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Games to play in the classroom


The ClassroomThe Classroom

It´s a must that students pass the exams. But Alex is not the most studious of all students, but he passes. How does he do that? He cheats! Help him seat close to the smartest persons in class and avoid getting caught by the teacher!

The Classroom belongs to Skill Games, Fun Games, School Games

Getting ready for school is quite easy when it comes to packing the right bags, but the real problem is - what to wear? Help out this great little student look just as great in school.

Classroom belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, School Games, Dress up Games
Classroom ShenanigansClassroom Shenanigans

This girl really hates going to school and while she is at he class she does everything else, but doesn´t listen to her teacher. She is irreparable so all you can do is make sure teacher doesn´t see her!

Classroom Shenanigans belongs to Skill Games, Classroom shenanigans Games, Skill Games, Skills Games, Dressuppink Games, Gg4u Games
Kissing In The ClassroomKissing In The Classroom

Kissing in the classroom is forbidden, which makes it so much more fun and interesting. However, you need to be extra careful not to get caught while kissing and try to kiss as much as possible.

Kissing In The Classroom belongs to Adventure Games, Kissing Games, Fun Games, High score Games
Classroom JokerClassroom Joker

If you are really talented for it, classroom jokes come to you easy! They are always on to something and every single thing can become a tool for a prank. Check it out.

Classroom Joker belongs to Fun Games, Funny Games
Classroom DecorClassroom Decor

When you think about school, wouldn´t you like to have a classroom in which you can gave decor they way you like it. With this game, you can! Enjoy making decor in this virtual classroom.

Classroom Decor belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, School Games
First Classroom KissingFirst Classroom Kissing

The Classroom is one of the most conducive part of the school to learn. Teachers and students are meeting in this room so they could share knowledge and gain skills. Today you are going to witness a First Classroom Kissing. You are going to help them kiss but you must not get caught.

First Classroom Kissing belongs to Adventure Games
Classroom KissClassroom Kiss

Kissing is fun and kissing is a display of affection and love. Therefore, make sure that you allow this lovely couple kiss as much as they like because they need to be secretive about it!

Classroom Kiss belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
Classroom KissingClassroom Kissing

In the classroom, you and your boyfriend sit beside each other. Steal a kiss while the teacher is not looking! Be careful though, as soon as the teacher catches you, it´s game over! Play this wonderful game of Classroom Kissing!

Classroom Kissing belongs to Action Games, Kissing Games
Decorate My New ClassroomDecorate My New Classroom

School is back in and the classroom is empty! Use the tools and furniture provided for to redecorate the bare classroom. Use this chance to build the classroom of your dreams!

Decorate My New Classroom belongs to Makeover Games, Picture makeover Games
Decorate My First ClassroomDecorate My First Classroom

School is about to open and it´s your first time to teach. Your classroom is still bare and its up to you to arrange everything. Decorate it any way you want!

Decorate My First Classroom belongs to Decorating Games, Home Games
Weekend ClassroomWeekend Classroom

Weekend is coming one more time, and every time, it is just like a little holiday and a little celebration. Just like every other special detail, you need to be dressed up for this. These kids also think that way, so you need to make them look cool.

Weekend Classroom belongs to Dress up Games
Classroom Dress UpClassroom Dress Up

This cute girl is going to start her first class in the school. Help her to choose the best outfit. Choose the soft and beautiful dress from her wardrobe. Give her a nice hairstyle. Dress her up nicely and make her look gentle and beautiful. All of the teachers and students will be impressed seeing her. Enjoy it!

Classroom Dress Up belongs to Girl Games
Classroom DecorationClassroom Decoration

Classroom can rally be a boring place, but it is a place where you spend a lot of your time. Have fun in this game where you can decide how your classroom will look like.

Classroom Decoration belongs to Style Games, Decorating Games, School Games
Pou Classroom CleanPou Classroom Clean

Oh, no! The classroom is looking very dirty and messy. The teacher will come soon. Pou needs to clean the classroom immediately. Help this cute Pou to clean the classroom before his teacher coming. Collect all of the wastes and through these into the dustbin. Clean the board, chair and table. Keep all of the things in the right place. The classroom will be looking nice. Enjoy it!

Pou Classroom Clean belongs to Girls Games
Classroom Make OverClassroom Make Over

School is about to start, but this new classroom hasn´t been decorated yet. Help design and decorate the classroom by filling it with furniture and items students and teachers need inside the classroom. Move the items around to arrange them and put them in their proper place.

Classroom Make Over belongs to Single player Games, Decorate Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Kids Games
Classroom Make UpClassroom Make Up

We all want to look great in school and that is why we all like to wear make up in school. In this game, you will try out all the possible combinations of colors in order to look great.

Classroom Make Up belongs to Single player Games, Dress up Games, Flash Games, Girl Games, Grooming Games
Classroom Make Over 2Classroom Make Over 2

It is fun to learn when your classroom is great and a nice place. In this game, you will not have to study but you will have to use your decorating skills and make sure your classroom is well decorated.

Classroom Make Over 2 belongs to Room decoration Games
Naughty ClassroomNaughty Classroom

This game is a dream come true for all those who had a crush on their teacher during school. Make a little diversions in classroom and catch your teacher of guard.

Naughty Classroom belongs to Single player Games, Adventure Games, Boy Games, Flash Games, Fun Games
Smart Classroom Clean UpSmart Classroom Clean Up

Hey, smart boys and girls! Is your classroom become dirty? Don’t be worried. Today, you can learn how to clean the classroom up smartly. Collect all wastes and keep them in the dustbin. Use all the necessary tools and make your classroom neat & clean. Make your teacher happy. Have a fun!

Smart Classroom Clean Up belongs to Girl Games
Classroom School CleaningClassroom School Cleaning

Every day dozens of students and staff move in and out of school classrooms, making
these environments uniquely prone to the spread of colds and the flu. In this game your goal is to do Classroom School Cleaning. This is a time pressured game and you need to find all the 30 trash scattered.

Classroom School Cleaning belongs to Fun Games, Skill Games, Cleaning Games
Monster High- Classroom Decor.Monster High- Classroom Decor.

School is back in at Monster High, but the new classrooms aren´t ready yet! Decorate Monster High´s new classroom by choosing the wall and floor patterns. Add some desks and classroom decorations before school starts.

Monster High- Classroom Decor. belongs to Dress up Games
Naughty Girls Classroom CleaningNaughty Girls Classroom Cleaning

Today the Naughty Girls are given a punishment to do some Classroom Cleaning because of what happened. In this game your goal is to do a Naughty Girls Classroom Cleaning. You will simply click and drag the items you see and place them in the trash bin or in the recycle bin.

Naughty Girls Classroom Cleaning belongs to Skill Games, Cleaning Games
Middle School Classroom MakeoverMiddle School Classroom Makeover

When I was in Middle School my teacher presented us with a good idea that we do the Middle School Classroom Makeover so that we can give the room our own personalities and which will make us more comfortable. You are going to click and drag the items to make it student friendly.

Middle School Classroom Makeover belongs to Room makeover Games
X PlayX Play

Morgan is creating a game that is full of baddies, such as ninjas and zombies. Adam and Slippy accidentally pushed a button that somehow made all those evil things come out from the computer and invading the world. You have got to help them to get rid of the mess they have made. Kill of those baddies before the world succumbs into their power.

X Play belongs to Single player Games, Action Games, Fighting Games, Flash Games
Play 2 Win FootballPlay 2 Win Football

Can you bend it like Beckham? In this game, you are given the challenge to execute free kick balls. You need to make as many goals as you can in a limited time.

Play 2 Win Football belongs to Single player Games, Ball Games, Flash Games, Football Games, Soccer Games, Sports Games
Power PlayPower Play

This game a has all the fun elements f the real hockey game. You can shoot to the goal and you can fight with opponents all you like. Therefore, make the best out of it and play Power Play.

Power Play belongs to Single player Games, Flash Games, Fun Games, Hockey Games, Sports Games
Squirrel Fun PlaySquirrel Fun Play

Squirrels are little critters that are very active and they so love the nuts. Today you are going to spend the day with your cute pet, play with her all day and make sure to take care of her. You are going to clean her up and feed her so she can loom presentable and be a good pet.

Squirrel Fun Play belongs to Girl Games
Tom Play TimeTom Play Time

When Tom the cat is busy playing outside, he always gets dirty. Your mom won´t let him in. In this game your goal is to do a Tom Play Time that includes a warm bath and having fun. You will simply click on the items needed and apply them accordingly.

Tom Play Time belongs to Caring Games, Caring Games
Paint And PlayPaint And Play

This playground looks like fun but it can become even more amazing if you add a little color to it and make it more lively. That is what you get to do in this great game.

Paint And Play belongs to Style Games, Coloring Games, Kids Games

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