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Packers and bears game


Parking PackersParking Packers

Do you know those people who come to the important party and just throw the keys to the bell boy to park them? Well, in this case, it will be your job to park all those cars the best you can!

Parking Packers belongs to Sports Games, Car Games, Parking Games
War BearsWar Bears

You know, teddy bears are not just cute. When the times are rough, they can organize quite well and fight. Learn that in this fun game and join the War Bears.

War Bears belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Puzzle Games
Two Bears In A BarrelTwo Bears In A Barrel

Once you start playing this game, there are two things you should know about. The first is that you should make these bears fall into the basket, and the second one is that all wooden objects disappear when you click on them. Combine those two for success.

Two Bears In A Barrel belongs to Animal Games, Fun Games, Skill Games
2 Bears In A Barrel2 Bears In A Barrel

These two cute bears are enjoying their stroll in the bamboo forest. In this game your goal is to play 2 Bears In A Barrel. Your main goal is to make them reach the barrel. You will have 25 levels to complete and you can use the mouse to click on where you want them to go.

2 Bears In A Barrel belongs to Girl Games
Care Bears FireflyCare Bears Firefly

Fireflies are winged beetles, and commonly called lightning bugs for their use of bio-luminescence to attract mates or prey. In this game your goal is to help Tenderheart catch 10 Care Bears Fireflies to be given to Wonderheart. You will also watch out for the beasties that will get whatever fireflies you got.

Care Bears Firefly belongs to Girl Games
Evil Care BearsEvil Care Bears

Set in the postmodern era, the Care Bears have redefined their souls and have turned to the darkness. The world may still be bright, but inside the heart of every care bear lies evil. In Evil Care Bears, you must defeat all care bears who do not fear to attack you.

Evil Care Bears belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Bear Games, Flash Games, Shoot em up Games, Shooting Games
Bears Love CakesBears Love Cakes

Bears really do love cakes, in fact, they can´t get enough of it! Help stuff this bear´s belly with blocks of cakes. Click the cakes on the tower to feed them to the bear. Clicking on similarly colored cakes that are directly connected form a combo. Try to achieve the biggest combo you can to fill the bears tummy faster.

Bears Love Cakes belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Cake Games
Care Bears Dress UpCare Bears Dress Up

Care Bears are the cutest little fighters for good there are! They really deserve to be dressed up properly, so help them out with their choices. Use all the lovely pastel colors for these great characters.

Care Bears Dress Up belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Bear Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Kids Games
Care Bears Puzzle PartyCare Bears Puzzle Party

Care Bears Puzzle Party is one of the biggest party this 2014. You will get to spend time with the Care Bears and you will get to choose the puzzles and how many puzzles you would like to solve by sliding the star and see how many puzzles are selected.

Care Bears Puzzle Party belongs to Girl Games
Teddy Bears Love StoryTeddy Bears Love Story

Love is in the air for these cute and cuddly teddy bears and they’re going out on a date! Dress them up in matching outfits or whatever you choose for their date.

Teddy Bears Love Story belongs to Animal Games, Pets Games
Blondie Lockes Gingerbread BearsBlondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears

Blondie Lockes is one special lady. She got her mad cooking skills from her mom Goldilocks. In this game you need to create a mixture of the 1st batch of ingredients then heat them up. After heating you can now add more ingredients to complete the mixture. When the mixture is done you can now proceed to baking.

Blondie Lockes Gingerbread Bears belongs to Baking Games
Blondie's Lockes Gingerbread BearsBlondie's Lockes Gingerbread Bears

Blondie´s Lockes is the daughter of the famous and brave Goldilocks who befriended a family of bears in the forest. She was the one responsible for eating the soup. In this game your goal is to follow Blondie´s Lockes instructions on what ingredient to place in the mixing bowl and continue to follow Blondie.

Blondie's Lockes Gingerbread Bears belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Cookies Games, Game for girls Games, Cook Games
Cute Bears Love StoryCute Bears Love Story

Cute Bears Love Story is a happy love tale of two cute bears that still goes on. You can be a part of this story if you decide to help these bears look even more adorable by dressing them up.

Cute Bears Love Story belongs to Animal Games, Pets Games

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