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Lego HouseLego House

Building a Lego house is fun and very relaxing. You can build whatever you like. In this game your goal is to do a Lego House design. Simply click on the buttons until you have chosen your design. You can choose your preferred roof, wall, windows, trees, cars and the ground.

Lego House belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games
Lego Hospital RecoveryLego Hospital Recovery

Lego is one of my favorite childhood toys and even when I became an adult I always enjoyed playing them. There is no age limit for this toy. Today you are going to be the doctor of our Lego friend Emmet because he got into a accident at work. He needs your expertise to treat his injuries.

Lego Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games
The Lego Treasure HuntThe Lego Treasure Hunt

The time has come for this Pirate Lego man to go on his long waited treasure hunt! He cannot do it without your help, so come and make his quest easy and fun for both of you.

The Lego Treasure Hunt belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Collecting Games, Flash Games
Lego Elves Dragon CareLego Elves Dragon Care

Gust the wind dragon is the main dragon partnered with Aira the wind elf. Today you are going to play the Lego Elves Dragon Care. You will help Gust restore her health and be beautiful again after the accident. Have fun and follow the pointed hand for instructions.

Lego Elves Dragon Care belongs to Enjoy Games
Football ChallengeFootball Challenge

The crowd is on their feet, the whole court is silent and the goalkeeper has his eyes on you. This is your moment to shine and win the match, just score that goal!

Football Challenge belongs to Single player Games, Ball Games, Flash Games, Football Games, Sports Games
Extreme FootballExtreme Football

Extreme Football will make you buckle up, remember your days on the field and show that you have some more good hits left in you! Calculate the strength and the distance of your hit and earn points!

Extreme Football belongs to Rugby Games
Football BabyFootball Baby

Football is a very popular game in some countries. It´s goal is kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal. In this game your goal is to dress up Abby for the game this afternoon. Keep in mind the logo and color of the team she is in. Make the outfit comfortable and use breathable cloth.

Football Baby belongs to Girl Games
Fantasy FootballFantasy Football

The time has come - two local football teams are getting ready for the big game and they are taking a photo for the cover of the magazines. The photographer has taken two seemingly identical photos, but you need to make sure that you check again and find the five differences!

Fantasy Football belongs to Dress up Games
Disney FootballDisney Football

Football is a really interesting game and when it is played by Disney characters it gets even more interesting and fun! Come and play with this great characters and score!

Disney Football belongs to Sports Games, Football Games, Soccer Games, Ball Games
Hummer Football 2Hummer Football 2

Hummer is one of the most prestigious cars in the world. Why don´t we drive it with attitude? Let´s ride it to play football! Yep, it´s true. In this game, you are asked to make some goal by using the Hummer as your "feet". How cool is that?

Hummer Football 2 belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Ball Games, Series Games, Shockwave Games, Soccer Games, Sports Games, Truck Games
Play 2 Win FootballPlay 2 Win Football

Can you bend it like Beckham? In this game, you are given the challenge to execute free kick balls. You need to make as many goals as you can in a limited time.

Play 2 Win Football belongs to Single player Games, Ball Games, Flash Games, Football Games, Soccer Games, Sports Games
Sexy FootballSexy Football

Sexy Football is a game in which you need to have as much fun as you can while you play this amazing game! Football can be sexy, so come here and learn how!

Sexy Football belongs to Single player Games, Multiplayer Games, Ball Games, Flash Games, Football Games, Fun Games, Sports Games
Hummer FootballHummer Football

Playing football using your legs are usual. Now how about playing football by using hummers? Control the hummers so they can create some goals. This game is so cool! Be careful with the time!

Hummer Football belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Ball Games, Driving Games, Series Games, Shockwave Games, Soccer Games, Sports Games, Truck Games
Ultimate FootballUltimate Football

Be a quarterback as you and your team play Ultimate Football! Use the controls to look for an open teammate and pass the ball. Complete as many passes as you can within the time limit. Increase your score with every successful pass and lose a life for every miss.

Ultimate Football belongs to Single player Games, Ball Games, Flash Games, Football Games, Sports Games, Throwing Games
World Cup Football StadiumWorld Cup Football Stadium

Football is a game where in you will kick the ball and make sure to place it on the goal to gain points. In this game your goal is to do a World Cup Football Stadium clean up. You have 2 minutes to clean up this stadium. You have to click and drag the items and place them to the dust bin or the bin for the tools and equipment.

World Cup Football Stadium belongs to Dress up Games
Thanksgiving Football With FamilyThanksgiving Football With Family

Every Thanksgiving, this family remembers how happy they are to get along so well and to be together. They use this day for their favorite activities, like playing football and having fun together. Dress them up as they play their traditional football game, this year as well.

Thanksgiving Football With Family belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Decorate My Football ShoesDecorate My Football Shoes

Decorate My Football Shoes has a lot to do with sports and with design. This game will make a real sporty designer that is in charge with decorating the looks of the football shoes. Decorate My Football Shoes gives you the chance to decorate the shoes for your team.

Decorate My Football Shoes belongs to Decorating Games, Boys Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games, Boys Games
Baby Hazel Football PlayerBaby Hazel Football Player

Baby Hazel has been very active ever since she can walk and talk. She loves activities that uses her whole body. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to do a Baby Hazel Football Player dress up. You will click on the icons to choose which items would look best on her.

Baby Hazel Football Player belongs to Girls Games
Dora And Diego Playing FootballDora And Diego Playing Football

Dora and Diego loves spending time together. Today they are going to play football. In this game your goal is to do a Dora And Diego Playing Football. You will simply click on the items that can be used in another time and place it on the basket. The trash must be placed in the dust bin to throw away.

Dora And Diego Playing Football belongs to Cleaning Games
Coke Zero Retro Electro FootballCoke Zero Retro Electro Football

Table football or foosball is a fun game to play with friends. Try playing electronic foosball for a change! Call the plays and watch as the little electronic players execute them. It´s so much fun!

Coke Zero Retro Electro Football belongs to Single player Games, Advergames Games, Flash Games, Football Games, Sports Games
Turbo Football Heavy Metal SpiritTurbo Football Heavy Metal Spirit

Combine two of the most interesting things in the wold and you will get this great and amazing game! It´s about football being played on those big and bad motorcycles! It doesn´t get any better than that!

Turbo Football Heavy Metal Spirit belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Driving Games, Flash Games, Motorcycle Games, Sports Games

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