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This is a perfect game for boys! If you always dream about your own shop for bikes or you just want to see how it feels to run and decorate one, this is the perfect game for you. Workshop will take you to the inside of such shop and make you decorate it.

Workshop belongs to Dress up Games
Idea WorkshopIdea Workshop

This is the challenging and the most interesting spelling game in which you have to make sure you match the right beginnings of the words with their right endings. Earn points for every correct match!

Idea Workshop belongs to Single player Games, Educational Games, Flash Games, Guessing Games, Kids Games, Words Games
Cosmetics WorkshopCosmetics Workshop

Create your own lipsticks in the Cosmetics Workshop. Mix together coloring, wax, oil and methanol. Add fragrances, shine solutions and vitamins to the mix to give it something extra. Place them all in the mixer and voila! Instant lipstick!

Cosmetics Workshop belongs to Girl Games
Earrings WorkshopEarrings Workshop

Earrings Workshop allows you to make all the choices you want in order to design this lovely accessory. Different choice of earrings can make different outfits look in a completely new way. So, explore the world of this lovely jewelry in this fun and creative game.

Earrings Workshop belongs to Girl Games
Bracelet WorkshopBracelet Workshop

Working at home has never been this fun especially if what your doing is your passion. So why not earn from it. In this game you have a mini Bracelet workshop at home and your friends have their orders sent to you. They are both your friends and costumer so you need to satisfy their wants. Just pick on which bracelet you want as base and choose the other beads that will dangle on it.

Bracelet Workshop belongs to Girl Games
Santa's Toy WorkshopSanta's Toy Workshop

Santa has always been in-tune with the kids. Today you are going to be working at Santa´s Toy Workshop. You will be given time to check the parchment roll for the formula on how to create a specific toy. You will be reading the toy that the good kid wants and then create it by following the formula.

Santa's Toy Workshop belongs to
Annie's Breakfast WorkshopAnnie's Breakfast Workshop

Breakfast is the most important part of the day. It will determine if you will binge on any unhealthy food or keep the healthy mindset the whole day. Today you are going to help out in Annie´s Breakfast Workshop. First you are going to dress her up for work then proceed to going over the recipe and create the food when the order comes.

Annie's Breakfast Workshop belongs to
Nail Color WorkshopNail Color Workshop

There are thousands of types of nail polishes but there is always one more on your mind that you simply and find anywhere. In this game, you get to make it yourself!

Nail Color Workshop belongs to Girl Games
Car Workshop Hidden ObjectsCar Workshop Hidden Objects

Do you love finding hidden objects game? It is exciting, isn´t it? Here try to find 20 objects that are being hidden in a garage. Be careful, you can only make three mistakes. Make the fourth strike, and you will be out of the game.

Car Workshop Hidden Objects belongs to Puzzles Games, Word Games
Glamor Ring WorkshopGlamor Ring Workshop

Hey girls! There was a time wherein you and your friend made a friendship bracelet and promised to tell anything and everything about each other with honesty. In this game you will get to design a Glamour Ring yourself that you would want to wear or give it to someone special.

Glamor Ring Workshop belongs to Girl Games
Eliza Ice Cream WorkshopEliza Ice Cream Workshop

Eliza is one of the most hardworking Princess in bringing smile to little kids and treating them with good stuff. In this game you are going to be working with Eliza in the Ice Cream Workshop. You will first help Eliza prepare herself to be presentable to her cute customers. Choose her hairstyle, make up and whole outfit. Then check the recipe on the left side of the screen, check the order and select the needed ingredients.

Eliza Ice Cream Workshop belongs to
Grannys Workshop Teddy BearGrannys Workshop Teddy Bear

If you also remember those custom and home made toys just the way your granny used to make them, then this is your chance to enjoy playing with them in this great game. You can even learn how to make a teddy!

Grannys Workshop Teddy Bear belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games
Granny's Workshop: Bunny DollGranny's Workshop: Bunny Doll

How would you like to learn how to make your own bunny doll? If you are interested, Granny will be more than happy to teach you. She knows how to make cute bunny doll. To make your doll unique and cute, you get to choose the kind of fabric you want. How nice is that?

Granny's Workshop: Bunny Doll belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games
Granny’s Workshop: Kitty CatGranny’s Workshop: Kitty Cat

If you remember those lovely home made dolls that your granny used to make for you, you will be delighted with this game because it will teach you how to make your own Kitty Cat!

Granny’s Workshop: Kitty Cat belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games
Granny’s Workshop: DollyGranny’s Workshop: Dolly

Granny is sewing something up in her workshop! Help granny sew up a cute little doll by choosing the fabrics and stitching them all up together. Aren´t these dolls so cute?

Granny’s Workshop: Dolly belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games

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