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Elf Of MoonElf Of Moon

Elves are magical creatures and they bring magic with them wherever they go. This elf of the moon wants a little magic makeover for herself. Give it to her by styling her hair and choosing from a wide selection of elf clothes and shoes. Don´t forget to give her a magic scepter so that she can do her job properly.

Elf Of Moon belongs to Girl Games
Sailor MoonSailor Moon

Sailor Moon, with her elongated legs and bewildering powers, are a girl´s true idol. Now dress her up with her numerous uniforms and clothes. Pick the one that is your most favorite and marvel at her astonishing figure.

Sailor Moon belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Fairy Games, Magic Games, Anime Games, Sailor Games
The Moon AngelThe Moon Angel

Hello angelic girls! Come and see your friend, the moon angel is waiting for you. She has all the lovely dresses, dazzling jewelries, stylish shoes, and other stuffs. All you need to help her get ready and bring out the best of your friend’s look! Play with all the makeover stuffs and make her happy!

The Moon Angel belongs to Enjoy Games
The Moon Angel 2The Moon Angel 2

You surely remember the moon angels because of their stunning look and style. They have come again and need your help for a gorgeous makeover and wearing the majestic dresses. They have everything like colorful dresses, and other fantastic makeover items. Please help the moon angels get a wonderful makeover and make them happy!

The Moon Angel 2 belongs to Enjoy Games
Moon Dress upMoon Dress up

This is the cutest and the most adorable fairy who likes sitting on the Moon, thinking and looking nice. She has all sorts of outfits and she wants to show them all to you!

Moon Dress up belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Fantasy Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Monty's MoonMonty's Moon

Monky is very lonely and he is the only one who doesn´t have a girlfriend. One day he saw an article in the treetop times saying that there are monkey´s living on the moon. He promised to get one. In this game you will use the left click to launch yourself up. Don´t forget to gather as many bananas as you can to unlock boosters.

Monty's Moon belongs to Girl Games
Sailor Moon MakeoverSailor Moon Makeover

The girls are always creative and they love to take different types of makeover. What about you? You also experiment with different styles and modern fashion trends. The sailor moon is a lovely makeover style, but different from other types of makeover. So, go ahead, play this lovely game, and showcase your creativity with a mesmerizing sailor moon makeover.

Sailor Moon Makeover belongs to Makeover Games
Moon Bear GirlsMoon Bear Girls

Today we are going to be meeting up with the Moon Bear Girls and they are in need of help when it comes to choosing their outfit. You are going to change the whole look of the one in red dress. She is the model and the one beside her represents you as the fashion stylist.

Moon Bear Girls belongs to Girl Games
Sailor Moon CreatorSailor Moon Creator

All the kids and girls are adventurous and they love to be the winner all the time. Sailor Moon creator is a lovely game and there are five fabulous dolls. You will have to select one of them for a gorgeous makeover. The makeover must be a little different, but make sure that they are happy. Have fun!

Sailor Moon Creator belongs to Girl Games
Sailor Moon PrincessSailor Moon Princess

Sailor Moon is one of the famous Cartoons for children because the characters are all beautiful, kind and they are helping other people. Today you are going to do a Sailor Moon Princess dress up. You are going to click on the hair, clothes, accessories and her shoes to complete the look.

Sailor Moon Princess belongs to Enjoy Games
Moon Dance Dress UpMoon Dance Dress Up

The people of Water World is very busy because they will have their annual Moon Festival. Lana, the most beautiful girl there, is given the honor to do the Moon dance. She does not want to disappoint the people who have trusted her. Help her to choose an amazing dancing outfit that will make her performance unforgettable.

Moon Dance Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Moon Lovers ColoringMoon Lovers Coloring

These two are real Moon lovers because they are in love and they are really romantic. They are so in love with each other that they haven´t noticed that they lack color! Give them some while they gaze at each other.

Moon Lovers Coloring belongs to Coloring books Games
Sailor Moon Dress UpSailor Moon Dress Up

Sailor Moon is being invited to a classy casual soiree. She really wants to look stunning since Tuxedo Mask will be there too. Help Sailor Moon to get the perfect look that will make Tuxedo Mask kiss her at the end of the party.

Sailor Moon Dress Up belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Full Moon Wo SagashiteFull Moon Wo Sagashite

Do you love anime girl? If you do, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game because you have to dress up the anime character. Pick a nice dress, wings, boots, crown, and even a microphone. The background sound is very catchy so listen to it while you play.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite belongs to
Sailor Moon Dress UpSailor Moon Dress Up

This lovely girl is really nice and good looking, and there are some really interesting costumes that you can try out on her as well as all sorts of different and unusual hair styles.

Sailor Moon Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games, Cartoon Games
Moon Fairy Coloring GameMoon Fairy Coloring Game

Moon Fairy Coloring Game is a game in which you will be able to color the lovely Moon Fairy who waits for your choices of colors and shades. It will be really fun to do that, so come on and make one lovely fairy cheerful and happy. Let some colors in her life.

Moon Fairy Coloring Game belongs to Coloring Games
Rapunzel Sailor Moon CosplayRapunzel Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon is one of my most favorite anime because they give power and strong personas to women. Today you are going to be assisting Rapunzel in her upcoming Sailor Moon Cosplay. You will follow the pointing hand on which item to use and what is the next process.

Rapunzel Sailor Moon Cosplay belongs to Enjoy Games
Super Sailor Moon Dress UpSuper Sailor Moon Dress Up

Super Sailor Moon Dress Up will show you what are all the harstyles, dresses, makeup and accessories available for you to dress up this lovely girl. All you need to do after that is to take the chance and make her look wonderful by using these things.

Super Sailor Moon Dress Up belongs to

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