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Throw rock at boysThrow rock at boys

Those bullies need a lesson. You have to throw rocks at those misbehaving boys. You need to throw rocks at minimum ten boys in 60 seconds. You only have 40 rocks, so you need to carefully aim the rocks.

Throw rock at boys belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Boy Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Mouse skill Games, Throwing Games
Bell BoysBell Boys

A bell boy´s job is to make sure the hotel guests are happy by giving them what they need. Help these bell boys get the orders to the correct floor within the time limit in order to move on to the next level. Use the arrow keys to control them and make sure that the guests are happy.

Bell Boys belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Make Up For Her BoyfriendMake Up For Her Boyfriend

It is a hard and demanding work to dress up so that you look perfect for your boyfriend. This goes double for your make up. This girl wants to do it, but she has never been that skillful with the makeup. Therefore, make sure she is all perfectly beautiful for her guy.

Make Up For Her Boyfriend belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Islander BoysIslander Boys

The Islander Boys were getting ready to prepare their meal when the pig was stolen! Help the Islander Boys recover their dinner as they go through and adventure to remember.

Islander Boys belongs to Single player Games, Chasing Games, Flash Games, Water Games
Toys For Boys And GirlsToys For Boys And Girls

Toys For Girls and Boys is a really fun and exciting game in which you have to make sure all the toys in the room are in their place. Play it all day long because it is really fun and addictive.

Toys For Boys And Girls belongs to Skill Games, Sims Games, Shopping Games
Rescue Your BoyfriendRescue Your Boyfriend

Help Elizabeth and the Good Wizard to free Elizabeth´s lover from the evil witch. In order to do that, you should help Elizabeth to find the things the Good Wizard needs to fight the enemy. You have to be quick!

Rescue Your Boyfriend belongs to Puzzle Games, Visual matching Games, Wizard Games
Gift For BoyfriendGift For Boyfriend

Julia and Ron are so in love with each other. To show how much she loves Ron, Julia wants to give Ron a present. But, before she can give the present, she needs to find a way to get to Ron. Help Julia to find the fastest way to Ron before the time is running out, and Ron leaves.

Gift For Boyfriend belongs to Puzzle Games, Adventure Games, Love Games
Boyfriend For YouBoyfriend For You

What kind of boyfriend would you like? All girls imagine their perfect boyfriends and this is your chance to see him! Choose everything from the shape of his face to the things that he would wear and see the image you created.

Boyfriend For You belongs to Holiday Games, Valentines day Games
Boyfriend TodayBoyfriend Today

This is a really interesting game in which you can find out what kind of boyfriend is perfect for you. Answer all sorts of questions and this lovely game will show you which one of these hot boys will be your right choice. It´s fun!

Boyfriend Today belongs to Fun Games, Quizzes Games
Boyfriend Dress UpBoyfriend Dress Up

It is no use to go all dressed up on a date if your guy doesn´t know how to dress up as well. at least, in this game, you can fantasize about it and dress up this boy the best you can.

Boyfriend Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Boy dress up Games
Boyfriend JacketsBoyfriend Jackets

If you want to learn how to pair those chic manly-man jackets with your chic girly-girl dresses and high-heels, you should definitely check out the fashion tips and tricks gathered for you in the ´Boyfriend Jackets´ dress up game!

Boyfriend Jackets belongs to Dress up Games, Girl dress up Games, Girl Games
My Super BoyfriendMy Super Boyfriend

Shoot! There is this big nasty guy trying to bully you. Get some help! Just dial some numbers of your phone, and see which one of your boyfriends will come and save you. It´s gonna be so much fun to see who´s coming. It can be a magician, chef, superhero, or even an alien!

My Super Boyfriend belongs to Fun Games, Funny Games
Save Her Boyfriend!Save Her Boyfriend!

This is an adventure game in which this lovely girl has to save her boyfriend. He is in trouble and she is the only one who can help him out. Go with her to the rescue!

Save Her Boyfriend! belongs to Girl Games
Exam Hall Naughty BoysExam Hall Naughty Boys

Copying from a classmate´s test paper is not good, but these naughty boys just can´t help themselves! Help them peek at their classmate´s papers without getting caught. Be careful, the teacher and some other classmates might catch them. If they get caught many times, they fail the test.

Exam Hall Naughty Boys belongs to Boys Games, Puzzle Games, School Games, Skill Games
Waiting For The BoyfriendWaiting For The Boyfriend

Romance is definitely in the air! This pretty lady is meeting a special guy at the park for a romantic date. Help her look her best by dressing her up in stylish clothes and accessories, so that when her boyfriend arrives, he will surely say, "Wow!"

Waiting For The Boyfriend belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Game for girls Games
My Super Boyfriend 2My Super Boyfriend 2

When you are in trouble, it sure comes in handy to have a boyfriend who is there to help you. In this game, this boyfriend is only a dial away when his girl is being pestered by a bully. Dial it and she who comes to the rescue.

My Super Boyfriend 2 belongs to
Monster High Rochelle Goyle With BoyfriendMonster High Rochelle Goyle With Boyfriend

Monster High Rochelle Goyle With Boyfriend takes you to a very strange and interesting date. Rochelle and her boy are everything but an usual couple, so make sure that you dress them both up perfectly for they weird and lovely date. Make them fun and scary.

Monster High Rochelle Goyle With Boyfriend belongs to Dress up Games, Monsters Games, Dress up Games, Monster high Games
Teen Boys RoomTeen Boys Room

Teens are very emotional and very attached to their friends and school. In this game you will get to decorate a teen boy´s room. Choose the age appropriate closet, drawers, windows, book shelves, bed, bedside table, carpet, hamper and a bin full of balls. Good luck!

Teen Boys Room belongs to Dress up Games
Boyfriend Girl MakeoverBoyfriend Girl Makeover

Your boyfriend is very supportive in everything that you do. He also agreed to look like a girl in order for a cause your passionate for. In this game your goal is to do a Boyfriend Girl Makeover. Simply follow the arrows and the blinking item to know the exact order on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Boyfriend Girl Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
My Bearded BoyfriendMy Bearded Boyfriend

Some people thing that having a beard is school and some think that when a man have a beard, he is a beggar or sloppy with his hygiene. In this game your goal is to do a My Bearded Boyfriend makeover. Simply click and drag the needed tools and items and follow the step by step process shown on the screen.

My Bearded Boyfriend belongs to Skill Games
Boyfriend's Boy ShortsBoyfriend's Boy Shorts

Cathy and Jayden are going to the beach to surf and relax. They are a lovely couple who loves to look good and comfy. In this game your goal is to do a Boyfriend´s Boy Shorts. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Boyfriend's Boy Shorts belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Hello Kitty's New BoyfriendHello Kitty's New Boyfriend

Hello Kitty has been seeing someone and recently the guy asked her to be his girlfriend. Today you are going to do a Hello Kitty´s New Boyfriend selection. You are going to read and observe all three boys and help Hello Kitty choose who is going to be her next boyfriend.

Hello Kitty's New Boyfriend belongs to Skill Games
Taylor Swift Ex BoyfriendsTaylor Swift Ex Boyfriends

Taylor Swift is one of the famous singers of her generation today. All of her songs are about love and everything in between. Today you are going to meet Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends. Here you are going to teach Harry, Jake and John some lesson to not hurt another girl´s heart.

Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends belongs to Girls Games
DIY: My Boyfriend's Outfits RefashionDIY: My Boyfriend's Outfits Refashion

Stacey´s Boyfriend has so many clothes that he doesn´t wear anymore and she took this as an opportunity to do a DIY: My Boyfriend´s Outfits Refashion. you are going to help her redesign and revamp her Boyfriend´s old clothes to a more stylish and trendy look.

DIY: My Boyfriend's Outfits Refashion belongs to Girls Games
DIY My Boyfriend's OutfitsDIY My Boyfriend's Outfits

Cristina´s boyfriend has so many clothes lying around his closet which will eventually be donated because he doesn´t use them anymore. Today you are going to help her do a DIY My Boyfriend´s Outfits. You will help her design and modify some outfits to her size.

DIY My Boyfriend's Outfits belongs to Enjoy Games
Ellie Boyfriend ThiefEllie Boyfriend Thief

The beautiful princess Ellie has arranged a special party. All of her best friends are invited to the party. She has told all of her friends to put their phones in a place and not to touch these. Ellie has a secret plan to check all of their phones. Help this cute girl to make her secret plan true. Search the phone´s inbox and meet with their boyfriend. Have a great fun!

Ellie Boyfriend Thief belongs to Makeover Games
Boyfriend ThiefBoyfriend Thief

The dashing girl, Betty feels very boring in the party. So, she wants to do something funny. Join with this cute girl and have some great excitement. Hide all of the phones of her friends and text their boyfriends to meet. Give Betty similar looks to her friends and date with the boyfriends. Have a fun!

Boyfriend Thief belongs to Enjoy Games
Princess Girly Vs Boyfriend OutfitPrincess Girly Vs Boyfriend Outfit

This beautiful princess is going to meet with her boyfriend. She needs to get an amazing outfit to impress her boyfriend. Help this cute princess to get her favorite look. Give her a nice makeover. Dress her up by a gorgeous dress and add some exclusive accessories. She will be looking great. Enjoy it!

Princess Girly Vs Boyfriend Outfit belongs to Dress up Games
Boyfriend Spell FactoryBoyfriend Spell Factory

The Spell Factory is now officially open to those who needs it. But there is always a caution before using the magical spell pot. Today you are going to assist this young woman in her quest to create a magical Boyfriend in the Spell Factory as her date. You will combine 3 different items to produce a magical boyfriend. Have fun!

Boyfriend Spell Factory belongs to
Boyfriend Does My MakeupBoyfriend Does My Makeup

There has been so many challenges being thrown out in the internet and it is up to you if you take it on. In this game you are going to do a Boyfriend Does My Makeup. There are 4 stages: the challenge, removing current make up, applying new make up and then dress up. You just have to make sure you have 100% trust with your partner throughout the whole process.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup belongs to
Annie's Boyfriend Spell FactoryAnnie's Boyfriend Spell Factory

Annie is a budding scientist who has very huge ideas that some wouldn´t even dare to go to. In this game your main goal is to create 12 Boyfriend transformations by mixing 3 different ingredients. You are going to be working with Annie´s Boyfriend in the Spell Factory.

Annie's Boyfriend Spell Factory belongs to

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