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Blue Midget WalkerBlue Midget Walker

Blue Midget Walker is a game in which you need to control the Blue Midget which is a really powerful vehicle! Check it out yourself and don´t forget to check out its fire power.

Blue Midget Walker belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Flash Games, Killing Games, Shoot em up Games, Side scrolling Games
Mind BenderMind Bender

Is your mind strong enough to play the Mind Bender? Telekinesis and all sorts of wonders that you can do with your mind, wait for you here so put them to test.

Mind Bender belongs to Puzzle Games
Mel the Midget NinjaMel the Midget Ninja

Mel´s ninja skill is being tested. There is this disturbing Spanish fly flying around him for several days. It turns out the fly is a spy from Mel´s enemy. He needs to terminate this annoying Spanish fly by using his sword before the fly tells the enemy about Mel´s secret.

Mel the Midget Ninja belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Flash Games, Ninja Games
Mini WaveMini Wave

The race is about to start and you need to win it! This is a fun water race around the isles so enjoy it and make sure you are the one who gets through the finish line first!

Mini Wave belongs to Single player Games, Boat Games, Flash Games, Racing Games, Timing Games

This is your own mission on the Mars. Make sure that the enemies who are all around you don´t put you or your mission in jeopardy and earn as many points as you can!

Mars-Mission belongs to Avoiding Games
Mini DressesMini Dresses

Mini dresses and skirts are not something that just anyone can wear. also, they require that you combine them well with other stuff and in this game, you can do that all day long!

Mini Dresses belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games
Lord of the Rings MillionaireLord of the Rings Millionaire

Attention fans of the Lord of the Rings books and movie franchise! This is your chance to show off your knowledge of the book and of the movie. Answer the Who Wants to be a Millionaire questions and see how far you can go with or without using a lifeline.

Lord of the Rings Millionaire belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Quizz Games
Mikeys Crazy CafeteriaMikeys Crazy Cafeteria

Punch, spaghetti sauce, chocolate sauce, ketchup..All that stuff needs to be delivered correctly to the customers of the Mikey´s restaurant in a due time. It requires speed and accuracy. Can you do it?

Mikeys Crazy Cafeteria belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Food serving Games
Milk PanicMilk Panic

Something strange has happened to your cows! They have digested something and now they are producing instant milk instead of the regular one! You have to be extra fast to milk them all!

Milk Panic belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Flash Games
Jetpack MissionJetpack Mission

Follow Jack on some of his crazy missions. Jetpack Mission is just the game that will take you on some of the great street adventures that will blow your mind!

Jetpack Mission belongs to Flash Games, Fun Games, Mouse skill Games
Mickeys Crazy LoungeMickeys Crazy Lounge

Mickey and the gang run this lounge that performs cabaret every night. It is not an easy job to do, especially with Pete trying to take down their business. Help Mickey and his friends to keep the customers satisfied, so their lounge will bring them fortune.

Mickeys Crazy Lounge belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Food Games, Food serving Games, Role playing Games
Mindless ViolenceMindless Violence

Rebel bugs are attacking and it´s you job to stop them! Shoot as many of them as you can within the time limit. Remember that if the bugs get too close to you, they will hurt you, so make sure you get all of them before they get you.

Mindless Violence belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Blood Games, Flash Games, Shoot em up Games
Mission ImpossibleMission Impossible

If you have seen the movies Mission Impossible, you will be delighted to know that you can play the game with the same theme like that. Try to complete the impossible missions yourself.

Mission Impossible belongs to Single player Games, Army Games, Flash Games, Shooting Games

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