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Feed My CatFeed My Cat

Who says feeding your cat should be dull and lifeless? You and your cat would never be dull when you are done with this game. In this game you are given the opportunity to dress up while feeding your favorite pet cat. Simply click on the hair, clothes, accessories, shoes and cat feeds.

Feed My Cat belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Funny dress up Games, Dress up Games, Game for girls Games
Feed Your BabiesFeed Your Babies

Babies need work! They are too young to take care of themselves and they have a lot of needs. They need food, clothing, baths and many other things. It is your job, in this game, to provide all that for them and make them happy. They will return the favor with smiles and points!

Feed Your Babies belongs to Dress up Games
Feed Little JumboFeed Little Jumbo

Feed Little Jumbo in this fun game in which your task is to make this fun little elephant happy! And he is always happy when he is full! Don´t let him be hungry and feed him in this fun game, because feeding little Jumbo is fun and interesting and it is just what you need.

Feed Little Jumbo belongs to Animal Games, Skill Games
Feed ZebraFeed Zebra

In this game, you will be Jilly´s assistant which means that you will be in charge of all the errands that need to be done around her Zebra. This is a really fun task and you need to start with it right away!

Feed Zebra belongs to Misc action Games, Animals and pets Games, Action Games
Feed The PandaFeed The Panda

It is time to feed the panda and you are about to see that it is not as easy to do. Check out all the challenges that await for you if you choose to do so in this game.

Feed The Panda belongs to Restaurant Games, Meals Games
Feed The BirdsFeed The Birds

The baby birds are hungry! Drop some milk into the bird´s mouths to feed them, but first, you much catch them with their mouths open. Give them as much milk as you can for them to survive!

Feed The Birds belongs to Single player Games, Animal Games, Arcade Games, Flash Games, Mouse skill Games
Elsa Breast FeedElsa Breast Feed

Elsa loves her husband very much and they are now ready to start a family. Elsa recently gave birth to a healthy baby and she is a proud mother. Elsa needs your help in feeding her baby in a natural way. You will help her through the breastfeeding and you will assist her when the baby is not feeling well.

Elsa Breast Feed belongs to Girl Games
Feed The Baby ElephantsFeed The Baby Elephants

Baby elephants are just like real babies. They want care, love and the most importantly, they want nice food. Therefore, in this game, you need to give them just the food they like and make them enjoy their time. Have fun with the nice elephant babies.

Feed The Baby Elephants belongs to Animal Games, Management Games, Animal caring Games, Skill Games, Animal couples Games
Feed Cute PuppiesFeed Cute Puppies

Puppies are cute and cuddly, but you need to know that they need much more than just cuddles and kisses. They need to eat and they need to do it frequently. Therefore, make sure that they are properly taken care of in this remarkable game.

Feed Cute Puppies belongs to Pet Games, Puppy Games, Skill Games
Feed The Sweet AntsFeed The Sweet Ants

In most cases, the ants just come and take your food when you are on a picnic or something like that. But these ants are different and they ask for their share of food and since they are so sweet, it is best that you just give it to them. Try serving them in this game.

Feed The Sweet Ants belongs to Management Games, Management Games, Skill Games
Ladybug Mommy Toddler FeedLadybug Mommy Toddler Feed

Ladybug has always been a handy one and she cannot wait to witness the milestones of her little one as she grows older. Today you are going to help Mommy Ladybug in Feeding her Toddler. You will follow the pointing hand on which item we need to use and follow the instructions.

Ladybug Mommy Toddler Feed belongs to Girls Games

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