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Girls Flying Kiss KissGirls Flying Kiss Kiss

This young gentleman wants to win a girl´s heart and he´s doing it by flying kisses to her from his apartment´s balcony. Help him win the girl of his dreams by letting him blow kisses to her and alerting him when someone is in the area and creating a distraction and make them leave.

Girls Flying Kiss Kiss belongs to Action Games, Misc action Games, Kissing Games
Kiss Kiss ParadiseKiss Kiss Paradise

Allain and Chantal are lovers and they are on a beach for a vacation. Allain likes to charm other girls but Chantal will not let him. So help him attract other girls without getting caught by Chantal. Click on a pose for Allain to impress other girls and collect the hearts to score. But be careful, you might get caught by Chantal.

Kiss Kiss Paradise belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
Kiss Me, I'm EmoKiss Me, I'm Emo

This couple wants to kiss for as long as possible but others don´t let them. It is your heart to take care of these two and pay attention that they don´t get caught by these angry people.

Kiss Me, I'm Emo belongs to Kissing Games, Fantasy Games, Action Games
How To KissHow To Kiss

Kissing is very important. Your first kiss is what you will remember for the rest of your life, so it better be a good one! In this great game you get to practice and get some really great advice.

How To Kiss belongs to Dating Games, Dress up Games, Teen Games
When To Kiss HerWhen To Kiss Her

Kissing on a cheek is the cutest of all the kisses. That is the best way to show that you really like somebody. But you can only do that when somebody is in the good mood. Try figuring it out.

When To Kiss Her belongs to Girl Games
Let Us KissLet Us Kiss

These two teenagers are so deeply in love that they could spend time kissing all the time. However, they don´t like anybody watching them so help them sneak in as many kisses as possible.

Let Us Kiss belongs to Teen Games, Dress up Games, Kissing Games
Shall We Kiss?Shall We Kiss?

Annie and Joe really love each other. Unfortunately, their parents have set them up with different person. That´s why they are having a secret affair. Help them to celebrate this Christmas in a romantic way by kissing under the mistletoe. They must not get caught by anyone else though! Or their parents will send them to different towns.

Shall We Kiss? belongs to Girl Games
Kiss And TellKiss And Tell

These three girls really like to hang out and gossip. They also always like to tell how hot date their was. It is like a competition for them to get the hottest date of all three. When they gather, they also like to show off their fashion style. Can you give these three girls a makeover, so they all will look as astonishing as the others?

Kiss And Tell belongs to Dress up Games, Teen Games, Fantasy Games
Once A KissOnce A Kiss

Kissing is done by couples who wants to express their deep love for each other. Today we are going to witness these young couple on their first kiss. You are going to have the opportunity to dress them up to make sure they look perfect together. You are going to choose the hair, make up, clothes and shoes.

Once A Kiss belongs to Girl Games
First Car KissFirst Car Kiss

First Car Kiss is a game in which you dress up a couple for their first kiss. They are about to have that kiss in the car and it is supposed to be very romantic and unforgettable. Make it happen right now in this amazing dress up love game.

First Car Kiss belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up boys Games, Couple Games, Couple dress up Games, Dress up Games
Our First KissOur First Kiss

It´s hard to forget a first kiss, especially if it happens at sunset by the sea. Paint a romantic picture by dressing the lovely couple up and feel the love.

Our First Kiss belongs to Beach Games, Dating Games, Dress up Games
Kiss In The CarKiss In The Car

The boy wants to kiss the girl in the car but he must not get caught by the driver else they will be thrown out of the car and you will lose. Just hold the mouse click to kiss and let go if the driver is about to see you.

Kiss In The Car belongs to Skill Games, Kissing Games, Love Games

Welcome to the celebrity birthday party of Mikki and meet his guest Rocky. To play the game you need to kiss the girl and save yourself from getting caught in the act. There are camera persons everywhere in the party to get juicy gossips and controversies for selling news.

Kiss-mat belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Love Games, Kissing Games
Kiss MeKiss Me

Beautiful girl is sending you kisses from her window and you have to catch it. But be careful, a nasty which is doing the same and some bombs are falling down as well. You want to catch the kisses and avoid the rest.

Kiss Me belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, Love Games, Kissing Games
Kiss The BoyKiss The Boy

The most important thing for love is being at the right place at the right time. This game is just like that! Watch the boys and wait for their hearts to appear. That is the right time to kiss them and take their love.

Kiss The Boy belongs to Skill Games, Funny Games, Love Games, Kissing Games
Kiss Like You Mean ItKiss Like You Mean It

This couple wants your help to look good in the pre-wedding photo shoot. In this game your goal is to play the Kiss Like You Mean It dress up. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Kiss Like You Mean It belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Wedding Games
First KissFirst Kiss

This newly married couple felt very happy to get each other. They are going to kiss each other first time. Help this cute couple to get ready for that memorable moment. Choose a gorgeous gown and modern suite for this cute couple. Dress them up and give them a gorgeous look. They will enjoy their first kiss. Have a fun!

First Kiss belongs to Girl Games
My Kitty's Kiss 2My Kitty's Kiss 2

Kitties can fall in love as well! You can see that in this fun game as these two kitties fall in love and try to kiss in every possible moment. Make them look amazing and really adorable because their love is really cute and nice to look at. Play My Kitty´s Kiss 2

My Kitty's Kiss 2 belongs to
Spa Love KissSpa Love Kiss

Love is love and we cannot go against it if it is pure and if it doesn´t hurt anyone. Today we are going to witness a Spa Love Kiss. You are going to let these two kiss but make sure the mom won´t see them or it´s over. You will fill up the bar to win this part. The mom is on the phone and distracted, you need to take advantage of that.

Spa Love Kiss belongs to Adventure Games
Kiss Of AgesKiss Of Ages

When a loving woman and a loving man get together in a romantic setting, they cannot help but kiss each other. That is just what this game is all about. Making their moment just perfect, by dressing them up so that they look lovely and nice.

Kiss Of Ages belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Couple Games, Couple dress up Games, Dress up Games
Sneaky KissSneaky Kiss

Rose and Alan are a couple who really love each other. One day, they meet on the street, but they cannot get closer to each other. Help them to send flying kisses without being caught by anyone else.

Sneaky Kiss belongs to Girl Games
The Squirrel KissThe Squirrel Kiss

Two squirrels are in love really much. They like to run around the forest, climb their trees and kiss all they like. However, there are a lot of intruders in the forest and you need to make sure that non of them gets in the way of their little squirrel love.

The Squirrel Kiss belongs to Animal Games, Fun Games, Kissing Games, Kissing Games
Kiss or MissKiss or Miss

How far can you blow a kiss? See how far your kiss goes in this fun kissing game! Click on your character to make him or her pucker up and click again to throw the kiss and watch the love fly through the air and bounce from person to person and see how far it can go.

Kiss or Miss belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Funny Games, Love Games, Throwing Games
Mermaid Kiss 2Mermaid Kiss 2

Every sailor´s dream is to find and kiss a real, beautiful mermaid. This guy has his dream come true and now all he needs to do is to kiss this lovely mermaid. However, envious people around him don´t let him savor and enjoy the moment, so help him with that.

Mermaid Kiss 2 belongs to
New Year KissNew Year Kiss

This couple is starting the year right by sharing a kiss at midnight on New Year´s Eve. Help make this moment much more memorable by styling them up to be picture perfect. Choose the hairstyle, clothes and accessories appropriate for the most romantic New Year´s Eve ever!

New Year Kiss belongs to Dress up Games
A Dolphin KissA Dolphin Kiss

The main attractions at Sea World are the cute and incredibly smart dolphins. Guests keep coming back to enjoy the interactive dolphin show. Help create a beautiful picture of a little girl giving a dolphin a kiss by dressing the little girl up in cute clothes and accessories and giving the dolphin a makeover as well.

A Dolphin Kiss belongs to Animal Games, Dress up Games, Fun Games, Fish Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Mandie's First KissMandie's First Kiss

Make Mandie feel and look remarkable today. She is about to experience her first kiss and no first kiss is complete if the whole situation lacks something. Don´t let bad clothing choices ruin the day and dress up Mandie right away. It´s a romantic dress up game.

Mandie's First Kiss belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
A Kiss ElectricA Kiss Electric

Dr. Frankenstein´s Monster and his Bride have fallen in love even before they´ve been released from the evil doctor´s table. Help them sneak a kiss without Dr. Frankenstein seeing them. Igor and Dracula also pays the lab a visit, so they shouldn´t catch the monster couple kissing either.

A Kiss Electric belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
A Veiled KissA Veiled Kiss

The Veiled Kiss is a game that allows you to be a part of a very important moment in the relationship that is as beautiful as this one that these two have. Get into the moment and make them look amazing and beautiful. Check out the Veiled Kiss.

A Veiled Kiss belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Wedding Games, Dress up Games, Dress up wedding Games
Fairytale KissFairytale Kiss

The wicked witch has cursed the village and only love can save it. This couple needs to kiss as much as they can to generate the love needed to save their village. Your task is to make sure the witch doesn´t see them.

Fairytale Kiss belongs to
Kiss Or TreatKiss Or Treat

Kiss or Treat? Halloween is a special occasion when two young love birds see each other and spend time together. Kissing is sweet and can be sweeter than a chocolate candy. But don´t let others see you!

Kiss Or Treat belongs to Kissing Games, Action Games
Class KissClass Kiss

Do you remember you first class kiss? Everybody have somebody they kissed in school or just wanted to kiss them. In this game, you can earn points by kissing your schoolmates.

Class Kiss belongs to Skill Games, Funny Games, Love Games, Kissing Games
Draculaura First KissDraculaura First Kiss

There are many people who are eager and excited for their first kiss. You have met this handsome young man who has its eyes set on Draculaura and the two of them are dating. You are going to witness Draculaura First Kiss. You are going to click on the mouse until the bar is full but do not get caught.

Draculaura First Kiss belongs to Girl Games
My Kitty's Kiss 3My Kitty's Kiss 3

Nice woods and a romantic sunset are a perfect setting for two lovely and cute kittens to kiss and enjoy their love. However, there are always some nosy animals who want to check up on them. while these kittens are friendly, they want to have this moment for themselves. Help them out.

My Kitty's Kiss 3 belongs to
Kids Bus KissKids Bus Kiss

Kids Bus Kiss is a game where your task is to make enough space for this cute little couple to kiss. They are in love and they are riding to school together every day. Make that day perfect and give them a chance to kiss without others interrupting them.

Kids Bus Kiss belongs to Kissing Games, Kissing Games, Skill Games

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