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Hearts Wedding Wedding DressupHearts Wedding Wedding Dressup

Hearts Wedding Wedding Dressup is a game in which you need to dress up this couple so that they look good in accordance with the theme of their wedding. And what better theme can you think of for a wedding than a bunch of loving hearts.

Hearts Wedding Wedding Dressup belongs to Dress up Games
Wedding At The SeaWedding At The Sea

People choose to have their wedding at any different places. This couple wants to have it at the sea. Help them look their best for that special occasion, by dressing them up.

Wedding At The Sea belongs to Dress up Games, Wedding Games, Bride Games, Sea Games
Emo WeddingEmo Wedding

Hiking up the mountains is good exercise and it can be a lot of fun if you´re with a friend or someone you love! Dress appropriately for a climb up the mountain, but don´t forget to still be stylish!

Emo Wedding belongs to Dress up Games

Wedding is that special day when both you and your groom need to look your best. In this game, you have to figure out how to make this couple look amazing at their very special day.

Wedding belongs to Dress up Games, Couple Games, Wedding Games, Bride Games
Our Sky WeddingOur Sky Wedding

Every couple has a clear idea about where they want to get married. In this game, you will have fun with the couple who has decided to have their big day up in the air. They have chosen the sky for their wedding place and you need to arrange it!

Our Sky Wedding belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Wedding Games
My Wedding DayMy Wedding Day

Weddings are happy occasions where family get together to witness a member of their family get married and hear the vows of the couple. You are going to help me with My Wedding Day preparation. You are going to decorate the wedding venue then design the wedding cake.

My Wedding Day belongs to Skill Games
Hip Hop WeddingHip Hop Wedding

What is the most modern wedding that you can imagine? This game will show you how a great and cool Hip Hop wedding may look like. Moreover, you can choose all the details and dress the couple up.

Hip Hop Wedding belongs to Fashion Games, Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Theme dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Sue's WeddingSue's Wedding

Sue is a well loved person who loves everyone back in return. She is one of a kind and a great wife to have. Stan proposed to her so today we are going to help out in their wedding. You will get to do the make up of the Bride and make sure it all goes well and according to plan.

Sue's Wedding belongs to Makeover Games
My WeddingMy Wedding

Do your best in this decorating game because you will be making all the important decisions about this bride´s look! That is the most important day of her life so make her look good as never before by dressing her up in this fun game.

My Wedding belongs to Dress up Games
Wedding DayWedding Day

Wedding day is the most important day in the life of every woman. The bride always want to look amazing, and in this game you get to make sure that this lovely woman looks perfect!

Wedding Day belongs to Style Games, Dress up Games, Wedding Games, Bride Games
Wedding On The GoWedding On The Go

Do you believe in love at first sight? That is exactly what happened to these two people, and that is why they have decided to get married instantly. That means that their wedding will have to be organized in the shortest period of time. Can you do that for them?

Wedding On The Go belongs to Wedding dress up Games, Wedding Games, Wedding Games, Dress up Games, Dress up wedding Games
First Wedding DayFirst Wedding Day

There´s nothing more romantic than watching a bride and groom share their first dance as husband and wife. Re-create this beautiful moment by dressing them up in elegant wedding clothes and don´t forget to add dazzling accessories to complete both their looks as they dance the night away.

First Wedding Day belongs to Dress up Games
Wedding And HairstylesWedding And Hairstyles

When you are planning your wedding, you need to make sure that your look is complete. Hair needs to match your dress and the jewelry, so play this game and check out the combinations.

Wedding And Hairstyles belongs to Teen Games, Dress up Games
Happy WeddingHappy Wedding

Happy Wedding is a game in which you need to do the following - make sure that this bride looks her best! For her to be truly happy at her wedding, it is important that all about her hair, dress and her makeup looks flawless. Do it for her an give her a perfect wedding.

Happy Wedding belongs to Dressup Games
Beautiful WeddingBeautiful Wedding

Wedding can easily be the day in a girl´s life when she is the happiest and when she looks the most beautiful. Therefore, you need to play this game and make sure that this girl has the wedding that she has always dreamed about. Play Beautiful Wedding game and enjoy.

Beautiful Wedding belongs to Dress up Games
One Happy WeddingOne Happy Wedding

The wedding day is definitely the happiest and most memorable day of the going to be married couples. At the same time, the outfit of the couple must be very attractive and gorgeous. Can you please help them and get ready for the special day? Yes, you can and help them enjoy their time and have fun together!

One Happy Wedding belongs to Girl Games
Ghost WeddingGhost Wedding

Even ghosts fall in love. Take this lovely couple for example. They love each other so much that they are getting married even in the afterlife. Help make this moment memorable for the transparent couple by dressing them up in nice wedding clothes and giving them accessories to match.

Ghost Wedding belongs to Teen Games, Dress up Games, Wedding Games, Fantasy Games
Spring WeddingSpring Wedding

Weddings are the best at spring. The flowers are in their bloom and everything is romantic and full of life and love. Organize this spring wedding to be the best.

Spring Wedding belongs to Girl Games
Wedding On Valentine's DayWedding On Valentine's Day

Wouldn´t be a dream come true to a girl’s life if she can marry on the Valentine’s Day? Yes, a lovely girl is going to marry on the special day and you will have to help her take the loveliest makeover for the wedding ceremony. Turn the dream into a reality. Enjoy the romantic day and have fun!

Wedding On Valentine's Day belongs to Girl Games
Wedding RideWedding Ride

This couple have decided to make their wedding day special by taking a ride on their bikes after the ceremony. They love nature and they love their bikes so it made perfect sense to combine those two together. Dress them up to make their wedding even lovelier.

Wedding Ride belongs to Dress up Games
Dreaming WeddingDreaming Wedding

Having to design and do everything you imagined on your wedding day is a gift from God. You can wear your chosen design, pick the theme of the wedding and be with your special someone. Today you are going to do the brides make up and then help her dress up.

Dreaming Wedding belongs to Girl Games
My Cool WeddingMy Cool Wedding

Weddings are one of the dreams of little girls who wants to have a happy family of her own. Today you are going to be the fairy godmother of the Bride and Groom. You can start with the Bride by choosing her make up, wedding dress and shoes. Then the groom needs some make up to look good and not shabby.

My Cool Wedding belongs to Girl Games
Vintage WeddingVintage Wedding

Theme weddings are all the rage nowadays and a vintage wedding tops the list of popular themes. Help this blushing bride have her dream vintage wedding by dressing her up in a variety of stunning vintage bridal gowns and accessories and choosing the best ones to complete the vintage bride look.

Vintage Wedding belongs to Dress up Games
Wedding Slacking 2Wedding Slacking 2

Jessica is getting married to her partner and she wants Sarah to be her bridesmaid because she is her BFF. Today we are going to attend the wedding with Sarah. Your goal is to not let her get too bored or she will not function well. You will let her play with the mini games and make sure the bride doesn´t see her.

Wedding Slacking 2 belongs to Skill Games
Wedding FlowersWedding Flowers

Weddings are very important to people especially the Bride and Groom. They are finally getting everything in order and doing the ceremony officially. Today you can do a Wedding Flowers dress up for the lovely couple. Click on the items and pick out the best.

Wedding Flowers belongs to Enjoy Games
A Villains WeddingA Villains Wedding

This is not an ordinary wedding. It is also not about the regular super heroes, but a wedding of two true villains! Help them find love and perhaps they will find it in their hearts to become good. Dress them up and show them how great it can be to look cool and nice.

A Villains Wedding belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up boys Games, Dress up boys Games, Dress up Games
Wedding SurpriseWedding Surprise

Lots of people are bringing lovely presents to the weddings but this brie has gotten some real surprises for her big day. She is happy and glad and she needs the best dress for this day. Give it to her.

Wedding Surprise belongs to Dress up Games
My Fairy WeddingMy Fairy Wedding

Weddings are very special occasions especially for the bride and groom. Many friends and family are there to witness their union. You are going to be participating in a My Fairy Wedding preparation. You are going to do some make up, dress up and then decorate.

My Fairy Wedding belongs to Makeover Games
Fabulous WeddingFabulous Wedding

Get both the bride and groom ready for a fabulous wedding. Apply makeup on the bride, style her hair and dress her in fabulous bridal gowns. When you´re done, move on to the groom and get him ready for the biggest day of their lives.

Fabulous Wedding belongs to Dress up Games, Wedding Games
Elsa After WeddingElsa After Wedding

Elsa is a very beautiful woman and she loves to maintain her youthfulness. Today you are going to assist her in Elsa After Wedding preparation. You are going to apply the available items and make sure that the instructions are followed. You are going to follow the arrow.

Elsa After Wedding belongs to Girl Games
Tinkerbell WeddingTinkerbell Wedding

Tinkerbell is one jealous fairy. She plotted to make Wendy an evil woman so Peter would not be enamored with her. Today we are going to have the privilege to attend Tinkerbell´s Wedding. You are going to help her look stunning and beautiful. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Tinkerbell Wedding belongs to Girl Games

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