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Home DesignHome Design

Designing someone´s home is fun and exciting and you are going to feel double the fun and excitement when you have the opportunity to do your very own home design. You are going to arrange all the items below and place them according to your liking.

Home Design belongs to Girl Games
Design Your HomeDesign Your Home

Designing and decorating your own home is both difficult and very rewarding when everything is settled. Today you will have the perfect opportunity to Design Your Home. You will click and drag various furniture all over the room. You need to mix and match different colors and style.

Design Your Home belongs to Enjoy Games
Home Design Decoration 2Home Design Decoration 2

How would be if you could design and decorate your own house? It would be really nice and you have to decorate your own house in this lovely game. You can experiment with lots of options to make the house gorgeous and well decorated. Take the challenge, make a beautiful house, and have fun! Good luck!

Home Design Decoration 2 belongs to Girl Games
Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a game in which you need to decorate this room just the way you want to. You have tons of classy, relaxed, fun, interesting furniture to choose from, so do it in this amazing decoration game and be a real interior decorator.

Home Sweet Home belongs to Dress up Games
Joy StoryJoy Story

Young love is so cute! See love bloom between the adorable young couple. Set the table for two and serve yummy snacks and the sweetest, most delicious cakes, pastries and candies.

Joy Story belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, Food Games, Table Games
Our StoryOur Story

Jim and Lisa is a couple who is about to get married soon. They want to get some photos of them having a romantic kiss. Later they are going to use the photos to decorate their wedding venue. Help Jim and Lisa to choose cute outfits that will make them look more adorable.

Our Story belongs to Dress up Games, Couple Games, Love dress up Games, Couple dress up Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Frozen StoryFrozen Story

Do you like frozen story and puzzle at a time? You must put all the puzzle pieces together to create a complete frozen image. You can discover the frozen fairy tale story in this game. Don’t forget to keep up with the time challenge to achieve the highest score. Now, start and win all the levels and enjoy a frozen story.

Frozen Story belongs to Girl Games
Love StoryLove Story

Young love can be so adorable! Watch this young couple´s story unfold by searching the pictures for hidden numbers. Use the magnifying lens to see the numbers hidden in the picture. Click on the numbers to collect them. Every round shows a new picture that tells you about the couple´s love story, so look for the hidden numbers before time runs out!

Love Story belongs to Teen Games, Dress up Games
A Love StoryA Love Story

Are you ready to play a very romantic love story game? Here’s a very interesting love story is waiting for you. Join with this romantic story and be a special part of this. Follow the instructions perfectly and enjoy the interesting love story. Let’s start and have a great fun!

A Love Story belongs to Enjoy Games
Mystic StoryMystic Story

Mysteries are what tickles out brains and what makes us go through all sort of stuff in order to find the solution to them or at least find some clues. This is the game in which you need to solve this mystic story.

Mystic Story belongs to Puzzle Games, Difference Games
Pet House StoryPet House Story

These cute pets live in a nice house. They like to play and enjoy with one another. Unfortunately, their sweet house was broken suddenly. Help these cute pets to repair their house. They will be happy getting their new house. It’s really full of fun. Enjoy a wonderful time with the pets!

Pet House Story belongs to Girls Games
Maple StoryMaple Story

Help this cute character of Maple Story to get dressed. She is a bit tired of fighting the dark forces, now she wants to have some fun with her friends. Dress her up, so she can look as fashionable as other teenagers.

Maple Story belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Cute Games
Thanksgiving StoryThanksgiving Story

It is a Thanksgiving day and this girl is trying to make it good. Your task is to check out the pictures of her in a limited time span and then simply find the differences among those pictures the fastest you can. Do it in this Thanksgiving Story game now.

Thanksgiving Story belongs to Thanksgiving Games, Difference Games
Rapunzel Love StoryRapunzel Love Story

Rapunzel has been locked up in that super high tower and she hasn´t talked to anyone but her evil "mother". Today she has found love and Rapunzel wants to share her Love Story. Today they want to share a kiss but Maximus the horse isn´t allowing it. You are going to sneak some kisses and make sure not to get caught.

Rapunzel Love Story belongs to Adventure Games
Princess Love StoryPrincess Love Story

Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, has just pricked her finger on the needle of the spinning wheel. Because the needle has been cursed, she is now asleep and can only be awaken by the kiss of her true love. Help her fairy god mother to dress her up, so when Prince Charming comes, he will fall deeply in love with her and be able to give her a passionate kiss that can wake her up.

Princess Love Story belongs to Dressup Games
Story Time With BabyStory Time With Baby

The mom and baby is spending their time together by reading stories. In this game your goal is to do a Story Time With Baby dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Story Time With Baby belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
The Story Of Hansel And GretelThe Story Of Hansel And Gretel

There are many stories that makes everyone learn there lesson. Today you are going to witness The Story Of Hansel And Gretel. The stepmother urged her husband to leave the kids in the forest because they don´t have food. You have to move the kids to the right way and avoid the wolf.

The Story Of Hansel And Gretel belongs to Enjoy Games
Jungle Love StoryJungle Love Story

Tarzania is the female version of Tarzan. Nobody knows her existence except John, a guy who falls in love with her. Help these two to get a perfect kiss. They need to get the perfect timing since they don´t want to be caught kissing.

Jungle Love Story belongs to Kissing Games
Hawaiian Love StoryHawaiian Love Story

Hawaiian Love Story will take you on a love journey with this cute and amazing couple that are about to tie the knot and to do it at the most famous and most beautiful place on Earth. Dress them up for a traditional Hawaiian wedding.

Hawaiian Love Story belongs to Dress up Games, Love Games, Love dress up Games
Babysitter Love StoryBabysitter Love Story

Anna and Allan are two teenagers who knew each other since they were in diapers. In this game your goal is to do the Babysitter Love Story. You must let them kiss and continue the budding romance and make sure that his little brother is sound asleep. If he cries you will get caught by Allan´s mother.

Babysitter Love Story belongs to Girl Games
Ariel Princess StoryAriel Princess Story

A horrible thing has happened! A number of sea creatures has got stuck inside the bubbles and they need to get out! Who can help them? Ariel, their princess, is asking you for a favor, to use your aiming skills and release these poor, cute, sea creatures from their bubble prisons!

Ariel Princess Story belongs to Dress up Games
Eliza Blogger StoryEliza Blogger Story

Being a Blogger means you get to showcase your time, effort and skills in discussing certain fashion, industry or topic for your audience. In this game you are going to help Eliza create her own Blogger Story. You will choose how she would look for the perfect photo op that she would post for her followers.

Eliza Blogger Story belongs to
Fall Love StoryFall Love Story

Wedding day is approaching and pictures from that occasion simply have to be perfect. This is your chance to try everything out before the big day that is coming! Dress up this bride and have fun.

Fall Love Story belongs to Dress up Games, Love Games, Bride Games
Audrey's Fashion Blogger StoryAudrey's Fashion Blogger Story

Being a Fashion Blogger is not easy task because you always have to have a keen eye in picking out fashionable items and making sure everyone can pull it off. Today you are going to do the Audrey´s Fashion Blogger Story. You will have a $250 budget to buy new clothes for the blog. Have fun!

Audrey's Fashion Blogger Story belongs to
Eliza Winter Blogger StoryEliza Winter Blogger Story

Eliza has been alone most of her preteens life and she enjoys spending time on her own busying herself with things. Today you are going to help Eliza in creating a new Winter Blogger Story. First you are going to need to go shopping but be wary of the budget you see below. Then put together all the fashionable pieces to create a new look.

Eliza Winter Blogger Story belongs to
Teddy Bears Love StoryTeddy Bears Love Story

Love is in the air for these cute and cuddly teddy bears and they’re going out on a date! Dress them up in matching outfits or whatever you choose for their date.

Teddy Bears Love Story belongs to Animal Games, Pets Games
The Story Of Flowering Dress Up GameThe Story Of Flowering Dress Up Game

Flowers are the most delicate piece of nature especially in the garden. They must be take cared of or they will not bloom. Today you are going to do The Story Of Flowering Dress Up. You will be choosing the hairstyle, make up and clothes of these 2 pretty girls. Have fun!

The Story Of Flowering Dress Up Game belongs to Dressup Games
VSCO Girl Blogger StoryVSCO Girl Blogger Story

Being a Blogger means you will need to dish out new stuff every day or at least once a week when it comes to the genre you are interested in. In this game you will be helping out the VSCO Girl Blogger Story. You will need to help her buy the fashionable pieces that would complete her whole look to get more likes that would turn into coins.

VSCO Girl Blogger Story belongs to
Red Riding Hood: The True StoryRed Riding Hood: The True Story

If you think that you know the whole story of the little Red Riding Hood, you were wrong. There is a lot more there than it meets the eye and you can find it out in this game.

Red Riding Hood: The True Story belongs to Puzzle Games, Picture search Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Cute Bears Love StoryCute Bears Love Story

Cute Bears Love Story is a happy love tale of two cute bears that still goes on. You can be a part of this story if you decide to help these bears look even more adorable by dressing them up.

Cute Bears Love Story belongs to Animal Games, Pets Games

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