every car beautiful. Use the tools to clean up and beautify the cars.

Kids Car Wash belongs to Skill Games

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