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Bow MasterBow Master

Your kingdom is at the edge of destruction. The notorious Trev´Gahr troops are on their way to attack your territory. You need to make them stop by using the bow. Aim the bow carefully, so you can defeat them all before they reach your castle.

Bow Master belongs to Single player Games, Castle Games, Defend Games, Defense Games, Flash Games
Gun Master Onslaught 1Gun Master Onslaught 1

When you´re in the middle of a battle, your instinct is to survive and stay alive! Stay alive for as long as you can while killing off the enemies. The more enemies killed, the higher the score!

Gun Master Onslaught 1 belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Army Games, Flash Games, Series Games, Shooting Games
Cheat MasterCheat Master

Play the Cheat Master and improve your cheating skills. You have to avoid the teacher´s eye, peep into other student´s paper and you also need to beat the time. You score every time you cheat.

Cheat Master belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, School Games, Student Games
Cake MasterCake Master

Cake Master is a game that will teach you how to make delicious cakes and decorate them in the best possible way! You can choose from the three levels of difficulty and practice until you are the best!

Cake Master belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Cooking Games, Cake Games, Decorating Games
Pizza MasterPizza Master

You can find all sorts of pizzas at any step of your way. Therefore, it is not easy to make the best one with all that competition. However, you need to do your best to become a pizza master of this game.

Pizza Master belongs to Cooking pizza Games, Pizza cooking Games, Pizza cooking games online Games, Pizza cooking games online for free Games, Pizza cooking games online for girls only Games, Cooking games pizza Games
Mix Master JuiceMix Master Juice

There is nothing so refreshing and so healthy as a freshly made and mixed juice that you make yourself in the morning. In this game, you will learn how to make many mixes and combinations that will have you healthy and entertained for a long time. do your best and have some fun.

Mix Master Juice belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games
Burger MasterBurger Master

Burgers are consist of a beef patty in between two buns. You can also add veggies on it. In this game your goal is to be a Burger Master of all time. Simply click and drag the needed tools and ingredients and follow the step by step process.

Burger Master belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cook Games
Block MasterBlock Master

In this game of Block Master, you are going to go through 5 levels to win the game. You will start with Beginner, Amateur, Professional, Expert and Master. You need to complete 6 stages for every level to move on to the next level. Have fun and fit the colored blocks to the colored area.

Block Master belongs to Enjoy Games
Tennis MasterTennis Master

It is not so easy to play tennis in real life. Luckily, there are games just like this one in which you can play it like a master and have fun without breaking up sweat!

Tennis Master belongs to Sports Games, Tennis Games
Gun Master Onslaught 2Gun Master Onslaught 2

Gun Master Onslaught is back again, and this time, there are more enemies to defeat! Stay alive for as long as you can and kill as many enemies as you can in the process.

Gun Master Onslaught 2 belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Army Games, Flash Games, Shooting Games
Road Master 3Road Master 3

Take the journey to become the Road Master. Drive the car on the road collecting power-ups along the way. Be careful not to smash into the other cars on the road. One bump and your journey ends.

Road Master 3 belongs to Single player Games, Car Games, Driving Games, Flash Games, Obstacle Games, Street Games
Bowling MasterBowling Master

Can you strike a ball? In this exciting game of Bowling Master, you are summoned to show off your skills in bowling! Shine that bowling ball and strut your grooves. Make your way to the highest points in Bowling Master.

Bowling Master belongs to Single player Games, Ball Games, Bowling Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Mouse skill Games, Sports Games
Elsa Master ChefElsa Master Chef

Young ladies, do you know how to prepare yummy pizza? There is no problem if you don’t know as Elsa is with you. Just make flour mixture (salt & water with flour), cut onions & tomatoes, and mix with flour dough to bake the pizza. It’s really easy! Can you prepare it in minutes? Well, take the challenge and win stars!

Elsa Master Chef belongs to Girl Games
Master Noodle MakerMaster Noodle Maker

All the girls and kids love to eat noodles very much. Don’t you like it? This is definitely your favorite dish and think of eating almost every day. But, do you know how to prepare the delicious item? Well, this is very easy as you have all the ingredients and the master noodle maker. Play and learn how to prepare the mouthwatering item for your friends and family!

Master Noodle Maker belongs to Girl Games
Dragon Master Dress UpDragon Master Dress Up

Dragons are very hard creatures to catch a glimpse of, very hard to tame and not very open to seeing people. Today you are going to do a Dragon Master Dress Up. You will choose how this famous dragon master would look like from skin color, make up, eye color, lips, clothes, scar, weapons and outfit.

Dragon Master Dress Up belongs to Enjoy Games
Master Chef SlackingMaster Chef Slacking

Master Chef is a widely known cooking show where aspiring cooks want to get the title of Master Chef. Today you are going to be the evil one in the Master Chef competition. You want to Slack on your end so your goal is to sabotage the dish of your opponent, Frank. Have fun but keep in mind this is just a game.

Master Chef Slacking belongs to
Cute Master ChefCute Master Chef

Tamara recently graduated with a culinary degree and she is now practicing on how to be a chef. In this game your goal is to do a Cute Master Chef dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click and drag your chosen items.

Cute Master Chef belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Master Pizza MakerMaster Pizza Maker

Being a Master Pizza Maker is the top title you can achieve for your love of Pizza. In this game your goal is to be a Master Pizza Maker. You will have to learn and try the different steps in making this delicious Pizza. Gather all the ingredients and items from the kitchen and place it on the counter to start cooking.

Master Pizza Maker belongs to Cooking Games, Cook Games, Cook Games
Stitch Master Of DisguiseStitch Master Of Disguise

Stitch is hiding from the bounty hunters who are trying to bring him back to his planet. For now, he is hiding in Lilo´s house. Help him to disguise himself every time the bounty hunters come to search for him in Lilo´s house.

Stitch Master Of Disguise belongs to Action Games, Cartoon Games, Animal Games
Nail Master DressupNail Master Dressup

Our girl character needs your help sister. She wants you to style her so she can look cool and awesome like you. Her goal is to be popular in her school so do everything to make this dream come true. Choose a nice outfit for her, accessories, and of course the right color for her nails.

Nail Master Dressup belongs to Girl Games
Tattoo Baby Ink MasterTattoo Baby Ink Master

This supermodel has finally finished her apprenticeship to become a professional tattoo artist. Now she´s building up a new tattoo shop and makeover salon for her clients. In this game you hold the title of Tattoo Baby Ink Master. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Tattoo Baby Ink Master belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Pizza Master CookingPizza Master Cooking

I always dreamed of eating the authentic Pizza right on the streets of Italy. They have a traditional way of doing things for making a delicious pizza. In this game your goal is to be a Pizza Master Cook. You will simply choose the setting, the utensil, the drink and of course the type of pizza you want.

Pizza Master Cooking belongs to Cooking Games, Fun Games, Cook Games, Fun cooking Games, Cook Games
Kitchen Cooking Crazy MasterKitchen Cooking Crazy Master

The cooking master of this kitchen is very crazy. Join with this crazy cooking master and help him to complete his clients´ orders properly. You may fry the chicken and find out the client´s favorite fruits. Give the clients better services and make them happy. Make the kitchen popular. Enjoy it!

Kitchen Cooking Crazy Master belongs to Girls Games
Cake Master: Christmas PuddingCake Master: Christmas Pudding

Don’t you love delicious pudding? You definitely like it, but if it is a Christmas pudding, you just cannot wait to enjoy it. Well, do you know how to prepare mouthwatering Christmas pudding? You can easily cook it as you have all the ingredients like milk, caster sugar, eggs, cream, and all other necessary items. Learn how to prepare a delicious Christmas pudding for your friends and family!

Cake Master: Christmas Pudding belongs to Enjoy Games
Elsa Wedding Cake MasterElsa Wedding Cake Master

Elsa is not your average Queen because she has powers that could freeze anyone. Today you are going to be helping out Elsa in being a Wedding Cake Master. You will follow the arrow for the step by step procedure. Make sure to be alert on every ingredient that you put into the mix.

Elsa Wedding Cake Master belongs to Girls Games
JRPG Heroine Creator Dragon Master GameJRPG Heroine Creator Dragon Master Game

JRPG is a shortened term for Japanese role playing game. These are games that are made from Japan. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to be a JRPG Heroine Creator for the game Dragon Master. You will choose the hair, skin color, facial features, outfit and accessories to complete the whole persona.

JRPG Heroine Creator Dragon Master Game belongs to Dressup Games

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