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Emo LoversEmo Lovers

Roxanne has a new boyfriend, Jim, who is a famous Emo singer. They both think that Emo is the best way of life, and wants to look good together by wearing awesome Emo outfits. Grab some incredible Emo costumes and put those clothes on Roxanne and Jim.

Emo Lovers belongs to Dress up Games, Fashion Games, Couple Games, Couple dress up Games, Emo dress up Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Little LoversLittle Lovers

Little Lovers is a nice and adorable game in which you need to color this young couple that is really much in love, but they are only able to maintain their love over the phone. Make it lovelier for them with colors.

Little Lovers belongs to Style Games, Coloring Games, Love Games
Bus Lovers Dress UpBus Lovers Dress Up

There are a lot of ways to go about the town and riding on the bus is the sure way that a lot of people will check out your wardrobe. Therefore, dress up for that fun ride!

Bus Lovers Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Lovers GardenLovers Garden

Two lovers want to have a romantic day together, so that they can fortify their love even stronger. They are about to spend it in a nice garden and your task here is to make that garden an absolutely perfect place for them. Make the amazing Lovers Garden a real place.

Lovers Garden belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Decor Games, Garden decoration Games
Vampire LoversVampire Lovers

These two vampires had to die and rise from the dead in order to find love. Now that they have found it, it is going to last forever for them. Therefore, make sure you enjoy each other company by dressing them all up. These are the amazing Vampire Lovers.

Vampire Lovers belongs to Dress up Games
Scuba LoversScuba Lovers

Scuba Lovers are actually two people who are deeply in love. They also adore going scuba diving and that is what they do all the time. In this game, you can go diving with them in order to make sure that they look cool and have the most trendy gear.

Scuba Lovers belongs to Dress up Games
Lovers In LoveLovers In Love

Tara and Jim are two people deeply in love. They are having a romantic weekend at the beach. Choose some adorable clothes for these guys, so they will look perfect for each other.

Lovers In Love belongs to Teen Games, Dress up Games, Dating Games
Horse LoversHorse Lovers

Passion for fashion and love for horses are a good combination! Help these equestriennes get a makeover and choose the perfect outfit for horseback riding on a clear sunny day.

Horse Lovers belongs to Girl Games
Lovers HeavenLovers Heaven

A beautiful day at the beach is like heaven for this pair of lovebirds. Help them dress up for the perfect beach date. Style their hair and dress them up in cute summer outfits. Mix and match the items until you find the perfect outfits. Don´t forget to give them some accessories to complete the look.

Lovers Heaven belongs to Dress up Games
Christmas LoversChristmas Lovers

Christmas is a very exciting and joyous time of the year. You are able to do gift givings and spend some time with your loved ones. This year me and my boyfriend are Christmas Lovers. We would do the exchange gift under the tree where we said I love you. Your goal is to dress us up for this memorable occasion.

Christmas Lovers belongs to Girl Games
Seafood LoversSeafood Lovers

This is a perfect game for all those sea food lovers as you can try amazing recipes and decorating ideas in this great game. See how well these frutti di mare can look!

Seafood Lovers belongs to Simulation Games, Cooking Games
Mic Lovers Dress UpMic Lovers Dress Up

Jossie and Jessie are the members of a famous duo called Mic Lovers. They are having a huge concert tonight. Can you be their stylist for the concert and help them so they can look stunning?

Mic Lovers Dress Up belongs to
Lovers ElopeLovers Elope

Sometimes there comes a time where you will love someone and your family can´t understand why you love that person. Today you are going to do a Lovers Elope dress up. You are going to make sure you look perfect and comfortable on your sweet escape with your boyfriend.

Lovers Elope belongs to Girls Games
Movie LoversMovie Lovers

Everybody knows what will happen if a new couple goes to the movies on their date. Therefore, you better look your best on such a date because love can be waiting!

Movie Lovers belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Couple Games
Ice Cream LoversIce Cream Lovers

Ice cream is one of the cold and sweet treats and it can also be considered as a dessert. Today you are going to do a Ice Cream Lovers dress up. You are going to click on the buttons surrounding the couple and make sure to mix and match their looks.

Ice Cream Lovers belongs to Girls Games
Dress Up LoversDress Up Lovers

These two lovebirds are going out on a romantic date. The guy has already picked out what he wants to wear, but his girlfriend still can´t decide! Help the girl choose what to wear for the big date. Don´t keep her boyfriend waiting!

Dress Up Lovers belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Couple Games
Three Snow LoversThree Snow Lovers

Nina, Yoyo, and Emma are three skillful winter athletes. They are preparing for this year´s winter Olympics, so they must practice hard all the time. Help them to boost their mood for their practice by dressing them up nicely. If they look cute, they will certainly feel happier.

Three Snow Lovers belongs to Dress up Games, Sports dress up Games
Snowman LoversSnowman Lovers

Snowman Lovers are the real proof that love is not reserved for humans only. In this game, you will need to make sure that these cute and adorable snowmen are perfect and that they have the gorgeous outfits for their fun date on a snowy night.

Snowman Lovers belongs to Dress up Games
Romantic Lovers ParkRomantic Lovers Park

Hey romantic buddies! Are you and your special someone looking for a romantic place to date? Why not spend the day in a Romantic Lovers Park. You will get to spend the whole day together and get to experience nature. Simply choose the decorations of the romantic park you want to be in.

Romantic Lovers Park belongs to Dress up Games
Christmas Lovers Dress UpChristmas Lovers Dress Up

Like all others, you also definitely love the Christmas. But, the dress-up of the Christmas lovers should also be gorgeous. Your two friends are here with many beautiful dresses and other lovely accessories. They need your help for an awesome makeover. This is really interesting and you are going to enjoy it.

Christmas Lovers Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Moon Lovers ColoringMoon Lovers Coloring

These two are real Moon lovers because they are in love and they are really romantic. They are so in love with each other that they haven´t noticed that they lack color! Give them some while they gaze at each other.

Moon Lovers Coloring belongs to Coloring books Games
Long Distance LoversLong Distance Lovers

This couple is truly in love but they, unfortunately, don´t live at the same place. They need to keep firing up that flame and keep each other interested. In order to do so they have to look their best. Help them both dress up!

Long Distance Lovers belongs to Dress up Games, Boy and girl dress up Games, Love Games, Love dress up Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Lovers Room EscapeLovers Room Escape

You have woken up in a room that is, obviously, all made up for a date for two. The only problem is, you don´t have a date! Therefore, it´s time to escape this place!

Lovers Room Escape belongs to Puzzle Games, Room escape Games, Love Games
Ice Cream Couple Lovers Dress UpIce Cream Couple Lovers Dress Up

Ice Cream is one of my favorite type of dessert especially during the hot season. It is sweet with different flavors to choose from and cold. Today you are going to do a Ice Cream Couple Lovers Dress Up. You will be dressing up these two lovebirds while they are on an ice cream date. Choose their outfits and have fun!

Ice Cream Couple Lovers Dress Up belongs to Dressup Games
Grass Skiing Lovers Dress UpGrass Skiing Lovers Dress Up

There are a lot of new sports these days and grass skiing is one of them. This cute couple adores that sport and you can join them if you make the perfect sporty outfit combination for them.

Grass Skiing Lovers Dress Up belongs to Holiday Games, New year Games

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