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Long Hair GirlLong Hair Girl

Having long hair can both be beautiful and hard. It is hard to maintain long locks but it will boost your beauty. Today you are going to choose her hairstyle, her make up and the clothes that will amplify her beauty. You will click and drag the items from the closet.

Long Hair Girl belongs to Enjoy Games
Pou Girl Hair SalonPou Girl Hair Salon

Pou loves to play with his gender, he can be ab boy or she can be a girl if she wanted to. Today you are going to be playing with Pou Girl and you are going with her to the Hair Salon. You are going to be using the available items and make sure you follow the instructions on the screen.

Pou Girl Hair Salon belongs to Skill Games
Greek Girl Hair StylesGreek Girl Hair Styles

Do you love to try various hairstyles? Today, you can learn about the ancient Greek hairstyle. Here’s a beautiful girl who wants the Greek hairstyle. Follow the instructions and create a fashionable Greek hairstyle with her hair. After finishing that, give her a special makeover and dress her up. Wow! She really looks like a Greek Beauty. Have a great fun!

Greek Girl Hair Styles belongs to Makeover Games
Minion Girl Hair SalonMinion Girl Hair Salon

Minion falls in love for a beautiful girl. The girl also loves him. They decided to meet with each other on the coming Valentine’s Day. So, Minion wants to get an exclusive look. He needs your help to cut his hair. Give him the most fashionable hairstyle. Choose a gorgeous glass and a special hat for Minion. He will impress his beloved. Have a fun!

Minion Girl Hair Salon belongs to Makeover Games
Country Girl Hair SalonCountry Girl Hair Salon

Country Girl Hair Salon is the newly opened salon in town and it is becoming popular because they know what the country people like and need. You are going to be assisting in the Country Girl Hair Salon. You are going to follow the arrow for the step by step process.

Country Girl Hair Salon belongs to Girl Games
Hair CutHair Cut

This girl really needs a hairstyle. There are many ways to make her hair gorgeous and you can take your time and do everything you like to it. Have your fun and be a great stylist!

Hair Cut belongs to Girl Games
Right HairRight Hair

Practice your memory and your fashion sense. Look at the picture of the girl with the hairstyle and memorize it. Then try to make that same hairstyle for her without the picture. Challenging, right?

Right Hair belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Memory Games, Hair Games, Hairdresser Games
Right Hair EmoRight Hair Emo

Play this fun and interactive game where you get to give the girl the hair cut and make up exactly the way she wants. To win the game you need to be accurate in the look.

Right Hair Emo belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Memory Games, Hair Games, Hairdresser Games
My New HairMy New Hair

Wash the hair of the girl who has come to your hair salon. Click on the shampoo and rinse the hair. Then wash the hair with water and clean it up. Later you need to give her a perfect haircut so that she looks ready to party.

My New Hair belongs to Make up Games, Job Games, Hairdresser Games, Hair Games
New Hair DoNew Hair Do

Hair is a woman´s crowning glory. Many women are achieving the softest and silky smooth hair that everyone wants. Today you are going to do a New Hair Do game. You will pick a hairstyle, a hair clip, the perfect hair color and let Polly appreciate her new look.

New Hair Do belongs to Girl Games

You will have all the possible things a hair salon can have, and all you need to do is to make a great hairstyle for your customer. Sounds easy but it is quite challenging and really fun!

Hair belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Bathroom Games
Hair SpaHair Spa

Hair Spa is a way to treat your gorgeous locks to bring back the shine , make it stronger and the bounce. It is essential in maintaining for hair growth. In this game your goal is to do a hair spa for yourself in one of the popular salons in town. Simply click on the buttons to customize.

Hair Spa belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Hair Salon 3Hair Salon 3

I am very excited because a hair salon is going to open today and they are giving some special discounts and promo on their opening. You will use the items pointed by the arrow and apply them correctly. You will follow the instructions on the screen and you must wait until you fill the bar.

Hair Salon 3 belongs to Makeover Games
Hair And EyesHair And Eyes

This amazing game will not only allow you to choose from different hairstyles and hair colors, but you will also be able to change eyes, nose and lips on your model.

Hair And Eyes belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Hair Games, Face Games
Rainbow Hair DyeRainbow Hair Dye

This girl can´t decide what color she wants for her hair so she´s asking for a rainbow colored dye job. Dress her up in cute and colorful clothing and accessories, and choose a rainbow colored hairstyle that suits her unique and colorful personality.

Rainbow Hair Dye belongs to Dress up Games, Theme dress up Games
Hair ColoringHair Coloring

Check out Hair Coloring, a fun game that lets you pick the base color for your hair and make it more beautiful by adding some highlights that will complement it.

Hair Coloring belongs to Style Games, Coloring Games, Make up Games
Hair Salon 2Hair Salon 2

Do you to take care of your hair regularly? Yes, you definitely do it as it’s a great part of your beauty. A beauty salon is opening in the town and one of your friends is going there. All the hair care cosmetics are available there and you can help your friend to make her hair stunning and attractive using all the hair treatment items. Also, learn how to take care of your hair!

Hair Salon 2 belongs to Girl Games
Hair SalonHair Salon

Ever dream of having your own salon and wished you could be a hairdresser. Hair Salon lets you make your wish come true. Here you can cut, curl or straighten the hair of your customers and also color them. Help is provided in the game to get the right hairdo for your customers. Happy Salon Time!!

Hair Salon belongs to Make up Games, Hairdresser Games, Hair Games
Hair Coloring 2Hair Coloring 2

Add color to this girl´s life by coloring her hair and her outfit to match. Choose from a variety of default colors or create your own shades to add life to the this girl´s hairstyle.

Hair Coloring 2 belongs to Style Games, Coloring Games, Make up Games
Hair PanicHair Panic

You are on your own in your salon because your employees cannot come in. In this game your goal is to do a Hair Panic. You will simply be a hairdresser for today and you have the salon all to yourself it means you have to do all the work and you need to work fast and accurate so your customers will not be angry.

Hair Panic belongs to Girl Games
Red Hair AnnieRed Hair Annie

Annie is famous in her city by her stunning red hair that gives her her unique look. you need to make sure that her hair is not the only thing so special about her and to make her a gorgeous and interesting style. Have her look really amazing in this interesting game.

Red Hair Annie belongs to Makeover Games, Make over Games, Hair Games, Hair styling Games
My Colorful Hair DayMy Colorful Hair Day

My Colorful Hair Day gives you all sorts of opportunities to have fun with some amazing and lovely hairstyles. If you like to experiment with your hairstyles, make sure that you do it in this fun game as you can see the results of all your ideas regarding hair.

My Colorful Hair Day belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Hair StylingHair Styling

Your fashion sense and excellent style are at a test here, as you have to turn this plain girl into a real beauty. This game gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to styles and all you need to do is to pick the right ones.

Hair Styling belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Hairdresser Games, Hair Games
Hair StylesHair Styles

Help the girl get ready to go out and have fun. Give her a nice haircut and some makeup that matches her style. You will be shown an image of how the girl wants to look after her makeover.

Hair Styles belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Hair Games, Hairdresser Games
Hair QuizHair Quiz

This is just a perfect quiz for all those girls who don´t have any idea what kind of hairstyle they should have every day. This will solve that mystery for you as all you need to do is to answer a couple of questions and see what the quiz generates for you.

Hair Quiz belongs to
Long HairLong Hair

Every girl loves ti have a long lustrous locks. Every girl would go to great lengths just to have their hair perfect. Hair is the crowning glory of every woman alive. In this game your goal is to do her make up, choose her long locks and you can also choose which type of girl you want.

Long Hair belongs to Girl Games
Wedding HairWedding Hair

Hey girls! A new Wedding Hair Salon is about to open in town tomorrow and they are looking for lucky volunteers who would want to be a model for their wedding inspired hairstyles. In this game you will have the opportunity to assist on how the whole wedding hair preparation works.

Wedding Hair belongs to Girl Games
Emo Hair And MakeupEmo Hair And Makeup

Emo is no longer just a passing fad, it´s a lifestyle. Help this pretty emo girl show off her personality by giving her a makeover. Style her hair and choose from a variety of make up colors available to give her the most stylish emo look ever. Accessories can make a big difference in someone´s look, so don´t forget to add some!

Emo Hair And Makeup belongs to Make up Games
Hair SmashHair Smash

Sometimes the boring lice attack the hair and you can do something about it. In this game, you have to take care of this lice invasion and exterminate them. Be careful and hit the obnoxious lice.

Hair Smash belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games, Funny Games
Masquerade HairMasquerade Hair

Masquerade is a party or assembly of people wearing masks. They were generally elaborate dances held for members of the upper classes. In this game you are going to attend a Masquerade ball. All you need to do is follow the arrow for the instructions and step by step process of Masquerade prep hair care.

Masquerade Hair belongs to Girl Games
Hair Make OverHair Make Over

This virtual hair salon will give you all you need in order to give this cute girl a hair makeover in the best possible way. Enjoy this cute flash game and express your creativity and skills.

Hair Make Over belongs to Hairdresser Games
Love Your HairLove Your Hair

A great way to relax is to have your hair done at the salon. Give this young lady a makeover by choosing her hair style, hair color, and highlight color. Then, proceed to do her makeup. To complete the look, dress her up in something nice and add some beautiful hair accessories and jewelry to match.

Love Your Hair belongs to Hair and makeup Games, Hair Games, Hair salon Games
Hair Expert 2Hair Expert 2

Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the newest assistant of Georgio´s salon. Before you become a full blown hairstylist you must go through 12 different stages of learning. Each stage is different so listen well to the instructions given. Do not worry because it is a very easy game.

Hair Expert 2 belongs to
Tinkerbell Hair SpaTinkerbell Hair Spa

Tinkerbell is very nervous because Peter Pan wants to see her tonight. To make it worse, she is having a very bad hair day. As her fairy assistant it is your job to fix her mane into something silky, smooth and stylish. Do this right to make Peter Pan notice her tonight.

Tinkerbell Hair Spa belongs to Dress up Games
Pancy Hair SpaPancy Hair Spa

Every woman in the world fancies to have the perfect shiny, voluminous and straight hair. In this game your goal is to do a Pancy Hair Spa. You will simply follow the instructions on the screen and follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Pancy Hair Spa belongs to Hair cutting Games, Hair Games, Hair styling Games, Hairdresser Games, Girl Games, Fashion Games, Make up Games
Fairytale HairFairytale Hair

Fairytales are stories that has a legendary or magical creature as the main characters in the story. In this game your goal is to do a Fairytale princess Hair salon. You will simply follow the arrows on what tools and items to use and apply them.

Fairytale Hair belongs to Girl Games
Glorious HairGlorious Hair

Every girl takes pride in her hair and everybody loves seeing a nice hairstyle on a girl. Therefore, this girl needs your help to look that amazing and you can help her by designing the perfect hairstyle for her. Try all you like and take your time since you need to have fun!

Glorious Hair belongs to Girl Games
Right Hair StarRight Hair Star

This is a combination of a memory and a hairstyling game. You need to memorize just how the girl looks like and then recreate her image all over again. The more accurate you are the more points you get.

Right Hair Star belongs to Make up Games, Memory Games, Hair Games, Hairdresser Games

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