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Nail SimulationNail Simulation

This is the game in which you can do a really amazing manicure for this girl and to do it in a very tiny detail. You can choose from many styles and many colors in this game.

Nail Simulation belongs to Nail studio Games
Nail SimulationNail Simulation

Having nice nails takes time and it takes some skill. Not to mention that you really have to be experienced manicurist to make them look amazing. In this game it´s all easy and fun and you ca do your nails however you may like.

Nail Simulation belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Nail Games, Manicure Games
The Pet HospitalThe Pet Hospital

The Pet Hospital teaches you how to take some good care of your pets. Healing them and taking care of their health are the noblest and the most important things you can do with your time. Try doing it in The Pet Hospital and see if you have what it takes to do something similar in real life.

The Pet Hospital belongs to Animal Games, Fun Games, Animal caring Games

Hospital is a really important building, and it is really important that it has all the necessary things inside it and that they are well arranged. Make sure this hospital is 100% functional.

Hospital belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Doll house Games
Santa At The HospitalSanta At The Hospital

Santa just had an accident. He fell of from his magical sleigh and he is badly injured. In this game your goal is to bring Santa At The Hospital and let the doctors and nurses treat him. You will need to work fast so he can recover and get back to delivering gifts to the good children.

Santa At The Hospital belongs to Dress up Games
Dora At The Eye HospitalDora At The Eye Hospital

Dora´s vision is blurred and she is not comfortable with it. In this game Dora is At The Eye Hospital getting her eye check up. You will simply help Dora complete the 8 stages and your done. Simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Dora At The Eye Hospital belongs to Caring Games, Caring Games, Dora Games, Skill Games
Hospital Frenzy 3Hospital Frenzy 3

In this game your goal is to enjoy the Hospital Frenzy 3. You will click and drag the patients to the respective procedures they have to undergo through. Complete all 14 levels. You can see a icon that will flash up on the patient then drag them unto any booth.

Hospital Frenzy 3 belongs to Girl Games
Tom Hospital RecoveryTom Hospital Recovery

Tom went to its girlfriend’s window with a flower bouquet to congratulate on her birthday, but suddenly he falls from the top and became severely injured. Tom immediately goes to the hospital for the treatment. You can help him to get cured as you have all the necessary medications and treatment tools. Tom will be really glad to you!

Tom Hospital Recovery belongs to Skill Games
Pet Hospital DoctorPet Hospital Doctor

You have 3 pets at your home and they are Ada, Grace and Missy. You love all 3 of them and wants to play with each of them. You are going to play doctor and heal the pet. Choose one of them then go through the 3 stages and then dress her up.

Pet Hospital Doctor belongs to Skill Games
Cute Pet HospitalCute Pet Hospital

It’s a pet hospital and Chloe is a cute nurse look after the adorable pets of this hospital. Help this beautiful nurse to recover these sick pets. Pick the sick pets up and take them into the diagnosis room. Cure the pet by giving proper treatment. Make the pets happy. Good luck!

Cute Pet Hospital belongs to Simulation Games
Rapunzel In HospitalRapunzel In Hospital

Rapunzel is so excited to live in the outside world that she ate everything that is presented to her at the palace. They told her to slow down but she would not do so. She is having severe stomach pains so she needs to be rushed to a hospital. You are going to be by her side and watch over her.

Rapunzel In Hospital belongs to Girl Games
Baby Pet HospitalBaby Pet Hospital

Pets are generally cute and gives a smile to everyone´s hearts. Today we are going to volunteer to a pet hospital. You are going to help those Baby Pet´s that needed care and attention. Your goal is to help all of the pets and give them all the TLC they need.

Baby Pet Hospital belongs to Skill Games
Hospital EscapeHospital Escape

You wake up one morning and realize you´re trapped in a hospital and no one hears you calling for help. Try your best to escape your room and the hospital by searching for clues and items you can use to get out of there. Use the clues and items wisely, or else you´ll be stuck in the hospital forever!

Hospital Escape belongs to Single player Games, Escape Games, Flash Games, Puzzle Games
Hospital Frenzy 2Hospital Frenzy 2

Hospital Frenzy 2 will show you that working in a hospital is not that easy. It is very challenging, but it is, at the same time, very fun. Therefore, in this game, you will be a busy receptionist and your task will be to show patients to their right doctors.

Hospital Frenzy 2 belongs to Girl Games
Hospital EscapingHospital Escaping

Waking up in a strange hospital and having no recollection about how you got there is a bad thing to happen! You need to escape it as soon as possible by using everything you can find.

Hospital Escaping belongs to Point and click Games
Hospital Make OverHospital Make Over

Playing a dollhouse is so ordinary. Now, how about if you play a more interesting game: hospital make over! Here, you need to decorate and furnish the hospital, so the patients will feel at home here.

Hospital Make Over belongs to Room decoration Games
Right Dress HospitalRight Dress Hospital

If you were to end up in a hospital, you would surely want your nurses to be beautiful and well dressed. Explore the world of nurse uniforms and pick the best one for this fun hospital.

Right Dress Hospital belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Job Games, Doctor Games, Sim Games
Maternal HospitalMaternal Hospital

Help this great little nurse take care of the cutest babies you have ever seen. They need to be properly taken care of and you have medicine, food, bath and a lot more at your disposal. Be fast and gentle because these babies just keep coming!

Maternal Hospital belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Job Games, Babysitting Games, Baby Games, Sim Games
Hospital RoomsHospital Rooms

Hospital rooms are the places where the patients spend the most of their time. However, sometimes you have to know your way around them in order to complete your mission just like in this flash game.

Hospital Rooms belongs to Puzzle Games, Adventure Games
Baby Zoo HospitalBaby Zoo Hospital

Baby Zoo Hospital is a cute game in which you have to take care of the health and the well-being of the lovely cubs and other little animals who are in need of your care.

Baby Zoo Hospital belongs to Animal Games, Management Games, Animal caring Games, Animal babies Games
Amanda's Hospital RecoveryAmanda's Hospital Recovery

Hospitals are the buildings where people who are sick or in dire need of treatment are brought to be given a first aid. Today you are going to be helping out in Amanda´s Hospital Recovery. You will first make sure to treat her wounds and make sure she is in good condition to recover.

Amanda's Hospital Recovery belongs to
Angela Hospital RecoveryAngela Hospital Recovery

Angela is a very active and very adventurous cat that is willing to try everything. Today you are going to help Angela in her Hospital Recovery. You need to change her patient´s gown, make her drink medicines, use the forceps to remove the thorns and twigs.

Angela Hospital Recovery belongs to Skill Games
Rapunze Hospital RecoveryRapunze Hospital Recovery

Oh, no! Your favorite princess Rapunzel has injured badly while playing. Help this cute girl to come round soon. Take her to a hospital immediately. Clean her injured area. Use all of the medical instruments and examine her perfect. Give her some medicine. She will be recovering soon. Good luck!

Rapunze Hospital Recovery belongs to Skill Games
Bella Hospital RecoveryBella Hospital Recovery

Bella has been so preoccupied with her smartphone that she didn´t realize that she´s going to step on a banana peel on the ground. This made her slip and fall down the stairs. Today you are going to be helping Bella during her Hospital Recovery journey. First work on cleaning her wounds, giving her pain medicine, add some bandages and create her cast.

Bella Hospital Recovery belongs to
Rapunzel Hospital RecoveryRapunzel Hospital Recovery

Oh, no! Your favorite Princess Rapunzel has got injured badly while playing. Take her to a hospital immediately and help her to recover soon. Act like a doctor and take care of her injuries. Heal her injured area by using the x-ray machine. Feed her right medicine. Give her better treatment. She will come round soon. Good luck!

Rapunzel Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games
Minion Hospital RecoveryMinion Hospital Recovery

This tiny yellow creature is known as Minions and they are very helpful when you need some extra hands to help you. Today you are going to do a Minion Hospital Recovery. You are going to use the available items to make sure this minion goes back to normal.

Minion Hospital Recovery belongs to Girls Games
Ice Queen Hospital RecoveryIce Queen Hospital Recovery

Hospitals is not a happy place except in the Delivery room where babies are being born. In this game the Ice Queen has been walking around at night in a snowy day then suddenly she slipped on the ground and got hurt. You are going to bring her to the Hospital to start her Recovery. You will use the available tools and follow the step by step instructions on the screen.

Ice Queen Hospital Recovery belongs to
Mulan Hospital RecoveryMulan Hospital Recovery

Mulan is a very active and very naughty young lady. She knows that she must act prim and proper and be like a true lady but her instincts are very active. Today you are going to help Mulan in her Hospital Recovery. You are going to follow the pointing hand for the step by step process.

Mulan Hospital Recovery belongs to Enjoy Games
Jessie's Hospital RecoveryJessie's Hospital Recovery

Jessie is a very active young woman who loves to do everything on her own from chores down to fixing her house. Today you are going to be helping out in Jessie´s Hospital Recovery by making sure all her injuries are checked, cleaned and taken cared of for her to recover soon.

Jessie's Hospital Recovery belongs to
Baby Hazel Pet HospitalBaby Hazel Pet Hospital

Baby hazel likes her pet very much. But, it has got injured badly while playing with other pets in the park. Help the pet to come round soon. Convince the baby by giving her favorite items like chocolates or ice-cream. Then, take the injured pet to a vet doctor and give it a medical treatment. Give it a proper relaxation to get well soon. Have fun!

Baby Hazel Pet Hospital belongs to Skill Games
Cute Farm HospitalCute Farm Hospital

As a child, Chloe wanted two things when she grew up. The first is to live on a farm, and the second is to be a veterinarian. Now that she´s all grown up, she has achieved both. Help Chloe take care of the animals on the farm and make sure they are healthy. Help do her job as a veterinarian and her treat the sick animals.

Cute Farm Hospital belongs to Simulation Games, Farming Games
Cute Horse HospitalCute Horse Hospital

When you like horses, nothing is too difficult for you in order to help these amazing creatures. They are simply too beautiful to be left alone. That is why, in this game, you will help the lovely horsies in Cute Horse Hospital and enjoy the fun with the other helpers!

Cute Horse Hospital belongs to Animal Games, Caring Games, Caring games online Games, Animal caring Games
Elsa Hospital RecoveryElsa Hospital Recovery

Elsa is always fun and outgoing. Today she, Anna and Kristoff decided to do sledding but unfortunately Elsa got into an accident. Today she is in the hospital and she is on her way to recovery but she needs your help. She cannot move. You will need to follow the instructions on the screen.

Elsa Hospital Recovery belongs to Skill Games
Dora Hospital RecoveryDora Hospital Recovery

Dora loves butterflies very much, but she fell from a tree one day when she was trying to catch one of them. Her hand and leg were broken and immediately hospitalized. Now, it’s your responsibility to cure her as you have all the tools and medication. First of all, remove all the spikes and put bandage in the broken places. Take care of Dora to completely recover!

Dora Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games
Anna Hospital RecoveryAnna Hospital Recovery

Anna is always the adventurous type and she is always happy to help others. Today she was walking her horse around the palace and it accidentally slipped on a puddle of water sending Anna flying through the air and into the rose bushes. You must help out Anna in the hospital. Heal and fix her wounds and make sure Anna gets to her Recovery period ASAP.

Anna Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games
Lego Hospital RecoveryLego Hospital Recovery

Lego is one of my favorite childhood toys and even when I became an adult I always enjoyed playing them. There is no age limit for this toy. Today you are going to be the doctor of our Lego friend Emmet because he got into a accident at work. He needs your expertise to treat his injuries.

Lego Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games
Elsa Animal HospitalElsa Animal Hospital

Do you have any pets in your home? You definitely have and you always take care of them properly. But, do you know how to take care of them when they are ill? Well, visit Elsa’s hospital and learn the technique of treatments of some cute animals like cute penguin, lovely cat, adorable panda, pretty dog, funny bunny, and others. Play and enjoy!

Elsa Animal Hospital belongs to Girl Games
Santa Hospital RecoverySanta Hospital Recovery

You are eagerly waiting for the Christmas and Santa Claus as he is your favorite one. Well, suddenly Santa Claus was the victim of a severe accident and admitted to the hospital. Now it’s your responsibility to help him get fully recovered before the Christmas festival. You have all the medications and necessity medical tools for a proper treatment. Help Santa for a complete recovery!

Santa Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games
Sofia Hospital RecoverySofia Hospital Recovery

This is really sad that your best friend, Sofia fell in the bushes and got terribly injured. You will have to rush her to the hospital. It’s the time to assist the doctor for the treatment and help her get well soon. Follow all the instructions of the doctor and make Sofia happy. Good luck!

Sofia Hospital Recovery belongs to Girl Games

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