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Kitten cannon game


Dog CannonDog Cannon

Choose a dog that you like. After that fire it from your Dog Cannon so that it flies and gathers as many bones as possible and lands on a trampoline safely.

Dog Cannon belongs to Skill Games, Action Games, Dog Games, Throwing Games
Cannon DogCannon Dog

Shoot the puppy in the air using a cannon and make sure he lands at the target mat. There are trampolines and balloons along the way to help boost his flight. Adjust the angle and the power of the cannon to get a good lift.

Cannon Dog belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Dog Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Puppy Games, Throwing Games
Bouncy CannonBouncy Cannon

In this game of Bouncy Cannon, you are going to undergo the set 25 levels and make sure that you win each and everyone of them. You are going to click on the left button to aim and then release it to shoot. You need to have a good aim to win every level.

Bouncy Cannon belongs to Enjoy Games
Ren and Stimpy s Crazy CannonRen and Stimpy s Crazy Cannon

Ren and Stimpy are always up to some crazy and whacky things! This game is no different as, here, they are shooting each other out of the cannon! See what is it all about!

Ren and Stimpy s Crazy Cannon belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Canon Games, Dog Games, Flash Games, Funny Games, Kids Games
Go Kitten GoGo Kitten Go

Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets. In this game it is presented as a fun and easy game called Go Kitten Go. You will simply look and try to analyze the answer to the basic math problem in front of you and you will need to click on the correct answer.

Go Kitten Go belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games, Game for girls Games
Fashionable KittenFashionable Kitten

Don´t you think that cats are the prettiest animals of all? Now, you can make them look prettier. Let´s dress them up with cute accessories that will make these cats look super adorable.

Fashionable Kitten belongs to Girl Games
Kitten PuffsKitten Puffs

Create your own cute kitty with this fun new dress up game. Choose the kitty´s clothes, eye expression, ears and tale to create different cute and cuddly kittens. Mix and match the items for new looks every time!

Kitten Puffs belongs to Animal Games, Kitten Games, Kitten dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Cute KittenCute Kitten

As this amazingly kitten plays, you can play with it also! All you need to do is to solve the jigsaw puzzle with its photo on it. Enjoy this adorable picture of the fluffy kitty and have fun.

Cute Kitten belongs to Girl Games
Kitten GroomingKitten Grooming

There is hardly anything so lovely and cute as kittens. Of course, kittens need to be taken care of, so make sure you do that properly in this cool game. Kitten Grooming is here!

Kitten Grooming belongs to Dress up Games, Animals and pets Games
Kitten VillageKitten Village

This boy camels gets his energy level up by kissing the by passing girl camels that are going in the opposite direction. Therefore, he needs to shorten and to stretch his neck so that he can kiss as many girl camels as possible. Try helping him to kiss all the camels and earn energy in Energy Walk.

Kitten Village belongs to
Princess KittenPrincess Kitten

Cute little kittens are so lovable and cuddly. Princess Kitten is in great need of help, her owner is not around to dress her up. In this game you are assigned to style her and let her inner Princess shine. Simply select your chosen style by clicking on the buttons.

Princess Kitten belongs to
Kitten StyleKitten Style

There are various styles when it comes to make up, choosing the clothes and matching accessories. Today you are going to be doing a Kitten Style dress up. You are going to follow the arrow for the step by step process. You need to make sure she is feeling confident.

Kitten Style belongs to Enjoy Games
Kitten CareKitten Care

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Kitten Care belongs to Simulation Games, Caring Games
Kitten SpotKitten Spot

Spot the most common kitten in Kitten Spot. There´s a batch of kittens in the room and some are the most common. They may be similar in color or in other things. Keep your eyes peeled for the smallest similarities.

Kitten Spot belongs to Puzzle Games, Pet Games, Cat Games
Kitten Vs PuppyKitten Vs Puppy

Are you a kitten or a puppy lover? In this great dress up game, you will be able to see the ultimate fight between a kitty and the puppy. Your task is to make them look as good as possible. It´s a fashion showdown!

Kitten Vs Puppy belongs to Dress up Games, Pet Games, Animal Games, Cat Games, Dog Games
A Stick and His KittenA Stick and His Kitten

Help the stickman! He has a kitty that he really loves. The two of them are like a family. But, one day, an evil stickman stole his kitty away. You need to help him to get his kitty back. You have to guide him in fighting all the evil stickman´s men.

A Stick and His Kitten belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Animal Games, Blood Games, Cat Games, Flash Games, Killing Games, Stick Games
Kitten CookKitten Cook

It´s the Kitten Cook´s first ever appearance on TV! The cooking show will be broadcasted nationwide that´s why the rising celebrity chef wants to look good. He can´t decide what to wear and needs some help.

Kitten Cook belongs to Cooking Games, Cake Games, Baking Games
Kitten CanonsKitten Canons

This really funny and entertaining game will give you loads of fun and laughs. You get to fire kittens from your big cannon, using space and arrow keys. Check it out!

Kitten Canons belongs to Single player Games, Blood Games, Canon Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Kitten Games, Throwing Games
Kitten PuzzleKitten Puzzle

If you love kittens, you´ll love this cute puzzle game. Match the kittens with the correct shadows within the time limit to clear a level. The higher the level, the more kittens to match. Good luck!

Kitten Puzzle belongs to Jigsaw puzzle Games
Princess Kitten Spa CarePrincess Kitten Spa Care

Wow! This is really an amazing Princess Kitten. It’s been so cute, isn’t it? How will the kitten look like if you give it an amazing spa? That will be absolutely fantastic and you can give the lovely kitten a great spa in this game. Make the kitten truly beautiful and play with it. Enjoy your time!

Princess Kitten Spa Care belongs to Girl Games
Purrfect Kitten HalloweenPurrfect Kitten Halloween

Everybody loves their kittens very much and always try to make them beautiful. Also, they think about bringing out a colorful Halloween look of their kittens. You love it too, and here is a kitten with glorious makeover stuffs for a superb Halloween party. This is amazing that you can change the colors and even the shape of the organs as well. Let’s have fun!

Purrfect Kitten Halloween belongs to Girl Games
Halloween Kitten DressupHalloween Kitten Dressup

You definitely love to dress-up your kitten nicely and if it is a Halloween party makeover, you must try to do it in a special way. Well, you have all the colorful dresses, mesmerizing makeover stuffs, and stunning Halloween items. Try to bring out the best Halloween look of your cute kitten. This is easy and interesting!

Halloween Kitten Dressup belongs to Girl Games
Bouncy Kitten CareBouncy Kitten Care

In this game your goal is to do a Bouncy Kitten Care. You will simply feed the lovely cute kittens that is hungrily waiting for you to serve the food by clicking on the question mark above their heads and giving their request. You must be quick to gain higher points.

Bouncy Kitten Care belongs to Animal Games, Animal caring Games, Food Games, Food serving Games

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