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Modern Hall DecorModern Hall Decor

See how it would look like if you were to make your own decor of a big and fancy hall. There are a lot of elements at your disposal so try to do your best work on this one.

Modern Hall Decor belongs to Decorating Games
Hall Monitor SlackingHall Monitor Slacking

Being a Hall Monitor is one step closer to leadership and one step closer to earning respect from your peers. In this game you are having the lazy bug and you don´t want to catch anyone who is breaking the rules on the hallway. Simply click on the X to notify that someone is going to catch her slacking.

Hall Monitor Slacking belongs to Management Games, Fun Games, Management Games, Skill Games, Game for girls Games
Dance Hall QueenDance Hall Queen

For this young lady, disco is still very much alive. Help her get ready for a fun filled night of dancing. Dress her up in shiny clothes and add accessories to match. Style her hair to make her stand out on the dance floor.

Dance Hall Queen belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Dance Games
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 2Hollywood Hall Of Fame 2

Give the celebrities the ultimate star treatment in this celebrity makeover game. Choose a star and give them a makeover by styling their hair anyway you want and dressing them any way you please.

Hollywood Hall Of Fame 2 belongs to Make up Games, Celebrity Games
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3

Because of such a big interest for this sort of dress up game, another sequel of the best dress up game ever is in front of you. Play Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3 and dress up those celebrities anyway you like.

Hollywood Hall Of Fame 3 belongs to Make up Games, Celebrity Games
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5

Are you a big fan of "Twilight"? Do you wish you could bring home Robert Pattinson and the other casts, so you can dress them up and play with them? Then, this game is for you! Make those three Twilight stars hotter then they already are!

Hollywood Hall Of Fame 5 belongs to Make up Games, Celebrity Games
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 6Hollywood Hall Of Fame 6

This is one of those games that allow you to do a total makeover. However, what sets it apart is the fact that you will be doing a makeover on celebrities!

Hollywood Hall Of Fame 6 belongs to Make up Games, Celebrity Games
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 7Hollywood Hall Of Fame 7

These awesome female celebrities are going to have their spot in Hollywood Hall of Fame. They are going to attend the ceremony today. Your job is to dress them up, so they will look glamorous and stunning during the occasion.

Hollywood Hall Of Fame 7 belongs to Make up Games, Celebrity Games
Hollywood Hall Of Fame 8Hollywood Hall Of Fame 8

Hollywood stars have their own personal makeup artists and stylists to make sure they´re camera ready all the time. Become one of these people and give some of the A-list Hollywood stars a makeover!

Hollywood Hall Of Fame 8 belongs to Make up Games, Celebrity Games
Exam Hall Naughty BoysExam Hall Naughty Boys

Copying from a classmate´s test paper is not good, but these naughty boys just can´t help themselves! Help them peek at their classmate´s papers without getting caught. Be careful, the teacher and some other classmates might catch them. If they get caught many times, they fail the test.

Exam Hall Naughty Boys belongs to Boys Games, Puzzle Games, School Games, Skill Games
Christmas Hall Decor 2012Christmas Hall Decor 2012

The first thing that makes people have a completely different mood because of the Christmas are the decorations. In this game, make sure that people who see this hall feel the Christmas spirit in it at all times. Decorate it like it´s a real Christmas Hall.

Christmas Hall Decor 2012 belongs to Decorating Games, Christmas Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games, Decorating house Games
Minions Lecture Hall SlackingMinions Lecture Hall Slacking

Scarlet has forced Minions to study about mortgage and loans. She has made an evil plan to compel people to take loans and has told to Minion to learn about it and do it. But, Minion doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to do such an evil work. He wants your help to slack him from it. Help this honest Minion slacking him from the dishonest activities. Start the game and have a fun!

Minions Lecture Hall Slacking belongs to Skill Games

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