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Just Another EscapeJust Another Escape

Escaping from mysterious rooms can be a very fun thing to do because you have to use all you can to do it and it seems that you have very little. Play this escaping game and find out how sharp you really are.

Just Another Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games

This is a real mystery that you have to solve which also involves how to escape this place you ended up in. Use all you have at your disposal and break through!

Escape belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Detective Games, Flash Games, Role playing Games
Just EscapeJust Escape

Oh, no! You are trapped in a strange locked room! You have to break free before anything bad happens to you. Click on any item you see in the room. It might be your key out!

Just Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games, Point n click Games
Egg House EscapeEgg House Escape

Henny needs help in escaping the garden, help her by looking out for a variety of clues scattered on the garden. The clues are hidden all over the garden so keep a watchful eye. Use the clues you find to solve puzzles that can lead you a step closer to escaping this garden.

Egg House Escape belongs to Fun Games, Puzzle Games, Skill Games
Room-escape 3Room-escape 3

This room seems like any other but you know that is just not true. It is time to escape it but there is no way out. Or so it seems! Use your brain and make your way out of this room.

Room-escape 3 belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Restaurant EscapeRestaurant Escape

You need to get out of the restaurant immediately, but first you have to find a way out. Search the restaurant and find particular tasks you need to do to get out of there.

Restaurant Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Escape The Room 2Escape The Room 2

Escaping a room should be fairly simple. You just walk out of the door. In normal places - yes. But in this challenging game, there is so much more than that. Try it now.

Escape The Room 2 belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Library EscapeLibrary Escape

Library can become really boring place to be, but if you cannot escape it at all, then the real panic begins. In this game, you need to make sure that you find your way out of this library.

Library Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Spa Room EscapeSpa Room Escape

Being in the spa is very relaxing. Sometimes, it is so relaxing that you don´t want to leave! However in this game, you need to find your way out from this spa and go home. It´s not as easy as it sounds.

Spa Room Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Speed EscapeSpeed Escape

In this escape game, you are given the challenge to find you way out from 3 different rooms. You only have 5 minutes to free yourself from each room. Do you have enough guts to take this challenge?

Speed Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Toystore EscapeToystore Escape

If you think getting stuck inside a toy store is fun, think again. Try to escape the toy store by finding items and performing actions. Some activities may be easier to do than others, but you need to complete them all to be able to escape the toy store.

Toystore Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games, Point n click Games
Cleaning Escape CarCleaning Escape Car

When people are waiting for their gang in the escape car, they don´t have much to do but to eat and snack. This leaves and awful mess, so if you want to use your escape car more than just once, make sure it is all cleaned up well.

Cleaning Escape Car belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games, Cleaning Games
Island EscapeIsland Escape

Rick´s plane has just crashed onto a small deserted island. You have to help him and the other passenger to find a way out from there before they start losing their mind! Click on any items. Who knows this might help you to find a way out.

Island Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games, Airplane Games
Must Escape The Ice CastleMust Escape The Ice Castle

You are always adventurous and love to discover the new things. Today you have come to the ice castle and unknowingly, you have been trapped. Now you will have to escape from the ice castle exploring the hints and other clues. This is really challenging and you are going to be the winner. Escape!

Must Escape The Ice Castle belongs to Enjoy Games
Escape The RoomEscape The Room

This orange room is the place that you really need to get out of. This may sound like an easy thing to do, but once you end up inside, you will see how hard it is. But don´t give up!

Escape The Room belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Room EscapeRoom Escape

Finding clues are easy if you know where to start looking. Sometimes it is placed on plain sight or just under some things. In this game your goal is to search for clues on how to find the 3 keys. He accidentally locked himself in the room. Remember to keep an open eye for any clues that can be used to unlock things around the room.

Room Escape belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Vampire EscapeVampire Escape

The authorities are out to find and capture vampires that have been terrorizing the neighborhood! This young vampire is seen trying to flee and save herself from being captured. The fledgling vampire can change her appearance to escape! Help her dress up in stylishly creepy outfits and accessories to fool those who are after her.

Vampire Escape belongs to Dress up Games, Teen Games
Palace EscapePalace Escape

A palace is a nice place to live, but what if you´re trapped and you can´t get out? Find ways to escape the beautiful palace. Click on the items and surroundings to find clues and use those clues to solve the puzzle and get out of the palace once and for all!

Palace Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Hidden object Games, Adventure Games
Escape To The TempleEscape To The Temple

Escape To The Temple is a cooperative game in which players must escape the cursed temple in order to return to their loved ones. In this game your goal is to click on every detail to search for clues and take note of every little objects lying around. Click everything and don´t let anything untouched.

Escape To The Temple belongs to Girl games Games

Ron had a crazy party last night. He went to a pub and had lots of booze. He can´t remember much about last night. All he remembers is that he was trying to make a move on this cute chic. Now, he wakes up in a bathroom that certainly is not in his house, being locked. Help him to find a way out by clicking anything that you find there.

Bathroom-escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games, Point n click Games
Dream EscapeDream Escape

Dreams can be lovely and fun, but also, they can be really scary and horror like. Sometimes they are just strange and weird and this is your chance to see what is the best way to escape one of those dreams!

Dream Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Must Escape The Pet ShopMust Escape The Pet Shop

Pet shops are one of the dangerous shops where you can get trapped in. Today you Must Escape The Pet Shop with no help from the outside. You will need to use and click everything and search every inch of the pet shop that will help you escape.

Must Escape The Pet Shop belongs to Enjoy Games
Escape From KitchenEscape From Kitchen

Getting out of a kitchen seems like a really easy thing to do. However, with this game you will see that this is not so. But even though it is hard it doesn´t mean it is not interesting. Try it.

Escape From Kitchen belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Escape From OctlienEscape From Octlien

Use your wits and your mouse as your only weapons to leave this place. Your logical skills will be your tools in this very intriguing and interesting escape game, so use them wisely.

Escape From Octlien belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games
Tribal Hut EscapeTribal Hut Escape

This is for sure that you love to do real adventure all the time. Imagine you get stuck in the land of tribes and enter into a hut. You must escape the place before the tribes catch you. You have different hints and using them, try to find out all the hidden objects. Try to collect all the elephant tusks to earn some bonus points as well. Find the treasure box to escape the place!

Tribal Hut Escape belongs to Children Games
Escape LibraryEscape Library

Getting locked inside a strange library is what happened to you this time. You have to get out of there fast and you need to do whatever it takes in order to do that.

Escape Library belongs to Puzzle Games, Point n click Games, Room escape Games
Duck EscapeDuck Escape

The ducks are trapped inside their cages and they cannot escape. They need to be let out to smell the fresh air and walk around the farm. You are going to help them by finding all the clues around the farm. You will find combinations and solve puzzles that will lead you to find the key that can unlock the cage.

Duck Escape belongs to Girl Games
Escape Series  The CarEscape Series The Car

In this exciting game you will get no game or background. You will only wake up on an unknown location and you just know that you need to escape. This time, your location is a car. Use whatever you find!

Escape Series The Car belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games, Car Games
Twin EscapeTwin Escape

You are definitely adventurous, but do you really enjoy it? Imagine you have come to a strange place with your twin, but suddenly get locked there. But, you cannot be a loser as you always love to take the challenge. You will various clues and items there to come out from the strange place. Play and be the winner!

Twin Escape belongs to Enjoy Games
Supermarket EscapeSupermarket Escape

You´re stuck in the supermarket, now what do you do? Find your way out of the supermarket by figuring out clues and using them to escape. Find a way to get out of there or be stuck in the supermarket forever!

Supermarket Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Escape Games, Room escape Games

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