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Apple White's Special Apple MuffinsApple White's Special Apple Muffins

Muffins is always a crowd favorite when it comes to the bake shops. They come from a different flavors may it be cheese, corn or a fruit. In this game Apple White is going to show you how to make her Special Apple Muffins so you need to be alert and make sure to follow her directions.

Apple White's Special Apple Muffins belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Cookies Games, Cookies cooking Games, Cook Games
Snow White Good Apple Vs Bad AppleSnow White Good Apple Vs Bad Apple

Snow White has been trying out different looks just for fun. Today you are going to have the opportunity to do a Snow White Good Apple Vs Bad Apple dress up. You will do a nice version of make up and clothes and you will also have a bad version of make up and clothes.

Snow White Good Apple Vs Bad Apple belongs to Girls Games
Apple White's Apple And Blackberry PieApple White's Apple And Blackberry Pie

Apple White is always expected to be beautiful inside and out, always be polite and approachable, she is expected to know everything. In this game your goal is to learn how to make Apple White´s Apple And Blackberry Pie. You will simply follow the step by step instructions.

Apple White's Apple And Blackberry Pie belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Game for girls Games, Cook Games
Amusement CenterAmusement Center

This boy and his lovely little girlfriend are on their way to the Amusement park. They have high expectations so don´t let them get disappointed and arrange the most exciting amusement center for them.

Amusement Center belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Design Games
Puppy CenterPuppy Center

All those cats and dogs sometimes need help from the vet. Don´t let your furry patients wait for you and provide them the best care that they can get in this great game.

Puppy Center belongs to Skill Games, Job Games, Sims Games, Animal Games, Pet Games, Cat Games, Dog Games
In The Shopping CenterIn The Shopping Center

Shopping center is not only a place where you will go to shop but also a place where you will be seen. This game will give you heaps of fun because you get to dress up this cute girl for her shopping day.

In The Shopping Center belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Shopping Games
Jenny's Fitness CenterJenny's Fitness Center

Do you want to keep you fit always? Well, Jenny has opened a fitness center in the city. She is really a skilled instructor. She takes care of each and every customer. But, in the busy days, she needs your help. Do you want to help her as a fitness tycoon? Play this awesome game to develop your managerial skill and have fun!

Jenny's Fitness Center belongs to Enjoy Games
Lisa's Daycare CenterLisa's Daycare Center

Lisa really loves children. That is why she has her own daycare. Help her to run her daycare by fulfilling what those children want before they get upset and have a tantrum. If it happens so many times, it will be bad for the business.

Lisa's Daycare Center belongs to Action Games, Kids Games, Misc action Games
Shopping Center Dress UpShopping Center Dress Up

Hey! It´s time for our most favorite thing to do--shopping! Yes, we´re going shopping at the mall! Now! I heard the newest clothes just came out. I can´t wait to buy! But first, you gotta help me find a dress! Should I wear the yellow one? Does it look good on me? Oh, won´t you please help me? Check out my wardrobe. I´m sure you´ll like something for me to wear. I have a lot of shoes and accessories too! Don´t forget the sunglasses. It´s essential for that celebrity look. I´m so excited! Come on, let´s pick my clothes and have fun!

Shopping Center Dress Up belongs to Our flash Games, Dress up Games, Makeover Games, Makeup Games, Shopping dress up Games, Shopping girl dress up Games
Fast Food CenterFast Food Center

Fast food restaurant is called that way because the customers don´t want to waste time waiting for their food. It is your job to get them their meal in the right time without holding back or bringing them the wrong order.

Fast Food Center belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Fast food Games
Animal Adoption CenterAnimal Adoption Center

There are so many animals out there who need your care and your attention. Don´t let them down and make sure every one of them well taken care of. You need to be fast and caring!

Animal Adoption Center belongs to Girl Games
Shopping Center DecorationShopping Center Decoration

Shopping is one of the most important things in every girl´s life. Girls simply love doing it and in the recent times, the appearance of the shopping center became really important as well! Make this center look appealing for all the girls.

Shopping Center Decoration belongs to Room decoration Games
Dogs Care CenterDogs Care Center

Dogs Care Centers are popping out in every corner of town. People nowadays are pet lovers and wants their adorable pet be taken care of. In this game your goal is to run a Dogs Care Center. You will have to give them a bath and satisfy their needs.

Dogs Care Center belongs to Caring Games, Animal caring Games, Skill Games
Big Apple PieBig Apple Pie

Who doesn´t love a hot slice of apple pie? Try your hand at creating this classic dish. Prepare the ingredients needed and follow the simple instructions to make the perfect apple pie. Yummy!

Big Apple Pie belongs to Cooking Games, Big apple pie Games, Cooking apple pie Games, Cooking pie Games, Cooking Games, Microcookinggame Games, Gg4u Games
An Apple A Day!An Apple A Day!

There is a popular saying that "An Apple A Day keeps the doctors away". That is true because Apple are healthy and natural. Today you are going to be having An Apple A Day fun in Natasha´s factory. She needs help in taking orders and creating each piece and answer those math questions easily. Have fun and give 100%.

An Apple A Day! belongs to Enjoy Games
Apple JamApple Jam

Apple Jam is a delectable treat. You can spread it on toast, pancakes, waffles, and many many more! You can even use it in cakes, creams, and pies! Make your own in this game of Apple Jam! Cook your best jam ever!

Apple Jam belongs to Cooking Games
Bad AppleBad Apple

Apples make for a delicious snack, but be careful! There are bad apples in the bunch. Eat your way through all the good apples while avoiding the bad ones. The number that comes out after you eat an apple tells you how many bad apples are adjacent to it.

Bad Apple belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Puzzle Games
Apple Pie BakingApple Pie Baking

Apple Pie Baking is a virtual way of baking a lovely pie. If you play this game right and follow all the instructions you will know all there is to know about the apple pie making. Just make it one step at the time and once you learn all about it, try to make it in real life.

Apple Pie Baking belongs to Baking Games
Cook Apple PieCook Apple Pie

What can be a better item than a lovely apple pie in this summer afternoon? All the kids and girls love the delicious apple pie, and like others, the mouth watering food is your favorite item. This is really refreshing, but do you know how to cook it? Well, just follow some step by step process in this game and prepare the delicious item for your family and friends. Good luck!

Cook Apple Pie belongs to Girl Games
Apple Strudel PieApple Strudel Pie

My Grandma loves to bake things and every time we have a family reunion, they always look forward to her famous Apple Strudel Pie. The recipe is a secret recipe that only the woman in the family are knowledgeable of. Today you are going to learn how to bake them and make sure to follow each step accurately.

Apple Strudel Pie belongs to Girl Games
Apple CobblerApple Cobbler

Hey aspiring chefs! I am here Squin to teach you how to make the most delicious Apple Cobbler but I need you to help in a few things. In this game your goal is to gather all the needed ingredients from the supermarket and then you can work on the recipe at home. Follow the instructions carefully.

Apple Cobbler belongs to Dress up Games
Elsa Apple PieElsa Apple Pie

Young ladies, are you planning to sharpen up the skills of your cooking? Yes, you definitely are! Your friend Elsa is here and you will help her prepare apple pie. This is really easy and all the instructions are given here. Follow the directions and prepare mouth-watering apple pie in minutes! Also, do it quickly to earn stars. Happy cooking!

Elsa Apple Pie belongs to Girl Games
Tasty Apple PieTasty Apple Pie

Tasty Apple Pie is one of the famous treats the american household can offer. They are very popular for this dessert. It is a fruit pie or tart that has a fruit based filling. In this game your goal is to make a tasty apple pie. Simply click and drag the needed tools and ingredients.

Tasty Apple Pie belongs to Cake Games, Baking Games
Apple BeignetsApple Beignets

Sara is here again to share one of her famous recipes of Apple Beignets. In this game you will learn from Chef Sara herself on how to create this yummy treat. Simply follow her instructions and your good to go. First you need to find the items seen on the right side of the screen.

Apple Beignets belongs to Sara cooking class Games, Sara cooking Games
Apple TurnoversApple Turnovers

The perfect breakfast is the one when the rich smell of pastry and apples fills the inside of your house, dragging you out of the bed to taste those amazing apple turnovers. This game will teach you how to make them and how to serve them perfectly.

Apple Turnovers belongs to Cooking Games, Baking Games
Apple CrumbleApple Crumble

Apple Crumble is just as tasty as it looks. Of course, it is as easy to make as well. Making this tasty treat can be so fun if you do it right, so try doing it in this interesting and amazing game. Prepare the Apple Crumble.

Apple Crumble belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Cookies Games, Cook Games
Apple Pie BakeApple Pie Bake

Cutting a couple of apples, mixing them with other ingredients, pre-heating the oven and eventually baking the pie. These are all the things that need to be done to bake a good apple pie. But there is much more to it and you will learn it at Apple Pie Bake game.

Apple Pie Bake belongs to Cooking Games
Apple WormApple Worm

Apple Worm has always been lazy and he needs your help to eat more apples on his way to the exit. You are going to control Apple Worm by pressing the arrow keys. You will make sure to make him eat the apple to grow and it will help him cross obstacles.

Apple Worm belongs to Enjoy Games
Hot Apple MuffinsHot Apple Muffins

Hot Apple Muffins! Make a batch of these delightful muffins for your friends and family. Easy step by step instructions will guide you to making your own perfectly baked hot apple muffins. Everyone will love it, that´s for sure!

Hot Apple Muffins belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Food Games
American Apple PieAmerican Apple Pie

American apple pie is the national dish that we all know. You can imagine it getting cold on a window, spreading the sweet smell through the neighborhood. Make it today in this game!

American Apple Pie belongs to Meals Games, Baking Games, Cake Games, Cooking Games
Apple CakeApple Cake

Apple cake is not really that hard to make. It is also very fun when you do it in company. Therefore, you need to try this game out and find the best way to make apple cake in real life as well.

Apple Cake belongs to Cooking Games, Food Games
Big Apple WeddingBig Apple Wedding

Those weddings in nature are all nice and cute but they are not for everybody. When you are a city girl like this one, you need to make sure that your wedding is just perfect in the center of New York. Can you make that happen?

Big Apple Wedding belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Theme dress up Games, Bride Games, Game for girls Games

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