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Spa KissingSpa Kissing

Spa is one of the places that you can bond with your loved one. In this game your goal is to do a Spa Kissing decoration. You will simply click on the icon on the top left corner and choose from the 3 options that will appear and you have to click and drag the items to their correct placement.

Spa Kissing belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games
A Dog And A Cat KissingA Dog And A Cat Kissing

Cats and dogs are usually enemies, but this particular dog and cat pair are in love! Help them kiss secretly without getting caught by alerting them whenever someone is looking.

A Dog And A Cat Kissing belongs to Adventure Games
On The Air KissingOn The Air Kissing

Kissing the one you love while riding on a hot air balloon is a dream come true and a very romantic gesture. In this game you will alert Sandy and Ram when the sun is about to go out and see them kissing. Click on them for a long time to complete the game and click on the cloud to hide the sun. Good luck!

On The Air Kissing belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Kissing Games, Management Games, Kissing Games, Skill Games, Game for girls Games
Keep KissingKeep Kissing

You have to find the way to enjoy skiing and kissing at the same time with your partner. Remember, nobody can see you so be careful and fast! You will lose a life if those other skiers see you.

Keep Kissing belongs to Skill Games, Love Games, Winter Games
Kissing RikshawKissing Rikshaw

Rickshaw driver has been working whole day and he is a bit nervous. He doesn´t like people kissing in his rickshaw so you have to be careful now to be seen while you are at it.

Kissing Rikshaw belongs to
Bus Stop KissingBus Stop Kissing

Don´t let anybody on the bus stop see you while you are kissing your boyfriend. Your kisses are even sweeter when they are forbidden so try and make them as long as possible.

Bus Stop Kissing belongs to
Bratz KissingBratz Kissing

Yasmin and Dylan are gong to the Ocean Center in order to find a perfect wedding gown for her. They want to kiss a lot but they shouldn´t be seen by other people and sea creatures. Help them manage that!

Bratz Kissing belongs to
Kissing Under The MoonlightKissing Under The Moonlight

Kissing under the moonlight sounds really romantic. However, the love magic can be ruined if you don´t pay attention to the spy eyes all over the forest. Make sure your kissing remains unseen!

Kissing Under The Moonlight belongs to Adventure Games, Kissing under the moonlight Games, Kissing Games, Rainbowdressup Games, Gg4u Games
Camp KissingCamp Kissing

Away on a camping site in this game the girl and the boy are trying to get cozy. But you must not let them get caught by the other camp kids or camp staff.

Camp Kissing belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Love Games, Kissing Games
Ariel KissingAriel Kissing

Princess Ariel is the only daughter of the God of the Sea and she has a very pretty and kind heart. She loves to help others and have bigger dreams. One of her dreams was to have a human legs and meet her prince. Today she has met her prince and Ariel is planning on Kissing him. You must not get caught.

Ariel Kissing belongs to Skill Games
Office KissingOffice Kissing

People fall in love at work all the time. However, kissing in the office is strictly forbidden and these secret lovers have to do it so that nobody sees them.

Office Kissing belongs to Skill Games, Love Games, Office Games, Kissing Games
Kissing In A GondolaKissing In A Gondola

Newlyweds often go to romantic destinations for their honeymoon. This couple went to Venice to experience the romantic gondola ride. Help them share a special kiss without getting caught by the gondolier or any of the tourists. Fill the bar above within the time limit by letting them kiss and alerting them when someone is looking.

Kissing In A Gondola belongs to Kissing Games, Action Games
Kissing And SightseeingKissing And Sightseeing

Young lovers just can´t help but be affectionate towards one another. This young couple just can´t stop kissing, even while seeing the sights at the museum! Help them avoid getting caught by the cameras and the people around them by alerting them when someone is looking and when it is safe to kiss again. Do this until the love bar is full to move on to the next level.

Kissing And Sightseeing belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
Class KissingClass Kissing

Kissing in class is strictly forbidden and you can get in a lot of trouble for doing so, but your boyfriend is so cute. Try to kiss him as much as you can without getting caught.

Class Kissing belongs to Girl Games
Kissing CureKissing Cure

There is nothing worse but to be stuck on work on a Valentine´s day. The only lucky thing about it is that these two doctors work together so they have to be careful and kiss only when not looked at!

Kissing Cure belongs to Kissing Games, Dating Games, Action Games, Mouse Games
Holidays KissingHolidays Kissing

Holidays Kissing is a game in which you will be like a love angel. You need to make sure that this young and lovely couple has all the time they need to kiss. Others sometimes get jealous about their love, so make sure they are kissing far from the sight of the envious eyes.

Holidays Kissing belongs to Kissing Games
Thanksgiving KissingThanksgiving Kissing

This cute couple is spending the Thanksgiving together and they are hoping to spend it kissing and hugging. However, they have to make sure nobody catches them. Try to work it out for them!

Thanksgiving Kissing belongs to Kissing Games
Sneaky KissingSneaky Kissing

Keep kissing until the heart is full! However, there will be some obstacles along the way of your kissing. You shouldn´t be seen, so pay attention! If anybody sees you, you lose a life.

Sneaky Kissing belongs to Kissing Games, Couple Games, Love Games, Valentine Games
Kissing At The BeachKissing At The Beach

The beach is a very fun and relaxing place where people can get together and enjoy the scenery. Couples, group of friends and families are the frequent goers to the beach. Today you and your boyfriend are Kissing At The Beach and you have to make sure that no one catches you.

Kissing At The Beach belongs to Dress up Games
Classroom KissingClassroom Kissing

In the classroom, you and your boyfriend sit beside each other. Steal a kiss while the teacher is not looking! Be careful though, as soon as the teacher catches you, it´s game over! Play this wonderful game of Classroom Kissing!

Classroom Kissing belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
Kissing In The WoodsKissing In The Woods

There is nothing better and more romantic than kissing your boyfriend out in the woods. However, there are always those boring and annoying paparazzi that you have to avoid! Play this game and enjoy the kisses as long as possible.

Kissing In The Woods belongs to Kissing Games, Action Games
Birthday KissingBirthday Kissing

It´s your birthday and a lot of friends have gathered to celebrate it with you. However, all you want to do is kiss your boyfriend. You don´t want to offend your friends, so try and kiss him while nobody´s watching!

Birthday Kissing belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games, Adventure Games, Kissing Games
Underwater KissingUnderwater Kissing

Underwater experience is a one of a kind thing to do. It is a place where you can explore and see what the underwater world looks like. Today we are going to do a Underwater Kissing dress up by clicking on the icons shown on the screen.

Underwater Kissing belongs to Girls Games
Kissing FlightKissing Flight

Kissing Flight is a game in which you can fulfill that single fantasy everybody has - kissing on the airplane. However, the nosy passengers need to be avoided, so try doing it right now.

Kissing Flight belongs to Adventure Games, Kissing Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Kissing In The ClassroomKissing In The Classroom

Kissing in the classroom is forbidden, which makes it so much more fun and interesting. However, you need to be extra careful not to get caught while kissing and try to kiss as much as possible.

Kissing In The Classroom belongs to Adventure Games, Kissing Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Kissing GamesKissing Games

This young couple can´t seem to keep their hands and lips off each other, even during chemistry class! Help the guy and girl share a special kiss during class without getting caught by their teacher. If they get caught kissing three times, they´re going to be in big trouble!

Kissing Games belongs to Kissing Games, Love Games, Skill Games
Be My Valentine KissingBe My Valentine Kissing

Kisses are always sweet when they come from your dear Valentine. However, you need to be careful and make sure that nobody sees you because then you will get caught!

Be My Valentine Kissing belongs to Holiday Games, Valentines day Games
Kissing At The MoviesKissing At The Movies

One of things that are seen in the movie house is a couple Kissing At The Movies. In this game your goal is to do a Kissing At The Movies game. You will simply click on the couple when the theater attendant is not looking and keep them apart when he is pointing his flashlight on you. You must fill the bar and make sure not to get caught.

Kissing At The Movies belongs to Kissing Games, Kissing Games
First Classroom KissingFirst Classroom Kissing

The Classroom is one of the most conducive part of the school to learn. Teachers and students are meeting in this room so they could share knowledge and gain skills. Today you are going to witness a First Classroom Kissing. You are going to help them kiss but you must not get caught.

First Classroom Kissing belongs to Adventure Games
Kissing Been OutlawedKissing Been Outlawed

Oh, no! Kissing in public has been outlawed in this town and this couple can´t seem to find some privacy anywhere! Help them kiss without being caught by anyone - even the horses! Click on the couple to let them kiss, and release when someone´s about to look. Click on the nosy people or animals to redirect their attention elsewhere so the couple can continue kissing in private.

Kissing Been Outlawed belongs to Kissing Games, Kissing Games, Love Games, Skill Games
Tom And Angela KissingTom And Angela Kissing

Don’t you love your favorite Tom and Angela? You definitely like them, but do you know that they also love each other? They have a very romantic relationship and they are planning to kiss each other. You have to help them for kissing, but make sure that they don’t get caught. Play and try to help kiss them as many as you like within a limited time!

Tom And Angela Kissing belongs to Girl Games
Kissing In The LibraryKissing In The Library

You and your boyfriend is catching up on your studies in the school´s library. In this game your goal is to do some long Kissing In The Library with your special someone. But the catch here is you must not get caught. You will have 3 hearts that symbolizes for your life in the game.

Kissing In The Library belongs to Kissing Games, Kissing Games
Elsa And Ken KissingElsa And Ken Kissing

Elsa and Ken are kissing each other! They are really in a romantic mood and passing beautiful time outside the house. It’s really interesting that you can help them enjoy their loving moments and score points as well. You have a very limited time so try to score as much possible within this time! Explore the romanticism!

Elsa And Ken Kissing belongs to Skill Games
Farm Kissing 3Farm Kissing 3

Farm Kissing is the game for every busy girl who needs to take care of her boyfriend and her chores at the same time. This girl is about to feed the turkeys and kiss her boy, so that her mother doesn´t catch her. Help her out and kiss your loved one!

Farm Kissing 3 belongs to Kissing Games, Kissing Games, Thanksgiving Games

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