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Pampered PuppiesPampered Puppies

Pampered Puppies is a game that will test your love for the puppies all the time! They are adorable but they are needy as well. Therefore, make sure that you have done everything that is in your power to make them well and meet their needs.

Pampered Puppies belongs to Animal Games, Animal caring Games, Dog Games
Puppies GalorePuppies Galore

All these puppies would be much more happy if their walker looked amazing. She is a pretty girl but she need help with dressing up. This is where you come in the help her out!

Puppies Galore belongs to Dress up Games, Dog Games, Pet Games
Adorable PuppiesAdorable Puppies

Who doesn´t love cute little puppies?! People enjoy puppies because they´re cute and playful, but after about three weeks they´ve grown into full-size dogs. In this game your goal is to take care of these Adorable Puppies. You will quench the hunger of these starving puppies and make them happy.

Adorable Puppies belongs to Girl Games
Sweet PuppiesSweet Puppies

Hanna really really loves dogs. She has lots of puppies at her house. However, since she is quite busy lately, she can´t take care of her dogs properly. She needs some help. Can you help her to nourish those adorable creatures?

Sweet Puppies belongs to Management Games
Feed Cute PuppiesFeed Cute Puppies

Puppies are cute and cuddly, but you need to know that they need much more than just cuddles and kisses. They need to eat and they need to do it frequently. Therefore, make sure that they are properly taken care of in this remarkable game.

Feed Cute Puppies belongs to Pet Games, Puppy Games, Skill Games
Puppies Meal TimePuppies Meal Time

Taking care of puppies is a lot of fun, but sometimes feeding them can be difficult. You need to give them what they want or else they won´t eat. In this game, all you have to do to keep the puppies happy is to give them the food or toys they want. Be sure to do this before they lose their patience or you´ll end up losing points.

Puppies Meal Time belongs to Caring Games, Animal Games, Care Games, Animal caring Games
Jigsaw World: PuppiesJigsaw World: Puppies

If you love puzzles and you simply adore cute little puppies, then this is the perfect game for you. Choose a difficulty level then select the puzzle picture you want to solve. The pieces of the puzzles will appear one by one on a conveyor belt. Place each piece in its rightful place and make sure that the puzzle pieces don´t reach the end of the conveyor belt.

Jigsaw World: Puppies belongs to Puzzle Games, Jigsaw puzzles Games, Animals Games, Dog Games
Hannas Sweet PuppiesHannas Sweet Puppies

Hannas Sweet Puppies are running around the yard asking for food and water. You need to give it to them as fast as you can and still have time to pick the points they are leaving after they finish with food and drink.

Hannas Sweet Puppies belongs to Animal Games, Management Games, Fun Games, Dog Games, Skill Games
Great Puppies EscapeGreat Puppies Escape

The cute puppies Missy, Doc and Alfa were going to Paris to spend their vacation. But, they had an accident badly. Their plane crashed to a lost Island. Fortunately, they have nothing harm. They want to go back their home. But, they cannot escape from the Treasure Island. Help them to escape them from the places. Solve some puzzles and escape them safely. Have a great adventure!

Great Puppies Escape belongs to Adventure Games

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