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Horse racing games for ps3


Horse RacingHorse Racing

Who says only jockeys and princes can enjoy horse riding? In Enjoyable Horse Racing, you can place your bet on Steady, Tank, Swift, Rapid, or Rush. You will start with 100 cash money, but play your cards right and who knows how much it´ll grow?

Horse Racing belongs to Horse racing Games
Horse Racing FunHorse Racing Fun

Pony is one of the most common wishes a little girl could ask for. Today you are going to have the opportunity to do a Horse Racing Fun activity. You are going to choose her hair, make up, her whole horse back riding outfit that would emphasize her curves and comfortable to wear.

Horse Racing Fun belongs to Enjoy Games
Horse Barrel RacingHorse Barrel Racing

Betting on horse races isn´t just about luck. You have to know which horses don´t stand a chance and which ones are winners. Place your bets and cheer your picks on. If you guess the winners correctly, you win!

Horse Barrel Racing belongs to Horse racing Games
Hot Rod RacingHot Rod Racing

Hot Rod Racing is the game in which you will get to choose the vehicle you want to drive and as soon as you choose it, you just need to wait for the green light and start avoiding the road bumps!

Hot Rod Racing belongs to Rally Games
3D Racing3D Racing

Sitting behind the stir of a fast sports car is such an exciting experience. You can feel the excitement by playing this cool racing game. You get to choose your car and drive fast to win the race.

3D Racing belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Car Games, Driving Games, Flash Games, Racing Games
FFX RacingFFX Racing

FFX Racing takes you on the greatest race of your life. Compete with great drivers on smooth terrains. Time is of the essence on this game. Complete it bump-free and you´re sure to make it to the top!

FFX Racing belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Car Games, Racing Games, Shockwave Games
UFO RacingUFO Racing

This is the weirdest race that you will ever participate in. Aliens love to race as well, so racing with the UFOs is just what you´ll get to try in this game. Check it out!

UFO Racing belongs to Funny race Games
Boat RacingBoat Racing

Racing is always fun and thrilling, but when it is racing in boats, things get even more interesting. Play this game to see if you can win a real boat race.

Boat Racing belongs to Single player Games, Multiplayer Games, Boat Games, Flash Games, Racing Games
Extreme Racing 2Extreme Racing 2

Other cars, traffic cones and all sorts of oil spills will make you go off the track but you cannot allow them to do that. Make sure you are on the track for at least 90 crazy seconds!

Extreme Racing 2 belongs to Single player Games, Car Games, Flash Games, Racing Games, Timing Games
Jet Boat RacingJet Boat Racing

Jet Boat Racing is for those who like the speed. But not just any kind of speed, but the speed on the water that leaves you breathless as the drops of salty water hit your face as you win the race. Join the Jet Boat Race!

Jet Boat Racing belongs to Sports Games, Racing Games, Sea Games, Boat Games
Le Mans 24 RacingLe Mans 24 Racing

Everybody who loves the races will simply adore the Le Mans 24 Racing game. It is all about the speed, the adrenalin and the way you drive your car to the victory over all the other cars. Play it now, check it out, and win the Le Mans Race 24 in the best possible way.

Le Mans 24 Racing belongs to Dress up Games
Oxide Racing 3DOxide Racing 3D

The race competitors in try to complete a given task in the shortest amount of time. In a racing game you can choose the level of difficulty you want to play. In this game your goal is to win the race and be the fastest there is. Simply read and understand the instructions on the screen and your good to go.

Oxide Racing 3D belongs to Fun Games, Boys Games, Baby barbie Games, Racing Games, Boys Games
Quad Racing 2Quad Racing 2

Have you ever ridden a quad? It sure is so much fun. If you have never tried it before, you should play this game. Here you get to ride your quad as fast as possible to win the race and earn as many points as you can get.

Quad Racing 2 belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Driving Games, Quad Games, Racing Games, Shockwave Games
Blade RacingBlade Racing

Let´s see how good is your driving skill, especially when it comes to high speed. This game requires you to carefully stir your car in a race. You need to get to the finish line before you are running out of gas. During the race, you have to avoid other car, puddles of oil, and road blocks. If you hit these things, you will lose some of your gas.

Blade Racing belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Car Games, Collecting Games, Driving Games, Flash Games
3D Rally Racing3D Rally Racing

Race to finish line with this new 3D Rally Racing game. Choose your car and customize it with your favorite color and start racing. Drive through different courses and try to get the fastest time possible.

3D Rally Racing belongs to Single player Games, 3d Games, Car Games, Flash Games, Racing Games, Sports Games
Madmen Racing 2Madmen Racing 2

There are dozens even hundred types of competition all over the world and one of the famous category is racing. Today you are going to play the Madmen Racing 2. You are going to read and memorize the control buttons at the start of the game. You can use nitro, jump and a weapon.

Madmen Racing 2 belongs to Skill Games
3D Motorbike Racing3D Motorbike Racing

Like racing games? Try this awesome new 3D Motorbike Racing game! Choose and customize your bike and riders uniform and hit the different race tracks all over the world! Keep playing to see if you can beat your best time!

3D Motorbike Racing belongs to Motorracing Games
Puppy RacingPuppy Racing

Not only humans, animals also have their racing game, and it turns out to be as exciting as an F1 race. Now, you have to help your puppy to win every racing event. Its success will be your success too.

Puppy Racing belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Dog Games, Flash Games, Racing Games, Shoot em up Games
Rally RacingRally Racing

Join the race of a lifetime! Race your way to the finish line on different terrains. Choose your car and get ready to pick up some speed! Play this game over and over again to see if you can beat your best time.

Rally Racing belongs to Rally Games
123Go Motorcycle Racing123Go Motorcycle Racing

How would you like to ride a motorcycle like Valentino Rossi or Casey Stoner? Surely it will take lots of time, dedication, and of course money! If you don´t have what it take to be s great racer, you still can have the fun of motorcycle racing by playing this exciting game. Grab your helmet and get on the motorbike. Have fun with the speed!

123Go Motorcycle Racing belongs to Arcade Games, Flash Games, Motorcycle Games, Racing Games
Mario Racing TournamentMario Racing Tournament

Mario is in for a big race tournament and you need to help him win this time! Play this old fashioned game which is still a lot of fun and enjot the thrills of a real race with Mario.

Mario Racing Tournament belongs to Sports Games, Racing Games, Super mario Games
Ellie Racing To ManhattanEllie Racing To Manhattan

Everybody loves to play the racing game. Don’t you love it? You definitely love the racing game as it is very challenging. Ellie racing to Manhattan and you will have to help her to collect some objects during the racing to go to the next stage. This is really interesting and you will surely enjoy it.

Ellie Racing To Manhattan belongs to Skill Games
Carrera Racing ColoringCarrera Racing Coloring

Carreras are cars that are simply perfect for racing. This race is about to begin, but there are no colors to be found! Give some coloring to this exciting event!

Carrera Racing Coloring belongs to Coloring books Games

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