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Career ChoicesCareer Choices

Every time I was asked of what I want to be when I grow up, I always tend to say what I watch from TV, what I hear from my parents and relatives. Today you are going to have the perfect opportunity to do some Career Choices dress up. You will mix and match the looks.

Career Choices belongs to Enjoy Games
Career Dress UpCareer Dress Up

There is this saying that states that you are what you wear. And when you have to wear the uniform at work, it is really true. Make perfect and fun uniforms for this girl.

Career Dress Up belongs to Dress up Games
Stylish Career Girl MakeoverStylish Career Girl Makeover

Having a nice style is very important for your career and this girl is very aware of that. Stylish Career Girl Makeover is all about getting the right outfit for your work day so that you leave a great and professional impression. Here is a game to let you practice.

Stylish Career Girl Makeover belongs to Makeover Games, Make up Games, Make over Games, Makeup Games
Modern Princess Career InterviewModern Princess Career Interview

Being a princess can be both a gift and a curse. Some people think that being part of the Royal family is great because of the wealth and the perks. Today we are going to be conducting a Modern Princess Career Interview. We are going to have the opportunity to talk and see the princesses outfits.

Modern Princess Career Interview belongs to Makeover Games
Tom Cat DesignerTom Cat Designer

Tom is a very hardworking Cat who always love to impress her love Angela. Today you are going to be helping out Tom Cat in his dream of becoming a Designer. You will find all the 8 items scattered on the room then clean up. You will be choosing and creating Angela´s fabulous outfit.

Tom Cat Designer belongs to Girls Games
Cup DesignerCup Designer

There is nothing quite like having a nice cup of tea or coffee from your favorite mug. In this game, you will get all you need to design your own cup, just the way you like it.

Cup Designer belongs to Girl Games
Elsa DesignerElsa Designer

Do you love to design your own dresses? Yes, this is really amazing as you can experiment with whatever the design you like the most! Elsa is going to celebrate a big party with her friends, so she is planning to design her own dress and mesmerize others. Please help Elsa to design an awesome dress for her. Have fun!

Elsa Designer belongs to Girl Games
Bedroom DesignerBedroom Designer

Imagine that you can change every little thing about your room! In this game, you can do that in a very easy way just by clicking your mouse. Have fun redecorating this place.

Bedroom Designer belongs to Decorating Games, Fantasy Games, Home Games
Little Fashion DesignerLittle Fashion Designer

Attention little fashion designers! A well-known fashion designer will be holding a mini fashion show and all student designers are invited to participate. Dress up your models in trendy outfits and grab the Best Designer Award!

Little Fashion Designer belongs to Dress up Games, Girls dress up Games
Being Fashion DesignerBeing Fashion Designer

Jess, Lynn, and Sue are three rising fashion designers. Since they are still very young and pretty, they often become the model for their own collection. Help them to design their latest collection, and dress them up for the next fashion show.

Being Fashion Designer belongs to Dress up Games, Being fashion designer dress up Games, Fashion dress up Games, Girls dress up Games, Igirlgames Games, Gg4u Games
Princess DesignerPrincess Designer

Being a designer means you can see which fabulous pieces would work together or create your very own amazing pieces. Today you are going to be a Princess Designer and you will be selecting the face details, hairstyle, dress top, dress skirt or mermaid tail and add some accessories. You can either be a walking princess or a water goddess.

Princess Designer belongs to
Pinterest DesignerPinterest Designer

Pinterest is one of the popular social media sites that caters to beautiful pictures, links to articles and more. Today you are going to be a Pinterest Designer. You will have the perfect opportunity to design your very own house starting in the living room. Click and drag the items.

Pinterest Designer belongs to Girl Games
Interior Designer SpaInterior Designer Spa

Spas need really creative and imaginative designers because they need to be unusual and still really amazing. Make sure that you make this spa just like that in this game.

Interior Designer Spa belongs to Decorating Games, Decorating Games, Room decoration Games, House decoration Games
Sue Fashion DesignerSue Fashion Designer

Sue is a fashion designer and she is a really hard working girl. However, she likes to get suggestions form a real fashion lovers like you. Help Sue with her creations and have fun.

Sue Fashion Designer belongs to Dress up Games
Designer RunwayDesigner Runway

Runway fashion shows are the hot topic every time the season changes because the outfits are always changing and revolving. In this game your goal is to do a Designer Runway secrets. You will need to choose outfits based on punk, hipster, retro and couture categories.

Designer Runway belongs to Girl Games
Fashion DesignerFashion Designer

Your fashion sense is at practice in this great game where you have a stunning model and a bunch of all sorts of clothes to play with. Have fun while you are figuring out all the possible variations!

Fashion Designer belongs to Dress up Games
Sofia DesignerSofia Designer

Sofia is a very intelligent and very creative young lady and she always see to it to do her best in every task. Today Sofia is going to be a Designer so she can create a dress in time for dinner. You are going to follow the instructions on the screen and make sure she looks stunning.

Sofia Designer belongs to Girl Games
Sonic DesignerSonic Designer

Sonic the Hedgehog is a well known character and he has been around for years now. He gave us so much fun so he deserves the makeover. This is exactly what this little game offers you - enjoy the Sonic Designer.

Sonic Designer belongs to Style Games, Coloring Games, Paint Games, Sonic Games
Jewelry Designer SueJewelry Designer Sue

Jewelry designer Sue has an important mission. She needs to memorize the ornaments on the jewelry and to repeat them in certain time frame. Is she that good? Test her!

Jewelry Designer Sue belongs to Style Games, Make up Games, Jewelry Games, Sue Games, Doll Games
Be A Fashion DesignerBe A Fashion Designer

Being a fashion designer is a really glamorous and really interesting job. This game is just what you need to check out how it feels to be a real designer. You will have a model, a lot of different clothes and you need to think of the best way to combine that.

Be A Fashion Designer belongs to Dress up Games, Fun Games, Dress up Games
Designer Runway SecretsDesigner Runway Secrets

Runway has its own secrets and only the model, stylists and the fashion producers knows it. It can be anything from behind the scenes. In this game your goal is to do a Designer Runway Secrets. You will have to choose her outfit based on the categories: Punk, hipster, retro and couture.

Designer Runway Secrets belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Melisa Jewelry DesignerMelisa Jewelry Designer

Melissa has been into jewelry making when she learned how to use the fliers and she learn the name of the colors. You are going to help Melisa Jewelry Designer in making a chain for her Grandma´s gift. She wants to surprise her with her own creation.

Melisa Jewelry Designer belongs to Skill Games
Hello Kitty Shoes DesignerHello Kitty Shoes Designer

There are many people especially little girls who loves Hello Kitty and they watch her show. Today you are going to be a Hello Kitty Shoes Designer. You will think about Hello Kitty while you are deciding which look is perfect for the shoe. You need to go through 4 stages to get the result.

Hello Kitty Shoes Designer belongs to Skill Games
Cinderella Shoes DesignerCinderella Shoes Designer

Cinderella is the infamous princess who left her shoes while running away from the Prince when the clock strikes midnight. Today she is a aspiring shoe designer and she wants your input. You will help her choose a pair of shoes as pattern then start creating your own.

Cinderella Shoes Designer belongs to Girl Games
Molly Earring DesignerMolly Earring Designer

Do you know how to design a beautiful earring? Well, this is really interesting and you can be a great earring designer playing the game. First of all, select a base ring & stud gem, add more beads as well as follow some few steps. You are going to be a great earring designer!

Molly Earring Designer belongs to Girl Games
Frozen Wedding DesignerFrozen Wedding Designer

Queen Elsa has been asked to model wedding dresses for the magazine. In this game your goal is to do a Frozen Wedding Designer. Simply choose her hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. You will click the buttons and you will choose your items.

Frozen Wedding Designer belongs to Dress up Games, Dress up Games
Wedding Haircuts DesignerWedding Haircuts Designer

Weddings should be perfect in every way. Couple should look perfect for each other and has full of love. You are going to be a Wedding Haircuts Designer. You will do a makeover for this young bride and choose the look that would make her future husband´s jaw drop.

Wedding Haircuts Designer belongs to Makeover Games
Fashion Designer SlackingFashion Designer Slacking

To be a great designer is like a dream comes true. You want to be a fantastic designer and this game will definitely help you to be. Sarah is a lovely girl and she has awesome designing skills. She has got a job in a fashion studio and you will have to help her to be an awesome designer. Have fun together!

Fashion Designer Slacking belongs to Skill Games
Baby Tattoo DesignerBaby Tattoo Designer

The beautiful baby girl loves to have tattoos on her body. She needs your help to have the perfect tattoo. Choose her perfect part of the body for creating the tattoo. Then, also choose her favorite tattoo model. Finally, pick it up and create it in her body. Show your best skills and spend a great time!

Baby Tattoo Designer belongs to Skill Games
My Little Pony Shoes DesignerMy Little Pony Shoes Designer

This is the time to showcase your designing skills to the world! Do you love design? If yes, this is the game for you. It’s nice that you’re going to design for the wonderful My Little Pony series characters. Are you ready to take the challenge? Go ahead with this awesome designing games and have fun

My Little Pony Shoes Designer belongs to Girls Games
Modern Shoes DesignerModern Shoes Designer

Shoes are part of the statement outfit and it adds a spice or flavor to the whole look. Today you are going to be a Modern Shoes Designer. You will be selecting which type, style and design you will have for your first shoes. You are going to click on the items on the screen.

Modern Shoes Designer belongs to Girls Games

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